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instruction for use

METHYLURACIL (Methyluracilum). 2, 4-Diokso-6-metil-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydro-pyrimidine.

Synonym: Methacil.

Flavourless white crystal powder.

We will dissolve in water a little (to 0, 9% at a temperature + 20 'C) and alcohol. Aqueous solutions (rn 7, 0) will sterilize at a temperature + 100 'With within 30 min.

On the chemical building, methyluracil belongs to pyrimidine derivatives. According to experimental data, a number of drugs of this group (methyluracil, pentoxyl, etc.) has anabolic and anticatabolic activity. These drugs accelerate processes of cellular regeneration; accelerate healing of wounds, stimulate cellular and humoral factors of protection. They have also anti-inflammatory effect. Characteristic of connections of this row is stimulation eritro- and especially a leukopoiesis in this connection they are usually referred to group of stimulators of a leukopoiesis.

As the leukopoiesis stimulator methyluracil is appointed in an agranulocytic tonsillitis, an alimentary and toxic aleukia, chronic benzene poisoning, a leukopenia as a result of chemotherapy of malignant new growths, at rentgeno-both radiotheraphy, and other states which are followed by a leukopenia.

It is necessary to consider that methyluracil, as well as other stimulators of a leukopoiesis, it is reasonable to apply at easy forms of a leukopenia. At moderately severe defeats the use of stimulators of a hemopoiesis is shown only in case of vozobnovleniye of the broken regeneration of blood cells; at severe defeats of the haematogenic system, methyluracil is not applied.

Appoint also at sluggishly healing wounds, burns, bone fractures.

There are data on efficiency of methyluracil in a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum and chronic gastritis. Believe that the therapeutic effect is connected with normalization of nucleinic exchange in a mucous membrane. Apply also in hepatitis, pancreatitis.

Accept methyluracil inside in time or after a meal. Adults are given 0, 5 g 4 times a day (if necessary up to 6 times a day); to children aged from 3 up to 8 years - on 0, 25 g, 8 years are more senior - on 0, 25 - 0, 5 g 3 times a day.

The course of treatment in diseases of digestive tract proceeds usually 30 - 40 days, in other cases can be less long.

At the local damages (damages of skin, proctites, sigmoidites, etc.) arising at radiation therapy appoints inside and locally.

Locally in wounds, burns, trophic ulcers apply 10% metiluratsilovy ointment. Apply the candles containing methyluracil to treatment of rectites, sigmoidites, ulcer colitis (on 1 - 4 candles a day to the adult). Also microclysters can be applied (0, 2 - 0, 4 g of methyluracil on starched paste of 20 - 25 ml). Methyluracil does not render local irritant action on fabrics.

There are instructions that methyluracil in the form of ointment (5%) and cream has photoprotective action at patients with photodermatoses.

Methyluracil is usually well transferred; at introduction of candles to a rectum the short-term easy burning is sometimes felt; at intake, allergic skin reactions (urtikarny rash), sometimes a headache, dizziness are possible.

Drug is contraindicated in acute and chronic leukemic forms of a leukosis (especially myeloid), a lymphogranulomatosis, malignant diseases of marrow.

Packagings: powder; tablets on 0, 5 g in packing on 50 pieces, candles with methyluracil on 0, 5 g (Suppositoria cum Methyluracilio 0, 5) in packing on 10 candles; ointment of metiluratsilovy 10% (Unguentum Methyluracili of 10%) in aluminum tubas on 25 g.

Methyluracil is a part of Levomekol and Levosin ointments.

Storage: B list. In the dry, cool place.

Sponge of Meturakol (Spongia 'Methuracolum').

The finely porous plates of white color from dry collagen or collagenic weight containing in 1 g on 0, 05 g of methyluracil.

Apply as local means at treatment of trophic ulcers, decubituses, it is long not healing ulcers, superficial burns.

Impose on a wound surface (after removal of necrotic masses and processing by an antiseptic agent); bandagings do 1 time in 2 - 3 days. For this term the sponge usually resolves.

When drying a sponge and its tightening, pain is possible; in these cases the sponge is moistened by 0, 25% with solution of novocaine or solution of an antiseptic agent (Furacilin, etc.). If there are allergic reactions, the sponge is deleted.

Packaging: plates of 90 x 90 mm in size (+ 10 mm), 10 mm thick in hermetically the corked plastic bags on 10 pieces in packing.

Storage: in the dry, protected from light place at the room temperature.

