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The alkaloids and other vegetable matters having cytostatic impact (6)
The alkylating substances (24)
Amino acids (10)
Analgesic means (56)
Vasoprotectives (10)
Anorexigenic means (3)
Antagonists of calcium ions (8)
Antiarrhytmic drugs (15)
Antigiperlipoproteinemichesky (anti-atherosclerotic) means (11)
Antimetabolites (24)
Antiseptics (87)
Vitamins and related drugs (66)
Hepatoprotective means (8)
Antihypertensives (10)
Histamine and antihistaminic drugs (22)
Hormone. Ven., their antagonists applied mainly at treatment oncological a disease (14)
Hormones, their analogs and anti-hormonal drugs (93)
Diuretic means (25)
Dopamine and dofaminergichesky drugs (2)
Bile-expelling means (16)
Immunosuppressive drugs (immunosuppressors) (6)
Cardiotonic means (18)
Expectorants (25)
Plasma substituting and disintoxication solutions (23)
Drugs for parenteral nutrition (12)
Drugs for prevention and treatment of radiation sickness (5)
The drugs substituting synovial and plaintive liquids (0)
The drugs used for correction of an acid-base state and ionic balance in organiz (48)
The drugs stimulating processes of immunity (13)
Prostaglandin and their synthetic derivatives (2)
Antineoplastic antibiotics (10)
Anticonvulsants (17)
Different diagnostic means (5)
Different drugs the stimulating metabolic processes (56)
Emetic and antiemetic drugs (7)
X-ray contrast means (13)
Sahara (2)
Serotonin, serotonergic and antiserotoninovy drugs (6)
Synthetic antineoplastic drugs of different groups (5)
Depletive (30)
Sleeping medicines (11)
Special means for treatment of alcoholism (4)
Specific antidotes; sorbents; complexons (15)
Means for treatment of parkinsonism (14)
Anesthetics (14)
The means influencing fibrillation (34)
The means operating on peripheral cholinergic processes (57)
The means operating mainly on peripheral adrenergic processes. (38)
The means increasing arterial blood pressure (2)
The means lowering sensitivity of nerve terminations (55)
The means relaxing muscles of a uterus (tokolitika) (4)
The means stimulating uterus muscles (17)
The means stimulating receptors of mucous membranes, skin and hypodermic fabrics (31)
The means which are slowing down formation of uric concrements and facilitating their removal with urine (20)
The means improving blood supply of bodies and fabrics (48)
Fermental drugs and inhibitors of enzymes (35)
The enzymes applied to treatment of oncological diseases (1)
The photosensitizing and photoprotective drugs (6)
Cholelitholytic means (2)
New drugs on the website (1)
Psychotropic drugs (112)
Khimioterapevticheskiyey means (221)
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Psychotropic drugs / The means stimulating the central nervous system

The means stimulating the central nervous system

The means stimulating central nervous system can be divided into the following main groups: a) the psychogogic means having the stimulating impact on functions of a brain and activating mental and a fizicheskuyudeyatelnost of an organism. A number of derivatives of purine (caffeine, etc.), fenilalkilamina and fenilalkilsidnonimina (Phenaminum, Sydnocarbum, etc.) and other drugs which can be considered as psychomotor stimulators concerns them. In experimental conditions these drugs quickly change functional indicators of activity of a brain (activate bioelectric activity of a brain, change conditioned reflexes, etc.), increase endurance to physical activity. In the conditions of medical use they render rather quickly occurring stimulating effect; b) the analeptical means exciting first of all the centers of a medulla - vascular and respiratory. The main representatives of this group are camphor, Corazolum, Cordiaminum. From group of analeptical means allocate group of respiratory analeptics (Cytitonum, lobeline) of which the stimulating influence on a respiratory center is especially characteristic; c) the means operating premushchestvenno on a spinal cord; the main representative of this group is strychnine.
Not only drugs of the groups stated above, but also different psychotropic drugs, such as antidepressants with the accompanying stimulating component, etc. can have psychogogic effect. For actually psychogogic means the stimulating effect is the main manifestation of their action.
Recently the new group of excitants with the conditional name is offered<<актопротекторы>> (see Bemitil).
The mechanism of action of different stimulators is various. An essential role is played by their interaction with the mediator systems of a brain: stimulating (a glutamate, asparagat) and brake (GAMK, glycine) neuromediator amino acids, monoaminergichesky mediators (noraadrenalin, dopamine, etc.), linking with purine (adenosine) receptors, etc.
Anabasine hydrochloride (Anabasinum hydrochloridum)
Root of a ginseng (Radix Ginseng)
Coffeinum-natrii benzoas
Biozhenshen tincture (Tinctura "Bioginseng")
Tinctura Araliae
Tincture to a wolfberry (Tinctura Echinopanacis)
Tincture of a sterkuliya (Tinctura Sterculiae)
Fruit of a magnolia vine (Fructus Schizandrae)
Levzea extract liquid (Extractum Leuzeae fluidum)
Rhodiola extract liquid (Extractum Rhodiolae fluidum)
Eleuterococcus extract liquid (Extractum Eleutherococci fluidum)

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