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Effective antiviral drugs. Relevant list

27.01.2016, 19:52

Over the country with might and main there is a flu epidemic. Yesterday in Moscow the flu and SARS quarantine is announced: the incidence exceeded an epidemic threshold for 37.8%. And many ask a question what antiviral drugs effective and what in 2016 do not equal hopes of the treated for flu and various SARS any more. Someone needs only our Russian antiviral means, someone wants to try to be treated by natural antiviral. And someone, having read, for example, articles of doctor Komarovsky , asks a question and whether there is in general a sense in intake of antiviral drugs? We prepared the list of drugs which will help you to understand these questions.

The drugs used at treatment of flu and SARS can be divided into three groups: antiviral drugs, immunomodulatory (inductors of interferon), and interferon drugs (contain interferon in structure).

Antiviral means

Tamiflu (ozeltamivir)

The antiviral drug of new generation relating to group of inhibitors of neuraminidases. Means influences directly a virus, interfering with its reproduction and distribution in an organism. Tamiflu is active concerning influenza viruses of type A and B.

Tamiflu came to the rescue of people who among the first got swine flu a few years ago. Drug of Tamiflu is very effective in fight against an influenza virus the immediate effect on it, interfering with further reproduction.

Remember — it is impossible to accept Tamiflu without the permission of the qualified therapist. This not harmless medicine - at it is both contraindications, and collateral undesirable manifestations: diarrhea, insomnia, nausea, headaches. Drug becomes dangerous at long reception without breaks — it can provoke development of psychoses and depressions. Tamiflu is not used for prevention of viral diseases, only for their treatment. For children drug is contraindicated.

Concerning SARS (catarrhal diseases) Tamiflu is inefficient.


Ingavirin — new domestic antiviral drug which effect is directed to oppression of influenza viruses of type A and B, parainfluenza, an adenoviral and respiratory and syncytial infection. The mechanism of effect of drug is connected with suppression of a reproduction of a virus at a stage of a nuclear phase. Besides, Ingavirin activates production of interferon and has anti-inflammatory effect.

This antiviral drug removes primary symptomatology of viral infection: blocks further development of a virus; suppresses its reproductive functions; has anti-inflammatory effect. Drug can be used only for adults, aged up to 18 years it is contraindicated to children. Among side effects of Ingavirin there are only allergic reactions. It is necessary to remember what, despite all the efficiency, cannot be accepted Ingavirin, without having consulted, previously, the therapist.


Arbidol — popular antiviral drug which is effective in treatment of the whole group of diseases: influenza viruses And yes In, the heavy sharp respiratory syndrome, the associated coronavirus and also is applied at complex therapy of acute rotavirus intestinal infections. This medicine is not prescribed to children under 3 years, pregnant women and the feeding women is appointed only the doctor. Among side effects of Arbidol there are headaches and also development of individual allergic reactions. Nevertheless, in general is the safe and effective remedy possessing a broad spectrum of activity.

Remantadin (Rimantadinum)

Remantadin - antiviral drug, derivative the adamantana, suppresses various influenza strains And (swine flu including). Medicine is not prescribed to pregnant women and also children aged till 1 year. Remantadin can make vomiting and sick, a headache and slackness, to reduce concentration of attention. However, such side effects arise quite seldom while the efficiency of drug is high.

Oxolinic ointment

Oxolinic ointment is an antiviral medicine of local action. Grease with it infections with flu, mucous for prevention. It is important to note that medicine does not contain interferon and has no therapeutic effect - it is preventive drug. Oxolinic ointment can be applied daily during the periods of epidemics and also at high risk of infection (for example if someone is ill at home). Oxolinic ointment has no contraindications and can be applied to prevention of infection with an airborne way for a long time.

Inductors of interferon


Kagotsel - drug of domestic production, induces interferon synthesis, has antiviral, immunomodulatory effect. The sodium salt of copolymer which is a part causes formation of the late interferon having high antiviral activity. The greatest effect occurs if to begin treatment within the first 24 hours of a disease, but not later than the 4th day after the beginning of an acute infection. For prevention it is possible to accept in any terms, it is better right after contact with the patient of a SARS or flu.

