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Peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum

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This disease which is characterized by ulceration on a mucous membrane of a stomach or a duodenum. The process of self-digestion of a mucous membrane which is not taking place in normal conditions as a result of impact on it of own gastric juice is the cornerstone of a disease.

At long existence of an ulcer of its edge are condensed and interfere with healing. The ulcer can get into deeper layers of fabric and cause at the same time a full perforation of a wall of a stomach or duodenum. Healing of a small ulcer is followed by formation of the hem which is a little changing a mucous membrane of a stomach, but after extensive and deep ulcers on it there are formations influencing work of a stomach.

The peptic ulcer arises from the different reasons. Congenital and hereditary features of an organism are of very great importance. The wrong diet (irregular, hasty food, the spicy, irritating food, very high or its very low temperature), an alcohol abuse and smoking, especially on an empty stomach contribute to the development of ulcer diseases: one cigarette smoked on an empty stomach affects an open mucosal surface of a cover of a stomach many times more perniciously, than continuous smoking at the crowded stomach.

Nervous and mental factors of developing of an ulcer - overfatigue, a bad dream, psychological experiences are very important. Possibly, these can explain wide circulation of a peptic ulcer during the periods of national disasters and shocks (war, hunger). Most often the ulcer develops aged from 20 up to 40 years; men are subject to this disease much more, than women.

Manifestations and course of a peptic ulcer differ in a big variety. In some cases the ulcer proceeds is hidden, without any symptoms, and suddenly, suddenly, is shown by such terrible complications as a perforation or gastrointestinal bleeding.

The uncomplicated peptic ulcer has characteristic manifestations. The disease, as a rule, lasts for years, spontaneously calms down and again flashes. This waviness of a course, alternation of quiet intervals with the aggravation periods coming most often in the spring or in the fall are especially characteristic of a duodenum ulcer.

Having a peptic ulcer have to be under observation of the doctor and strictly carry out the treatment appointed by it. During the periods of calm of a peptic ulcer the observance of the correct diet which principle - a mechanical and chemical shchazheniye of a mucous membrane of a stomach is extremely important. Exclude the products containing rough cellulose from food: black bread from coarse flour, sinewy meat, cucumbers, radish, a radish, mushrooms, acid unripe apples, pears, fried food, smoked products, spices. It is recommended to consume dairy products, vegetables puree, kissels and porridges.

The most important symptom of a peptic ulcer is pain which has the features. First of all, despite poignancy, it never (except for a perforation of the ulcer) reaches that force which demands use of strong sedatives as it happens in hepatic or renal gripes. Pains in a peptic ulcer are almost always connected with meal, especially rough, sharp, salty or acid. Pains in the pit of the stomach, burning, drilling, usually in one or two hours after a meal are characteristic. At a big physical tension they amplify. "Hungry" pains are especially characteristic of a duodenum ulcer. They usually disappear after reception even of insignificant amount of food.

Patients with an ulcer are quite often disturbed by painful heartburn in 2 - 3 hours after a meal, an acid eructation, nausea, vomiting; vomiting usually gives relief. All unpleasant feelings are also connected with meal. When the ulcer corrodes blood vessels, the hematemesis develops.

During ulcer pains it is recommended to put hot-pack poultices on area of a stomach, changing them each 20 min. that did not cool down. But if there is gastric bleeding, then poultices cannot be done. In a hematemesis it is necessary to put the patient to bed, on a stomach to put not a really heavy bubble with ice, to call the doctor as in this case special treatment and observation of the doctor is required.

Uncomplicated ulcers of stomach and duodenum, though bring to the patient many unpleasant feelings and lower his working capacity, but, as a rule, do not pose a threat for life. However it must be kept in mind a possibility of complications on which health and life of the patient often depend: inflammation of a peritoneum, gastric or intestinal bleeding, perforation of the ulcer, narrowing of a pylorus, cancer regeneration of stomach ulcer. At exacerbation of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, pains in anticardium, in right hypochondrium develop. The appetite disappears, heartburn, an eructation, nausea, constipations develop. Sometimes patients refuse food because of pain after a meal. At aggravation of symptoms of the patient has to ask for the help the doctor as against the background of signs of exacerbation of a peptic ulcer, sometimes without any previous phenomena, there comes the perforation of the ulcer.

Diagnosis of stomach ulcer and duodenum is performed by means of the modern endoscopic and ultrasonic equipment and laboratory tests.

The main symptom of a perforation of the ulcer - sharp, similar to blow by a knife ("knife-like") pain in an upper half of a stomach. The patient turns pale, becomes covered cold then, draws in to a stomach of a leg or even falls. After this pains extend on all stomach, body temperature increases. The patient needs to be taken immediately to hospital, before to put to bed, on a stomach to put a cold compress.

One more dangerous complication of a peptic ulcer during its aggravation are gastrointestinal bleedings (signs: vomiting mass of a type of a coffee thick, tar-like chair). This state is very dangerous! The high bed rest is necessary for the patient; it is necessary to impose a cold compress on anticardium and as soon as possible to call the doctor.

Treatment of a peptic ulcer depends on a stage and the nature of an ulcer. The ulcers associated with Helicobacter pilori are treated by antikhelikobakterialny drugs. The ulcers which are not associated with Helicobacter pilori are treated on another. If necessary the biopsy is carried out. The patient with a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum appoints preventive treatment as it is always easier to warn complications of a peptic ulcer, than to treat.