It is applied at treatment:
Leukopenia, Peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum
14.12.2010 23:07
it is possible - whether methyluracil to use drug as prophylactic at a leukopenia to lift the maintenance of leukocytes in blood, without medical prescription.
14.02.2011 22:48
whether it is possible to take the drug methyluracil in a pancreas cyst
17.02.2011 04:59
Treatment of arrhythmia.
First of all, one may say, that appearance of arrhythmia can be a symptom of other diseases, not only cardiovascular. Therefore at emergence of the first symptoms it is recommended to see at once behind consultation a doctor. Treatment of tachycardia;
Very often tachycardia does not demand any treatment at all. Recommend to the patient, to have a rest and refuse as much as possible addictions where except smoking and alcohol also coffee, strong tea, Coca-Cola, chocolate and other delights of a dolce vita enter. From public drugs Tinctura Valerianae or Corvalol can be recommended. But also drug treatment which has the right to appoint only the doctor can sometimes be required. Such drugs as lidocaine, verapamil, Rhytmilenum, propranolol, Ethmosinum or digoxin can be prescribed the patient.

As treatment it is possible to try also national ways. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare the mix consisting of one liter of lemon juice and halfliter of mineral water. It is necessary to accept it on one glass 3 times a day after a meal. Also intake of magnesium can help treatment. Besides vitamins it can be received from such products as peanut, white beans, an apricot, rice and cocoa powder. Premature ventricular contraction;
Depending on a specific case the treatment of premature ventricular contraction can be a miscellaneous. In case of diseases of nervous system to the patient the calming drugs are appointed or recommend to ask for the help the psychotherapist. If diseases of other bodies are a cause of illness, then attention needs to be paid of the Patient having premature ventricular contraction it is not recommended to take alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, strong tea and coffee. For treatment of a disease such drugs as beta blockers (propranolol, Pindololum, Oxprenololum, metoprolol, atenolol, Talinololum) and also in combination with them or as separate drugs - Amiodaronum and sotalol can be appointed. The choice of antiarrhytmic drug is rather difficult therefore the efficiency of treatment is often controlled by means of holterovsky monitoring. If the health of the patient does not improve, then the method of treatment changes on another.
Atrial fibrillation
For restoration of a warm rhythm various antiarrhytmic drugs in various combination (Amiodaronum, quinidine, Disopyramidum, allapinin, propafenon, etatsizin, sotalol are used and so forth), drugs are selected in each separate case the attending physician.

If medicinal methods do not give due effect, then electric cardioversion can be applied. The purpose of this procedure consists in restoration of a normal warm rhythm by means of the special electric discharges delivered to heart.

There is an external and internal kind of cardioversion. When carrying out external cardioversion on a breast of the patient establish electrodes on which electric impulses move. At internal cardioversion the impulses move already directly to heart by means of electrodes which are brought through veins. That the patient did not feel discomfort a kardiovesiya usually are made under anesthetic. The procedure is rather effective and to 9 of 10 patients the normal heartbeat returns. However statistics shows that in a year the disease is shown at a half of the recovered patients again.

In some hard cases the surgical intervention is performed. As a rule, the decision on need of carrying out operation is made only in the presence and other serious violations in cardiac performance.
Prevention of a disease;
Development of arrhythmia and other heart diseases, directly depends on lifestyle of the person.

Not to catch this disease the smoking people should think of throwing this addiction very thoroughly. According to the statistics development of heart diseases in smokers in 2-6 times more, than at non-smoking.

Constant active lifestyle not only will reduce risk of heart diseases, but also will strengthen an organism in general. Do sports, carry out physical exercises and try to move as much as possible, especially during the inactive work. Long walks on fresh air will also do good.

You show consideration for the consumed food. If the cup of coffee and sandwich is in the mornings your day diet during the lunchtime, then it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Increase consumption of fruit and vegetables while it is better to refuse greasy and fried food. Consumption of coffee and alcohol in large numbers also does not promote good cardiac performance.

Practically in the majority of types of arrhythmia as a cause of illness serves disorder of nervous system. Constant stresses, quarrels and a depression for very short term can affect human health and cause heart diseases. In such a situation it is difficult to give any advice, but to remember the main thing that health is one of the most important things which the person has. The special risk group is made by children of school age, especially girls. The one-way love can lead to night insomnia, constant irritability and a depression. As a result cardiac arrhythmia can develop for very short period. That it did not occur, We recommends to parents to show consideration extremely for children in this the period, hard for them.

In medical practice there was a case when the young man after deterioration in the relations with the beloved had a heart arrhythmia and therefore, practically after each quarrel he had to see a doctor. However when the relations were improved, health was again restored. Doctor to long-term experiences, Magamed Asadovich Zeynalov.

17.02.2011 05:36
Antioxidant drugs in prevention and treatment of lipidemias. On statistical data, one of the leading causes of death of the population in the CIS, is pathology of a cardiovascular system [1, 2, 3]. According to results of the Fremengemsky research (conducted from 1971 to 1986 inclusive) it was established that the frequency of developing of coronary pathology directly correlates with cholesterol level in blood that is expressed in the following proportion: Risk of development of an ischemic heart disease =
level of cholesterol of lipoproteids of low density /
level of cholesterol of lipoproteids of high density [4]. Therefore the main objective of modern medicine is prevention and treatment of lipidemias [4, 2].

