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Drugs for prevention and treatment of radiation sickness (5)
The drugs substituting synovial and plaintive liquids (0)
The drugs used for correction of an acid-base state and ionic balance in organiz (48)
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Antineoplastic antibiotics (10)
Anticonvulsants (17)
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Tick-borne borreliosis: signs, first aid at a sting of a tick

28.08.2014, 16:13
The tick-borne borreliosis known also as Lyme's disease is a natural and focal chronic infectious disease which cause and the activator are a borreliya (Borrelia burgdorferi), given to the person at a sting by pincers. It should be noted that disease-producing factors – borreliya remain in the infected ticks for life and are transferred them to posterity.
The postadiyny course with the first manifestations on skin and with the subsequent damage of muscles, hearts, joints and nervous system is characteristic of Lyme's disease.

Manifestations (signs) of tick-borne borreliosis on skin

After a sting of the person the infected tick of manifestation of a disease of Lyme arise NOT at once, the incubatory (hidden) period lasts on average from three weeks to three months.
In the field of a sting of a tick on skin of a trunk, legs or hands there is a ring-shaped spot of rose-red color with a peripheral violet rim which does not disturb the patient (there are no pain or an itching). The spot gradually increases in sizes, in the center it brightens, and on edge rather narrow violet rim remains. At a part of patients along with rash on skin the headache, moderate joint pains, weakness, slight increase of body temperature can be observed.
In several weeks the spot on skin independently disappears, however it does not mean that there occurred recovery. If at the first stage of the disease the adequate specific treatment was not carried out, then in several months there is a distribution of the activator in the patient's organism to complications – damage of nervous system, a cardiovascular system and other internals, the musculoskeletal system.

How to be saved from stings of pincers?

Before a campaign to the forest, mountains, in park recreation areas take care of reliable protection of skin against possible hit of pincers. For this purpose it is necessary to put on the closed clothes skintight to a body: a shirt with a long sleeve which should be filled in trousers, and trousers, without hesitating, to fill in socks, on legs to put on the closed footwear. It is necessary to put on a panama, a cap, a hat, a kerchief the head. The clothes have to be light, then on it pincers are well noticeable. For rest it is necessary to choose the sites which are well warmed up and lit with the sun far away from grass thickets, bushes and trees.

First aid at a sting of a tick

After return from rest it is necessary to examine carefully clothes and skin on existence of pincers. In case of identification on skin of a tick, it is necessary to see a doctor, but if for the objective reasons of such opportunity is not present – it is necessary to remove independently it for what it is necessary to apply vegetable oil on a tick. If the tick independently did not get out – he should be removed carefully with a proboscis for what to loosen here and there tweezers or the fingers wrapped in a gauze napkin. If the proboscis of a tick remained in a wound – it should be removed with a sterile needle. Then process the place of a sting alcohol, iodine, or cologne. However, at the first opportunity it is necessary to address to emergency station or to the infectiologist, the dermatologist or the family doctor.

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