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instruction for use

AMINOACRICHINUM (Aminoacrichinum). 2-Metoksi-6-chlor-7-amino-9-(1-methyl-4-dietilaminobutilamino) - acridine dihydrochloride.

Flavourless reddish-orange fine-crystalline powder. It is slightly hygroscopic. Let's dissolve in water and alcohol.

On structure and the mechanism of action it is close to antimalarial drug to quinacrine. It is effective at treatment of some tsestodoz. Apply also at treatment of mecotic colpitises.

In a hymenolepiasis Aminoacrichinum is appointed inside in the morning on an empty stomach once (or in 2 receptions with a half-hour break) adults on 0, 3 - 0, 4 g, children are 6 years old - 0, 15 g, 8 years - 0, 2 g, 13 - 15 years - 0, 3 g. The course of treatment consists of 3 - 4 cycles, duration of each cycle 3 days, intervals between cycles 5 - 6 days. The day before and in day of treatment (through 1/2 - 1 h after intake of Aminoacrichinum) appoint laxative. More often Aminoacrichinum is given together with phenasal (see).

As helminthicide Aminoacrichinum is widely not used.

In mecotic colpitises Aminoacrichinum is applied locally or inside. Locally - in the form of 2% of paste (on Lassara paste). Enter on 5 g of paste of 1 times in 3 days; up to only 8 introductions. The course of topical administration of drug is repeated throughout three menstrual cycles, immediately after the termination of periods.

Inside Aminoacrichinum is appointed on 0, 1 g by 3 times a day within 5 days along with the first course of local administration of drug or after its termination. At repetition of this course, drug is not appointed inside.

At Aminoacrichinum use locally, the irritation phenomena can be observed: epithelium desquamation, sanious discharges, hypostasis of genitals. Also short-term fervescence is possible. At emergence of by-effects the treatment is temporarily stopped, after it the painful phenomena pass.

Topical administration of Aminoacrichinum is contraindicated at senile sclerous changes of a mucous membrane of a vagina.

Inside drug is not appointed in gastritises and a peptic ulcer.

Packagings: powder; tablets (dragee) on 0, 1 g in packing on 15 pieces.

Storage: B list. In the dry, protected from light place.

It is applied at treatment:
Hypostases (peripheral)

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