On doctor's orders it is possible to use also folk remedies of treatment of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum officinal herbs.

Distinguish a peptic ulcer with hyperoxemia and with normal. It needs to be considered when prescribing folk remedies.

Source - the Website of sanatorium of Egle

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

Aluminii hydroxydum
Bismuth nitrate of main (Bismuthi subnitras)
Homatropine hydrobromide (Homatropini hydrobromidum)
Liquid of a drill (Liquor Burovi)
Ipratropium bromide (Ipratropium bromide)
Kalmagin (Granulae "Calmaginum")
Calcium a carbonate besieged (Calcii carbonas praecipitatus)
Alum burned (Alumen ustum)
Bark of an oak (Cortex Quercus)
Rhizomes of a coil (Rhizomata Bistortae)
Rhizomes and roots of a burnet (Rhizomata cum radicibus Sanguisorbae)
Rhizomes of a silverweed (Rhizomata Tormentillae)
Linimentum Alor (Linimentum "Alorom")
Leaves of a henbane (Folia Hyoscyami)
Leaves of a dope (Folia Daturae stramonii)
Leaves of a sage (Folia Salviae officinales)
Magnesium carbonate of main (Magnesii subcarbonas)
Magnesium oxide (Magnesii oxydum)
Magnesium peroxide (Magnesii peroxydum)
Ointment of a gliderinin (Unguentum Glyderinini)
Methan drostenolonum
Metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride (Methylmethioninsulfonii chloridum)
Natrii hydrocarbonas
Oksiferriskorbon of sodium (Oxyferriscorbone natrium)
Fruits of a bird cherry (Fructus Padi)
Fruits of bilberry (Fructus Myrtilli)
Drugs of a belladonna (Folia Atropae belladonnae)
Propantelin bromide (Propantheline bromide)
Lead acetate (Plumbum aceticum)
Seeds of a flax (Semina Lini)
Compound fruits of an alder (Fructus Alni)
Tablets "Vicairum" (Tabulettae "Vicairum")
Tablets "Vicalinum" (Tabulettae "Vicalinum")
Tannin (Tanninum, Acidum tannicum)
Grass of a St. John's wort (Herba Hyperici)
Grass of an everlastings of uliginose (Herba Gnaphalii uliginosi)
Grass of a train (Herba Bidentis)
Flowers of a meadowsweet of vyazolistny (Flores Filipendulae ulmariae)
Flowers of a camomile (Flores Chamomillae Recutitatae)
29.08.2011 02:22
I have a chronic ulcer, cannot finish the cure in any way, nothing helps, and drugs which work quickly cost very much, it is necessary when becomes aggravated vividly to swallow fosfalyugel, usually once a month hurts, not really depends on food, and everything quickly removes gel, thanks and on that.
Dmitry Klevtsov, psychotherapist, Moscow.
29.08.2011 14:04
- Nickey,
Your problem is typical for many, got to the deadlock of heteropathic medicine.
I will recommend: address the homeopath in your city.
With hope for success, D.K.
Inessa, Krasnoyarsk
01.02.2012 00:20
And the doctor advised me OMEZ, as for prevention and chronic stomach ulcers and 12-perstn. guts. In principle effective and not expensive 178 rubles only. For interest type the name in Yandex and you will see completely the description of drug.
Inessa, Krasnoyarsk
01.02.2012 00:22
though in the list stated above this drug I did not see, probably time difference of production of my drug...
30.03.2012 12:04
It is possible to replace OMEZ with an analog (identical substance and the same dosage, a difference only in the producer) - Omeprazolum, and there is it everything rubles 40.
04.04.2012 23:06
Hello! To me the Peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum what medicine is better for this purpose than a disease disturbs?
27.04.2012 13:41
At ulcer to me GDU Keith suggested to drink a stomach disease. Here Omeprozol, tinidzalon and a klaritomitsina enters. To me it is for some reason bitter in a mouth after them. So has to be?
17.08.2012 05:37
The best cure for a gullet ulcer
Professor of Aleksandr Sazhin
20.05.2014 15:47
1. The fastest elimination of heartburn already during the first hours reception
2. Maintenance target rn in a gullet and a stomach during 48 h even after single dose
3. Does not influence metabolism of other medicines in a liver
4. High safety (the course of treatment of GERD is expected 1-2 months, maintenance therapy is carried out for years).
5. Hayrabezol is recommended to CHILDREN from 12 years!!!
6. The anti-secretory effect is identical at different persons in population and does not depend on specific genetic features
7. The proved bactericidal effect concerning N. of river.
8. Enhances effect of antibacterial drugs when performing eradikatsionny therapy
9. Correction of doses for special groups of patients such as elderly people, patients with a renal failure or a chronic liver failure of weak or average degree is not required
10. The bioavailability – does not change at repeated administration of drug
11. Hayrabezol's reception does not depend on meal
12. Unlike other IPP the use together with antacids without medicinal interaction is possible
13. The proved high clinical performance of Hayrabezol in treatment of all kislotozavisimy diseases confirmed with a number of clinical trials
14. Unique packing with Braille's font.
15. Hayrabezol expiration date 3 years.
16. Affordable price:
Hayrabezol of 10 mg No. 15 = 310 – 380 rub.
Hayrabezol of 20 mg No. 15 = 470 – 580 rub.
01.08.2014 11:38
And whether it is possible in stomach aches, to apply the anesthetizing tablets: Spazgan, Nayz or Gastal?

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