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Gastritis chronic gipoatsidny (anacid gastritis)

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Gastritis chronic is characterized by chronic inflammation of a mucous membrane (in some cases and deeper layers) stomach walls.

Anacid gastritis is a kind of chronic gastritis with the lowered acidity. The name is caused by insufficient secretion of hydrochloric acid covering (obkladochny) cells. Strictly speaking distinguish two types of such gastritis - anacid when acid is practically not emitted, and gipoatsidny with insufficient, but not zero level of hydrochloric acid. The atrophy of cells caused by their autoimmune defeat is the cornerstone of this phenomenon. Therefore anacid gastritis is actually atrophic gastritis.

Etiology, pathogenesis. In origin of gastritis of type A (autoimmune atrophic gastritis) an important role is played by heredity, the disease has family character. The autoimmune mechanism is the cornerstone of its pathogenesis what detection of antibodies to covering cells of a mucous membrane of a stomach at these patients testifies to. Gastritis proceeds with damage of a body and a greater cul-de-sac, is followed by decrease in acidity of gastric juice. Over time the atrophy of a mucous cover of a stomach leads to disturbance of absorption of B12 vitamin and development of B12-scarce anemia.

In not atrophic gastritis (type B, helikobakterny gastritis) in most cases find infection of a mucous membrane of a stomach of Helicobacter pylori what connect its origin with. Inflammatory process at the initial stages is localized in antral department of a stomach, preservation or increase in acid-forming function of a stomach (hyper secretory gastritis) is characteristic. In process of progressing of gastritis of difference between type B and type A are erased - inflammation covers all departments of a stomach (there is pan-gastritis), the diffusion atrophy and a metaplasia of his mucous membrane develops, secretion of hydrochloric acid decreases.

Between activity of chronic gastritis and detectability of Helicobacter pylori in a mucous membrane of a stomach the accurate dependence is noted. However the helikobakterny theory of developing of chronic gastritis met a number of objections. As it was established, these microorganisms are found mainly at superficial forms of chronic gastritis whereas when progressing atrophic changes with reduction of secretion of hydrochloric acid their detectability decreases, and in some cases (for example, in B12-scarce anemia) they are not defined at all.

More rare special forms of gastritis: chemical (the reflux gastritis, type C, develops under the influence of chemical irritants - at irritation of a mucous membrane of a stomach intestinal contents after a stomach resection, a duodenogastralny reflux of bile, an alcohol abuse, under the influence of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs); radiation (at radiation injuries); lymphocytic (associated with a Gee's disease); non-infectious granulematozny (in Crohn's disease, Wegener's granulomatosis, foreign bodys); eosinophilic (allergic).

The disease often proceeds asymptomatically. In the autoimmune gastritis (type A) which is followed by secretory insufficiency gastric dyspepsia (dull aches, feeling of weight, a raspiraniye in anticardium after a meal), unpleasant taste in a mouth, an eructation by air and food, anorexia, nausea and also a meteorism, diarrhea can be observed. At development of B12-scarce anemia of patients the fast fatigue, burning of language, paresthesia begin to disturb, at survey reveal the <varnished> language, pallor of skin, a subjikterichnost of scleras, etc. At a research of gastric contents the gipoatsidnost is defined. The endoscopic research reveals pallor of a mucous membrane, raying of vessels; primary localization of changes - a bottom and a body of a stomach.

In not atrophic gastritis (type B) symptoms can remind a clinical picture of a peptic ulcer - hungry and night pains in anticardium, nausea and vomiting, an eructation acid and heartburn and also constipations. At an endoscopic research in antral department of a stomach against the background of hyperaemia and hypostasis of a mucous membrane quite often detect submucosal hemorrhages and erosion. Manifestations a reflux gastritis (type C) can be pain in anticardium after meal, the cholemesis giving relief, weight loss.

Gastritis medicine

First of all, it is the drugs reducing acidity of gastric juice. The most popular medicine of this type is ordinary baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). However, soda not the best choice and that is why. Getting into a stomach, soda interacts with hydrochloric acid of gastric juice therefore the carbon dioxide irritating stomach walls is emitted. In response to such irritation the stomach throws out new portions of gastric juice and hydrochloric acid. Thus, favorable effect of baking soda lasts short time then there occurs aggravation of symptoms of the patient. On the other hand, carbon dioxide at disturbance of a passage of flatus from a stomach is capable to lead to additional irritation of walls of a stomach owing to its mechanical stretching. Carbon dioxide begins to be soaked up in blood that leads to change of its structure. Considering all this, it is hardly worth applying baking soda to treatment of gastritis.

