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The alkaloids and other vegetable matters having cytostatic impact (6)
The alkylating substances (24)
Amino acids (10)
Analgesic means (56)
Vasoprotectives (10)
Anorexigenic means (3)
Antagonists of calcium ions (8)
Antiarrhytmic drugs (15)
Antigiperlipoproteinemichesky (anti-atherosclerotic) means (11)
Antimetabolites (24)
Antiseptics (87)
Vitamins and related drugs (66)
Hepatoprotective means (8)
Antihypertensives (10)
Histamine and antihistaminic drugs (22)
Hormone. Ven., their antagonists applied mainly at treatment oncological a disease (14)
Hormones, their analogs and anti-hormonal drugs (93)
Diuretic means (25)
Dopamine and dofaminergichesky drugs (2)
Bile-expelling means (16)
Immunosuppressive drugs (immunosuppressors) (6)
Cardiotonic means (18)
Expectorants (25)
Plasma substituting and disintoxication solutions (23)
Drugs for parenteral nutrition (12)
Drugs for prevention and treatment of radiation sickness (5)
The drugs substituting synovial and plaintive liquids (0)
The drugs used for correction of an acid-base state and ionic balance in organiz (48)
The drugs stimulating processes of immunity (13)
Prostaglandin and their synthetic derivatives (2)
Antineoplastic antibiotics (10)
Anticonvulsants (17)
Different diagnostic means (5)
Different drugs the stimulating metabolic processes (56)
Emetic and antiemetic drugs (7)
X-ray contrast means (13)
Sahara (2)
Serotonin, serotonergic and antiserotoninovy drugs (6)
Synthetic antineoplastic drugs of different groups (5)
Depletive (30)
Sleeping medicines (11)
Special means for treatment of alcoholism (4)
Specific antidotes; sorbents; complexons (15)
Means for treatment of parkinsonism (14)
Anesthetics (14)
The means influencing fibrillation (34)
The means operating on peripheral cholinergic processes (57)
The means operating mainly on peripheral adrenergic processes. (38)
The means increasing arterial blood pressure (2)
The means lowering sensitivity of nerve terminations (55)
The means relaxing muscles of a uterus (tokolitika) (4)
The means stimulating uterus muscles (17)
The means stimulating receptors of mucous membranes, skin and hypodermic fabrics (31)
The means which are slowing down formation of uric concrements and facilitating their removal with urine (20)
The means improving blood supply of bodies and fabrics (48)
Fermental drugs and inhibitors of enzymes (35)
The enzymes applied to treatment of oncological diseases (1)
The photosensitizing and photoprotective drugs (6)
Cholelitholytic means (2)
New drugs on the website (1)
Psychotropic drugs (112)
Khimioterapevticheskiyey means (221)
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Symptoms and diagnosis of prostatitis

27.08.2014, 14:10

Prostatitis – the disease affecting the second heart of the man. This analogy quite correct, as a prostate – an important component of the men's sexual sphere. What symptoms of prostatitis and how not to confuse them with symptoms of other diseases? In acute form the symptoms, as a rule, pronounced, in a chronic form can be greased and weak.

Already insignificant difficulties at bladder emptying have to guard the man. At inflammation the size of a prostate increases, at the same time the urethra is narrowed. It is the first rather bright disturbing symptom. The sexual disorder which is shown in weakening of an erection and as a result a discharge without orgasm are the second symptom. At its detection it is impossible to wait already, it is necessary to give up all affairs and to run to the doctor. There is no andrologist in policlinic, means on reception to the urologist. Different names, but generally specializations of these doctors are crossed.

Except two main symptoms, there are some more symptoms of the approaching disease. Frequent desires to urination, weight in an abdominal cavity and a waist, pain and burning at bladder emptying. The fever, the increased temperature and existence in urine of foreign inclusions in the form of threads can be added to them. The disease sometimes is followed by decrease in sexual inclination. It often affects mentality of the patient, on his self-assessment and is heavy blow to male vanity. Sometimes backdating it becomes clear that there was an overcooling fact, irregular sex life or the frequent interrupted sexual intercourses, an alcohol abuse and spicy food takes place. Constant fatigue, irritability – frequent satellites of a disease. Prostatitis can sometimes be genetic predisposition.

Anyway all this is confirmation that symptoms – not accident and a visit to the doctor – inevitability. For development of treatment of prostatitis by the doctor of the scheme it is necessary to undergo diagnostics, not difficult and not long on time. It includes blood tests (the general and perhaps biochemical), the analysis of urine and secretion of a prostate, smears on STD (sexually transmitted diseases), ultrasonography.

Perhaps, after all these analyses the doctor will find it necessary to make a biopsy of tissues of prostate (a fragment fence on the analysis). It is necessary to exclude a malignant tumor which demands several other treatment, as a rule, of surgical. The main thing is not to give development diseases therefore early diagnostics is so important. As is well-known the correct diagnosis is nearly main part of treatment.

david pritchard: So you can use this on its own for 4 weeks, you don’t need to use testosterone or anything else? Would this help you gain muscle

Mercurian Malibu: I take one tablet of Proviron (Mesterolone) 15 mg every evening and am intending to do this for two full weeks now that I've ran through two vials (one of Sustanon 250 and one of Supertest 450). Took me 10 weeks to go through both vials. Waiting a week, then start the Proviron dose I listed above as pct. Is this good or will I face estrogen rebound?

Kęstutis mors: i was taking 6.25 mg. of proviron ED on PCT to lower SHBG because it was high, about 58 nmol/l. After 2 weeks, SHBG was just 28 nmol/l. ( clomid doze was 25 mg./EOD. It was enough to keep in good range LH and total testosterone. I think, 6.25 mg ED on PCT or CCT is enough to lower high SHBG and to increase free testosterone, to keep fertility. Good alternative to TRT.

Impulse Cars: Great topic! Good job doc If someone needs help I can get them for them I am license MD in my country 20tab -25mg for $20

Yokes: If I used 50mg/day by itself, how long can I increase my free T n increase libido. Too hard to split the pill due to the size

BigIronHulk: IF YOU CAME HERE TO FIND OUT IF PROVIRON CAN BE USED ON PCT I'LL SAVE YOU WASTING 47:17 minutes of your life like Ill never get back! "Dr. O’Connor also answers viewer questions about Proviron, such as if it can be used for PCT or TRT" - This statement is 50% TRUE! 25:40 Ron asks "Does Proviron work well for PCT or ....". Doc ignores the PCT part COMPLETELY and Ron fails to pick up on it then they ramble on about some other stuff no one came here to listen too! THANKS A LOT

kosickf112: Trying to have a bright outlook is one thing but running from the truth of this world being a horrible place is another thing my friend 💪🏼

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