Side effects from Kagotsel's reception practically do not happen, most often they consist in emergence of allergic reactions. Kagotsel it is possible to give to children aged from three years and also the adult. Kagotsel is not recommended for use for pregnant women and the feeding women.


Tsikloferon represents this antiviral drug immunomodulatory and antiviral means. Apply Tsikloferon to treatment of a SARS, influenza viruses and herpes. The recommended antiviral drug, proceeding from its name, starts a certain cycle of production of interferon in an organism and supports him at the appropriate level, despite fast removal by kidneys. Appoint Tsikloferon in tablets, or in ampoules. In the first case Tsikloferon accept in 30 minutes prior to food once a day. In the second case Tsikloferon is entered intravenously or intramusculary once a day according to the basic scheme. If it is about treatment of herpes, then Tsikloferon as antiviral drug, is applied on a surface in the form of gel substance.

Amiksin (Tiloron, Lavomax)

Amiksin - synthetic antiviral drug of new generation. Tiloron active ingredient, possesses antiviral and immunomodulatory action, it is the synthetic inductor of interferon stimulating formation of interferon an alpha, a beta, scale. Drug has the broad spectrum of activity allowing to use it both for treatment of a SARS and in other viral infections. Apply Amiksin to more intensive development by an interferon organism. Thanks to such actions, Amiksin considerably lifts not only the immune system, but also is excellent antiviral means. Amiksin is not toxic and, at moderate dosages, is had excellently. Drug is not appointed to children aged up to 7 years and also to women in the period of a lactation and pregnancy.


the Tsitovir-3 - complex immunostimulating, antiviral drug, possesses interferonogenny action. As a part of medicine — Timogen sodium, ascorbic acid, Bendazolum. Timogen synthetic received dipeptide, it enhances nonspecific resistance of an organism. Ascorbic acid normalizes permeability of capillaries, reducing activity of inflammatory process. Bendazolum stimulates production of endogenous interferon in an organism.

Among side effects — ability to reduce arterial blood pressure at those patients who have vegeto-vascular dystonia. Drug is not appointed in an urolithiasis, hypotension, diabetes, stomach ulcer, pregnancy. Tsitovir 3 it is possible to apply to children 1 years are more senior, however at children's age it is better to use drug with care. At Tsitovir's reception the 3rd significant effect of treatment appears for 2-3 day. It is better to begin to use drug from the first days of a disease.

Interferon drugs

Interferona are squirrels informants who are allocated with the cells affected with viruses. They kind of report to other cells about an infection and the required virus inactivation. An alpha of an interferona lymphocytes, a beta – fibroblasts develop.

Recombinant interferon alpha 2b

Receive in the genetically engineered way, does not contain components of human blood. Possesses the significant antiviral action, protects cells from damage, activates the immune system, has antioxidant activity. The high efficiency in a SARS and flu is proved. Representatives of group - Viferon , Grippferon . Viferon is appointed in the form of suppositories (rectal candles) or nose ointment, and grippferon in drops. Also apply to treatment and prevention of flu and a SARS Genferon Layt .

Recombinant interferon - gamma

Does not contain components of human blood, receive in the genetically engineered way. Possesses expressed by the antiviral, immunostimulating and immunomodulatory action. The representative of group - Ingaron , is used in treatment and prevention of flu and SARS including in "bird flu" as a part of complex therapy. Is issued in solution for intranasal use. To children up to 7 years it is not appointed.

The drugs arousing the maximum mistrust of professional doctors


Homeopathic medicine that at once speaks about its zero efficiency as flu medicine . Can work only as placebo.


Homeopathic prepearat. According to the instruction, one tablet of drug contains 0.003 grams of active ingredient which, in turn, represents aqueous-alcoholic solution of antibodies to γ-interferon in concentration of 10-15 nanograms on gram. Thus, the mass of the antibodies which are contained in a tablet is 3·10-27 grams. The mass of one molecule of a required antibody is million times more. I.e. chance to find this "treating" antibody in one tablet of an anaferon 1/83000000, i.e. almost zero.


