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instruction for use

MEKSIDOL (Mexidolum). 3-oxy-6-methyl-2-ethylpyridine succinate.

Crystal powder, white or white with creamy shade. Let's easily dissolve in water.

On chemical structure meksidol is the salt of succinic acid corresponding to an emoksipin (succinate).

Like an emoksipin, meksidol is inhibitor of freely radical processes (antioxidant), but has more significant anti-hypoxemic effect.

Meksidol possesses a wide range of biological activity. It is effective at different types of a hypoxia: has more significant and long effect, than Dibunolum (ionol). Drug increases resistance of an organism to kislorodzavisimy morbid conditions (shock, disturbances of cerebral circulation, etc.), improves mnestic functions, reduces toxic effects of alcohol, etc.

Meksidol is offered for treatment of acute disorders of cerebral circulation, distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy, vegeto-vascular dystonia, atherosclerotic disturbances of functions of a brain, for stopping of an abstinence syndrome in alcoholism and drug addiction, at other states which are followed by a hypoxia of fabrics.

Apply meksidol intramusculary or intravenously (struyno or by drop infusion). Struyno is recommended to administer the drug for stopping of an abstinence syndrome and vegetative and sympathoadrenal paroxysms, and by drop infusion in acute disorders of cerebral circulation.

At intravenous administration as solvent it is recommended to use sterile water for injections. Struyno meksidol is entered within 5 - 7 min., by drop infusion, with a speed of 60 thaws a minute. Doses are appointed individually.

Begin treatment with a dose of 100 mg of 1 - 3 time a day, gradually raising a dose to obtaining therapeutic effect. Duration of treatment and the choice of an individual dose depend on weight of a condition of the patient and efficiency of treatment. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 800 mg.

For treatment of an acute disorder of cerebral circulation (stroke), meksidol 3 times a day appoint intravenously by drop infusion in a dose 200 - 300 mg in the first 2 - 4 days, and then intramusculary on 100 mg.

The patient with distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy and vegeto-vascular dystonia the drug is administered intramusculary in a dose of 50 - 100 mg by 3 times a day.

In an abstinence syndrome meksidol enter about a dose 100 - 200 mg intramusculary 2 - 3 times a day or intravenously (by drop infusion) 1 - 2 time a day, and in neurotic and neurosis-like disorders appoint intramusculary in a dose 50 - 400 mg a day.

At patients of advanced age meksidol apply to treatment of atherosclerotic weak-mindedness intramusculary in a dose 100 - 300 mg a day.

In acute antipsychotic intoxication drug is used intravenously struyno in a dose of 50 - 300 mg a day.

Usually meksidol it is well transferred. At some patients the appearance of nausea and dryness in a mouth is possible.

Drug is contraindicated at the significant disturbances of functions of a liver and kidneys, in the presence in the anamnesis of an allergy to a pyridoxine (vitamin B 6) [on chemical structure meksidol has similarity to a pyridoxine (see)].

Packaging: 5% solution in ampoules on 2 ml.

Storage: B list. In the place protected from light.

It is applied at treatment:
04.05.2012 23:55
At me on meksidol an allergy. What to replace it with?
30.11.2012 04:36
During a stroke in the conditions of insufficient blood circulation of a cell of a brain - neurons - <задыхаются>receiving less oxygen and necessary food. In this regard, according to standards of maintaining patients with a stroke, from the moment of development of an acute disorder it is necessary to protect on the one hand neurons, and with another to struggle with free radicals (aggressive oxidizers) who damage the vital sites of the central part of the nervous system. These actions are effective, thanks to neuroplasticity of a brain, that is its natural ability to restoration: within several months or years of a cell of body, injured from a disease, can restore a part of the lost functions, or some of them undertake other areas of a brain. The drug Meksidol well copes with it. Improvements are noticeable and it pleases.
28.12.2012 02:26
Meksidol drug good. I know to the grandmother it after a stroke appointed in order that those functions which were lost, to restore. The speech and memory was normalized.
31.01.2013 00:34
Faced this drug when the aunt was affected by a stroke. Thought it will not be restored any more: the muffled speech, hands shiver, not that that go, hold in hand of nothing could. The doctor appointed the whole complex of actions for a vystanovleniye. Among drugs it was remembered meksidol, the shopping mall after the first course yielded visible result in a vystonavleniya of the speech and coordination of movements. What very much pribodrit the aunt on further treatment.
18.02.2013 03:32
And I learned about the meksidol when the grandfather was written out after a stroke from hospital, and it was on doctor's orders necessary to accept meksidol. It broke functions of memory and the speech. After classes with the logopedist and use of this drug, the grandfather became much better to feel.
23.02.2013 23:28
I as a microbiologist. My mom lives in MO. The stroke at mom happened on Friday evening, she was brought to hospital, but doctors were not any more and told that treatment will be begun only on Friday. And maybe will not begin because already old very much. I at own risk picked up drugs for structure and functions, vedt in a stroke it is impossible to hesitate. The longer to do nothing, the chance is more that cells will forever lose the functions and it will be very difficult to be restored or it is already impossible. Meksidol just helps an organism to restore the lost functions. On Monday the doctor came and praised me for my appointments. Here such country at us... all, most :(
24.02.2013 22:42
In my opinion in principle the best effect when recovering functions of the speech from a stroke is the logopedist plus meksidol, in our case rather fast restoration turned out.

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