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The alkaloids and other vegetable matters having cytostatic impact (6)
The alkylating substances (24)
Amino acids (10)
Analgesic means (56)
Vasoprotectives (10)
Anorexigenic means (3)
Antagonists of calcium ions (8)
Antiarrhytmic drugs (15)
Antigiperlipoproteinemichesky (anti-atherosclerotic) means (11)
Antimetabolites (24)
Antiseptics (87)
Vitamins and related drugs (66)
Hepatoprotective means (8)
Antihypertensives (10)
Histamine and antihistaminic drugs (22)
Hormone. Ven., their antagonists applied mainly at treatment oncological a disease (14)
Hormones, their analogs and anti-hormonal drugs (93)
Diuretic means (25)
Dopamine and dofaminergichesky drugs (2)
Bile-expelling means (16)
Immunosuppressive drugs (immunosuppressors) (6)
Cardiotonic means (18)
Expectorants (25)
Plasma substituting and disintoxication solutions (23)
Drugs for parenteral nutrition (12)
Drugs for prevention and treatment of radiation sickness (5)
The drugs substituting synovial and plaintive liquids (0)
The drugs used for correction of an acid-base state and ionic balance in organiz (48)
The drugs stimulating processes of immunity (13)
Prostaglandin and their synthetic derivatives (2)
Antineoplastic antibiotics (10)
Anticonvulsants (17)
Different diagnostic means (5)
Different drugs the stimulating metabolic processes (56)
Emetic and antiemetic drugs (7)
X-ray contrast means (13)
Sahara (2)
Serotonin, serotonergic and antiserotoninovy drugs (6)
Synthetic antineoplastic drugs of different groups (5)
Depletive (30)
Sleeping medicines (11)
Special means for treatment of alcoholism (4)
Specific antidotes; sorbents; complexons (15)
Means for treatment of parkinsonism (14)
Anesthetics (14)
The means influencing fibrillation (34)
The means operating on peripheral cholinergic processes (57)
The means operating mainly on peripheral adrenergic processes. (38)
The means increasing arterial blood pressure (2)
The means lowering sensitivity of nerve terminations (55)
The means relaxing muscles of a uterus (tokolitika) (4)
The means stimulating uterus muscles (17)
The means stimulating receptors of mucous membranes, skin and hypodermic fabrics (31)
The means which are slowing down formation of uric concrements and facilitating their removal with urine (20)
The means improving blood supply of bodies and fabrics (48)
Fermental drugs and inhibitors of enzymes (35)
The enzymes applied to treatment of oncological diseases (1)
The photosensitizing and photoprotective drugs (6)
Cholelitholytic means (2)
New drugs on the website (1)
Psychotropic drugs (112)
Khimioterapevticheskiyey means (221)
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Curative properties of usual plants and their use at treatment of various diseases

29.08.2014, 13:48
The possibility of inclusion in a daily food allowance of vegetable cultures, berries, vegetables and fruit makes them irreplaceable assistants in treatment of many diseases and pathologies which are not demanding intensive care. Let's get acquainted with their curative properties, having paid special attention to the fruit and berry and vegetable cultures widespread in the European part of our country.
In diseases of digestive tract, liver and bilious ways (gastritises, cholelithiasis) berries of cowberry, cherry, a guelder-rose and wild strawberry as fresh, and a type of infusions and broths are used. The wild strawberry also possesses antiseptic and antivermicular action. However at some people the sensitivity increased to it is observed: there is rash, vomiting and dizziness. The brine of sauerkraut known to all is recommended at treatment of hemorrhoids as possesses pronounced anti-inflammatory action. Juice of fresh cabbage finds broad application at treatment of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum: it promotes scarring of an ulcer and reduces pain. Also in an ulcer fresh juice of potatoes is effective – it slows down secretion of digestive glands, reducing amount of the emitted gastric juice. It is important to remember that use of the sprouted and become green tubers is contraindicated.
In diseases of a cardiovascular system (heartbeat, stenocardia and a hypertension) hawthorn fruits are effective. They reduce the level of arterial blood pressure and reduce excitability of heart. It is also useful to accept mix of drugs from a hawthorn and a valerian in insomnia and neurosises of a cardiac muscle. Widely use carrots in cardiovascular diseases. Its its seeds form a basis for medication Daucarinum which is applied in chronic heart failure and bad attacks of stenocardia. Parsley is irreplaceable in heart diseases, and garlic not only promotes expansion of blood vessels, but also prevents education in them cholesteric blood clots. In this quality it is used in neurosises of heart, a hypertension and atherosclerosis. In terms of a lowering of arterial pressure the apple diet is also shown – it is recommended to eat on 300-400 g of fresh sweet apples of 5-6 times a day. The medical effect of this diet in atherosclerosis is based on decrease in cholesterol in blood serum.
In a tonsillitis, ORZ, banal cold the berries having the knitting and antiseptic properties are used generally: raspberry, blackberry, cherry, wild strawberry. They are good both in fresh, and in a dried look. Juice or broth of berries of a guelder-rose with honey accept in catarrhal diseases of upper airways. The usual onions contain a set of the phytoncides capable to kill different types of bacteria and to interrupt growth of their quantity. It is reasonable to use it both in food, and for inhalations at inflammatory processes in respiratory organs.
Make a food allowance at treatment of a disease taking into account the recommendations given above, and recovery will not keep itself waiting long!

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