All listed drugs it is necessary to use the attending physician only according to purpose. In comments below you can share the reviews of these and other drugs. Article will be continuously improved, and we will try to consider your responses.

(to be continued)

27.01.2016 20:53
Arbidol - the poppycock imposed by the Ministry of Health :(
KarlVonMox: The entire panel has a meltdown over the email that Rich starts reading at 1:37:20. The writer astutely points out that generating a virus like SARS-CoV-2 would not at all be difficult, even if the only thing you had was the genome of a related Coronavirus. And it wouldn't cost very much either. The response basically was "no scientist would ever do this". Are you kidding me? I can think of plenty of scenarios that a scientist would do this, especially with all these bloated military budgets (Biden certainly won't change that FYI). For the record, I am not at all a believer in the hypothesis that this virus came from a lab. I believe it is very probable that SARS-CoV-2 has natural origin. However, the "lab-made" hypothesis cannot be discarded just because it's not politically correct. The fact is, it is not entirely implausible, and fully within the realm of possibility. Group-think is a thing even among scientists.

lopezb: You shouldn't be so hard on health-care workers who are skeptics. It's often not their fault- there's a huge, slick, well-funded disinformation campaign, often with "doctors" or "experts" who give out plausible-sounding lies. The way to deal with this is to give out the truth, and to dismantle the lies and call out the liars.

vrendus522: In February 202 I sat and watch a video by a US university grad molecular biologist. He said that his imaging team on their electron microscope imaging team, had spotted two small HIV insets within this covid 19 virus. Guy's credentials were good and if as he said these were insets, then this means in the early phase of the virus, that this corona virus was re-engineered in a lab. This assumption is so, as the insertions the way they were pictured, does not happen naturally as a product of nature. The second part of covid, was probably extra bat MRNA rabies that was also instilled into the chief corona host. The HIV upload of information would explain the herpes affiliation with HIV, as too much of another type of herpes influence placed into the body would cause a herpes blister. Think what you want, however if you don't have the proper diagnosis, then you can't craft the proper cure.*I feel that the next problem will be, reproduction of humans who want to procreate, as the vaccines might have a conflict in countering the covid virus, once it's in the reproductive tract.*On who I am, I'm related to the prominent female who were guest of Billy Meier back in the 1970s.That female was my fraternal twin and friend. Her house from where she once lived is a high tier royalty houses. So I have the ability to turn in a lot of favors. I don't know where this is all going, but it certainly does not look good to me, nor safe.

R.C. Vogel: Very surprised to hear virologists not even question asymptomatic transmission. Isn’t being asymptomatic just being immune? In addition, as a university lecturer, it’s quite frustrating and saddening to see how university and college students have been ignored. They are on the verge of entering the workforce... they, too, are our future as much as the under grade-8 and high-school groups. Zoom doesn’t fit everyone and has serious limitations.

Dora Smith: What in God's name is viral-food friendly food? If I only had $10 for every time I ate a hamburger and coffee at McDonalds and got stomach flu. I won't eat there any more. Basically since the pandemic began, if other people touched prepared food or breathed on it, I won't eat it! I don't care what mask they are wearing that doesn't seal that they last washed last month.... Common sense. Anyone sending out for food, picking up food, or eating food in a restaurant is an idiot.

R.C. Vogel: Yes! Follow Michael Mina’s suggestions: get the gov’t to manufacture cheap ($1/test) and - yes! - effective rapid tests that we can do at home. As he said, let’s adopt a strong public health approach rather than a clinical one.

Darius Moon: I'm remembering that the CDC and that administration had boasted how they had learned from the previous virus that caused deaths in the US, and were ready for the future. In 2017, CDC invested more than $200M to help states to infectious disease threats. So, wonder, if the new administration will provide additional funding or, will relocate those roles to the federal level. I'm not for or against. I'm told more than I care about how the CDC failed in the past, but will be better in the future. (but, we keep repeating it)

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