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instruction for use

MYDOCALMUM (Mydocalm). 1-Piperidino-2-metil-3-para-tolilpropanona-3-hydrokhlorid.

Synonyms: Menopatol, Mideton, Miodom, Mydeton, Pipetopropanone, Tolperison hydrochloride.

Mydocalmum has difficult impact on central nervous system: blocks polisinaptichesky spinal reflexes, reduces toxicity of strychnine and suppresses the increase in reflex irritability caused by it. These properties of Mydocalmum bring closer it to the central relaxants (Meprotanum, etc.). There are data that Mydocalmum has the selective oppressing impact on a caudal part of a reticular formation of a brain that is followed by spasticity reduction. Possesses also central N - cholinolytic properties. Has no significant impact on peripheral parts of the nervous system, has weak spasmolytic and vasodilating activity.

Apply in the diseases which are followed by pathological increase in a tone of cross-striped muscles: in spinal and cerebral paralyzes with increase in a tone, spasms, spinal automatism, at contractures of the extremities caused by injuries of a spinal cord, parapareses and paraplegiya, multiple sclerosis and other diseases in which there are dystonia, rigidity, spasms.

It can be applied also in disorders of the movements connected with extrapyramidal diseases (postencephalitic and arteriosclerotic parkinsonism) and at increase in a tone of muscles of pyramidal origin.

There are data on efficiency of Mydocalmum in the epilepsy and mental disorders connected with encephalopathy at children. Drug is used also for a relaxation and reduction of danger of traumatic complications at electroconvulsive therapy.

Appoint inside, since one dragee on Oh, 05 g, 2 - 3 times a day, gradually the dose is raised to 2 dragees on reception by 2 - 3 times a day. Children are given 1/2 dragees, then on 1 dragee 2 - 3 times a day.

The drug can be taken it is long or courses on 3 - 4 weeks with breaks of 2 - 3 months.

There are instructions that Mydocalmum has vasodilating effect and can be applied to removal of vasomotor spasms, improvement krovo- and lymphokineses and also that drug reduces adhesive activity of thrombocytes.

Mydocalmum is usually well transferred. The feeling of slight intoxication, a headache, increase in irritability, a sleep disorder are in certain cases possible. These phenomena pass at reduction of a dose or a temporary break in administration of drug.

Packaging: a dragee on 0, 05 g in packing on 30 pieces.

Storage: list B.

It is applied at treatment:
Littl's disease, Contractures, Neuralgia, Paralyses (spastic), Spasms, Epilepsy, Littla disease, Spasms of skeletal muscles
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Whether MYDOCALMUM at treatment is applied to a spastic wryneck?

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