From gastritis of medicine there are also others, neutralized acid and not forming carbon dioxide. One of such means is magnesium oxide - white powder which is accepted inside on 0.5-1 grams. It is a strong antacid with long action which is often combined with calcium carbonate which in itself is much less often used at treatment of gastritis.

It is necessary to consider that at reception on an empty stomach effect of antiacid drugs short (no more than half an hour), after meal duration of action of antacids increases till 3-4 o'clock.

As a rule, apply the enveloping substances protecting gastric walls from physical and chemical irritation food masses to treatment of gastritis. The most popular drugs of this action are Almagelum and Vicalinum.

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

Niacin (Acidum nicotinicum)
Divorced Acidum hydrochloricum (Acidum hydrochloricum dilutum)
Rhizomes of an acorus (Rhizomata Calami)
Roots of a dandelion (Radices Taraxaci)
Leaves of watch of trifoliate (Folia Menyanthidis trifoliata)
Leaves of a wormwood of bitter (Herba Artemisiae absinthii)
Mezy forte (Mezym forte)
Bitters (Tinctura amara)
Panzinorm forte (Panzynorm forte)
Collecting for arousing appetite (Species amarae)
Gastric juice natural (Succus gastricus naturalis)
Juice of a plantain (Succus Plantaginis)
Grass of a centaury (Herba Centaurii)
17.01.2011 19:54
Thanks very interesting article! When I had a gastritis to me doctors attributed a diet and tablets baktistatin, I overcame with this method gastritis)))!!
30.03.2011 17:48
Did you have chronic Roma was? At me chronic, here we will allow, for the present I struggle with him. I drink month baktistatin too, ceased to disturb for a long time, but on how many I know it is necessary to spend on drink even more for fixing of effect. I will be likely it and to carry out prevention, I will not allow more any more that this muck returned. Rum I advise you too prevention because in a couple of years can strike with a new force. Do not relax especially, gastritis artful.
26.06.2011 13:59
It seems to me that I have a gastritis, it is necessary to follow to the doctor medicine, but the girlfriend frightens that antibiotics which to me will be appointed will hit an organism hard, and advises to drink baktistatin which treated her and which influences only a helikobakteriya. I will try to drink baktistatin if in a week does not feel better (the girlfriend speaks has to), I will drink antibiotics.
18.07.2011 20:59
Excellent dietary supplement is in the market. "Santa Rus" is called... it both prevention and powerful treatment... That dietary supplement not puzhaytes, effectively and safely.
25.07.2011 23:59
yes, about Herbalife said too what is safe... is not present, the spasibka is not necessary dietary supplements. Mentioned by the people baktistatin perfectly proved in gastritises, checked - I in trips take it, it and in poisoning will help, and digestion normaltzut, the companion of the tourist unambiguously.
28.08.2011 22:19
to drink it perhaps, time all so praise... I hz am at me gastritis or not, heartburn torments often and, I from it gastaly escape, directly in a bag and I carry with myself that did not take unawares. And here to check, eat gastritis or not, I am afraid - will force to swallow of a gut, and I do not want (
Dmitry Klevtsov, psychotherapist, Moscow.
29.08.2011 14:08
Homeopathic treatment of gastritis.
Suddenly come sharp abdominal pain, presence of the colic which is not depending on position of a body, appearance of insignificant fever.
Deterioration from dry cold weather, after cold.
Improvement in the warm room, from fresh air, warm drinks.
Mentalities emergence of fear, timidity.
It is possible to think of Monk's-hood.

If you have a dryness of a mucous membrane of upper airways, nagging pains in a stomach, dry lips, thirst, bitter taste in a mouth, feeling of heavy, stones in a stomach, sensitivity to pressing in a stomach, constipations with a rigid and dry stake.
Deterioration: at the slightest movement, from heat, after a meal.
Improvement: in position in the sick party, from strong pressing, at rest, from cold food and drink.
Mentality: irritability, bad mood is noted.
That here for certain will help the Bryony.

