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Zinci oxydum

instruction for use

ZINCI OXYDUM (Zinci oxydum). Synonym: Zincum oxydatum. White or white with a yellowish shade, flavourless amorphous powder. It is almost insoluble in water and alcohol, we will dissolve in divorced mineral acids and also in acetic acid.

Apply outwardly in the form of powders, ointments, pastes, as knitting, drying and disinfectant in skin diseases (dermatitis, ulcers, an intertrigo, etc.).

At a gnezdny alopecia at children appoint Zinci oxydum inside on 0, 02 0, 05 g 2 - 3 times a day (after a meal); apply at the same time zinc oxide ointment (2%) and deperzolon (see earlier).

Packaging: powder.

Storage: in well corked container.

Category: drugs with zinc.


A number of the ointments, pastes and linimentums containing Zinci oxydum and other ingredients is produced.


Zinc oxide ointment (Unguentum Zinci). Ingredients: Zinci oxydums 1 part, vaseline of 9 parts. The antiseptic, knitting and drying cure for external use for skin diseases. Packaging: in packing on 30 g.

Zinc oxide ointment of "T" (Unguentum Zinci "T"). In 100 g of ointment contains Zinci oxydums of 5 g, clays of bentonite Tikha-askane of 25 g, polyethylene oxide of 55 g, the water distilled 15 g. Homogeneous mass of light gray color. Apply outwardly in dermatitis, eczema. Packaging: in tubas on 40 g and banks on 25 g.

Ointment tsinko-naftalanovy with anaesthesin (Unguentum Zinci-naphthalanum cum Anaesthesino). In 100 g of ointment 2 g, ointments of naftalanny 15, 8 g, anaesthesin of 5 g contain zinc oxide ointment 79.

Paste zinc (Pasta Zinci). Contains Zinci oxydum and starch by 1 part, vaseline 2 parts.

Paste salicylic and zinc (Pasta Zinci-salicylata). Synonym: Lassara paste. Contains salicylic acid 2 parts, Zinci oxydum and starch wheat on 25 parts, vaseline of 48 parts.

Paste tsinko-Ichthyol (Pasta Zinci-ichthyoli). In 100 g of ointment Zinci oxydums 24, 4 g, Ichthyol 2, 5 g, starch 24, 4 g, vaseline 48, 7 g contain.

Linimentum of oxide of zinc (Linimentum Zinci oxydi). 1 part, part sunflower oil 1, 5 contains Zinci oxydums.

Suspension of Novotsindol. (Suspensio). Ingredients: Zinci oxydums, talc and glycerin on 12, 4 g, novocaine 1, 2 g, boric acid 0, 9 g, alcohol of 96% 15, 4 g, the water distilled up to 100 ml. A non-uniform ropish suspension with the deposit which is quickly allocated after agitation. Apply outwardly as antiseptic. Packaging: in glass bottles on 100 g.

Zincascolum. The tablets containing Zinci oxydums 0, 5 g, clays of bentonite Tikha-askane 0, 49 g and calcium of stearate 0, 01 g. The tablet before the use is pounded in 4 ml of water. The formed weight is applied with a thin layer on affected areas of skin of 1 - 2 time a day or every other day. Packaging: tablets in glass jars on 25 pieces. Storage: in the dry place.

Baby powder (Aspersio puerilis). 1 part, starch 1 part, talc of 8 parts contains Zinci oxydums (in packing on 50 g).

Galmaninum. Contains salicylic acid 2 parts, Zinci oxydums 1O of parts, talc and starch on 44 parts. Apply as powder at perspiration of legs.

Candles of "Neo-Anuzol" (Suppositoria). Ingredients: Zinci oxydums 0, 2 g, bismuth of nitrate of the basic 0, 075 g, tannin 0, 05 g, iodine 0, 005 g, resorcin 0, 005 g, methylene blue 0, 003 g, fat (or another) bases up to 2 g. Apply at anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Packaging: candles in packing on 5 pieces.

It is applied at treatment:
Alopecia (gnezdny), Burns, Eczema, Baldness

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