Kolikoobrazny pain in a stomach, pain which forces the patient to writhe and press a stomach the crossed hands, to press on internals and pain the diarrhea after the smallest meal and drink, especially after fruit is followed by redness and heat of cheeks.
Deterioration: at night, during cold, from chagrin.
Improvement: having writhed, from warm compresses, from pressure upon a stomach.
Mentalities: irritability, especially if it is necessary to answer questions.
Here the Bitter-apple is shown.

Strong gas generation, rumbling in a stomach and intestines, pain in a stomach, a diarrhea after a fright, the need for sharp change of food, loss of appetite if such change does not happen, feeling of a lump in a throat acid taste, is frequent biting of cheeks, excessive salivation.
Deterioration: in the evening, from troubles, from fresh air, strong heat, after a meal.
Improvement: at meal time, at a postural change.
Mentalities: isolation, deepening in, external susceptibility.
Here Ignation will approach.

In stomach aches of spasmodic character, the heavy feeling and pressure, a severe abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting, the increased appetite which is often preceding a disease, pains go from below up, constipations with ineffectual desires.
Deterioration: after a meal, in dry cold weather, early in the morning, after the intellectual tension, coffee, spices.
Improvement: at rest, in the evening, during wet weather, from pressure.
Mentality: irritability, does not transfer noise, smells, light. Does not take out touch, quick-tempered, spiteful.
In this case Nuks-vomika is shown.

The severe spasms in a stomach going to legs, cryesthesia in a stomach and in all stomach, feeling as though bodies are lowered, sensitivity to touch, a constipation owing to slackness of a rectum, a chair voluminous, often cold sweat, a watery chair which departs like explosion, followed by weakness and prostration, choleroid bowel emptying, wolf hunger, the need for cold water which causes vomiting, disgust for warm food, the need for fruit, juicy food, ice cream, salt.
Deterioration: at night, during wet cold weather, from fruit and vegetables.
Improvement: from heat, from walk.
Mentality: melancholy, obtusion of feelings, however at tumult - a tendency to abuse, a fight, rage.
In this example Veratrum Album will well work.
3-6 cultivations, on 3-5 grains, 2-3 times a day are more often used.
Well, and if you have an opportunity, descend on reception to the homeopathist.
02.12.2011 13:58
I swallowed the Japanese of the diagnosis - chronic gastritis, before the doctor prescribed medicine: ganaton after which for the 3rd day there passed heartburn, and still neksium, but very expensive medicine.... And gastat all this a hogwash, I ate with its packs, only muffles heartburn, but does not treat!
03.12.2011 17:12
Hello! Tell me please how to be if the child is 5 months old and he increased intracranial pressure?
12.12.2011 02:15
stop advertizing baktistatin, go to the doctor, be drilled at the good expert in good clinic. and of course, you keep to a diet. Healthy nutrition of 50% of success in treatment. baktistatin does not help me.
16.01.2012 20:09
If constantly there is what causes heartburn and gastritis, then gastat it is possible to burst of course though boxes. If you constantly provoke a disease then how medicine it will cure? I adore such people - eat that got, and medicine is guilty. I here gastat at one time accepted from heartburn, plus gastritik periodically became aggravated, here and drank, and in parallel reconstructed the food. And then, so far ate properly, everything bulo is fine, medicine together with a diet perfectly helped. and this New year it did not restrain, oblopatsya - and again it was necessary gastaly to escape. But exacerbation of gastritis did not happen - gastat after all not bad treats mucous.
Now I will try to eat normally again. after all if you ruin yourself, then on tablets there is nothing to expostulate. To help them it is necessary to treat, but not to disturb.
25.06.2012 18:53
well if to be treated by antibiotics, then of course healthy nutrition is very strongly important, otherwise it is possible to be bent. and baktistatin is much more delicate to a stomach and in general to an organism, it personally helped me, besides that I paid to a diet not especially much attention, that is did not climb to learn about each product and a dish, it is possible or not, and was guided by the general principles of type fried, salty and so on.
21.06.2014 21:59
baktistatin in gastritises DOES NOT HELP. it is checked on itself.

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