Are for this purpose used as means, corrective lipidic exchange (the statines, fibrata, drugs reducing absorption of bile acids and cholesterol in intestines;<эссенциальные> phospholipids, etc.), and antioxidants [2, 5].

Use of the last is caused by the fact that at lipidemias the activation of the peroxide oxidation of lipids (POL) which plays an important role in forming of atherosclerosis [1, 2, 6] is observed.

Among the anti-oxidizing drugs used in complex therapy of atherosclerosis vitamin complexes and polyvitamins widely are applied.

The general for most of them is existence in their composition of vitamins C, And, E and microelements: Se and Fe.

Vitamin E has the modifying effect on membrane phospholipids and inhibits a lipoperoksidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids. A number of researchers consider that the antioxidant effect of vitamin E is caused by its tire-tread action concerning selenoproteid, and, in particular, the system of glutathione which protects cellular structures from free radical destruction [1, 6].

The anti-oxidizing effect of vitamin E amplifies in the presence of an ubikhinon (coenzyme Q) which restores the oxidized form of tocopherol and reduces intensity the FLOOR [1]. Researches of the last years confirm that the lipoperoksidation which is followed by modification of proteins is inhibited by an endogenous ubikhinon [1].

Vitamin C which regenerates a-tocopherol with formation of poludegidroaskorbinovy acid possesses synergistic anti-oxidizing effect. At the same time at excess receipt, vitamin C can (especially in combination with iron) to show pro-oxidatic properties [1, 2].

The significant anti-oxidizing effect is rendered by carotinoids. Thanks to high lipophilicity of b-carotene its higher concentration in lipoproteids and membrane structures [1] is provided that promotes more effective (in comparison with a-tocopherol), to catching in a lipophilic part of active forms of oxygen and the FLOOR products.

All these substances affect synergetic an endogenous anti-oxidizing system and increase its efficiency in protection against the damaging action the FLOOR [4, 6].

Pharmacological characteristic of some most effective polyvitaminic anti-oxidizing drugs is given below.

Effective remedy in prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, obesity, hypovitaminoses is <Витрум атеролитин>which action is defined by the vitamins which are its part, mineral substances, biologically active agents of animal and plant origin. Drug regulates lipidic exchange, participates in oxidation-reduction processes, activates the immune system.

Are close on structure and action<Триовит> and <Три-ви-плюс>which are recommended to patients of advanced age, smokers (because of the increased education in their organism of free radicals and activation the FLOOR), to the persons which are affected by different types of radiations.

Antioxidant activity a number of the drugs known in Ukraine as nutritional supplements has. In Russia these products have the status of medicines.

Anti-Construction Department - the combined drug containing extract of a grape pressing, b-carotene, vitamins C and E, yeast (with selenium), extract of leaves of Ginko of a bilob and zinc.

Extract of leaves of Ginko of a bilob contains the glycosides inhibiting process of linking of a trombotsitaktiviziruyushchy factor (RAE) with receptors of cellular membranes that conducts
to decrease in a thrombogenesis. The extract of a grape pressing which is a part of drug renders antiagregantny effect and improves microcirculation. All this is an important pathogenetic factor of prevention of atherosclerosis since hypercoagulation and a lipidemia are links of the unidirectional pathological process. Existence in composition<Антиокса> of Se and Zn vitamins reduces intensity the FLOOR that allows to use it for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Extract of a grape pressing and b-carotene contain in the drug <Лайфпак антиокс-плюс>used for treatment of thrombophlebitises and prevention of cardiovascular pathology.

<Биоторин> - the drug of natural origin containing unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, komlpex anti-oxidizing enzymes: catalase and peroxidase, phytohormones, micro and macrocells, vitamins group B, etc.

<Биоторин>, thanks to the structure, protects an endogenous anti-oxidizing system from the damaging action of active forms of oxygen, stabilizes subcellular and cellular membranes, improves metabolic processes in an organism. Drug reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood, oppresses mobilization of fat from depot, etc. It is applied<Биоторин> in atherosclerosis, fat dystrophy of a liver, excess beam loading (workers of X-ray departments, the staff of the NPP, isotope laboratories; against the background of the carried-out radiation therapy), in limfoproliferativny diseases (treatment and prevention of disturbances of a hematopoiesis), etc.

Besides polyvitaminic means, and treatment of atherosclerosis and the pathologies caused by it began to apply antioxidants to prevention more and more widely (meksidol, ubikhinon, emoksipin), antioxidants (an elixir amber plus), cytoprotectors (cytochrome C) an omega-3. Researches on studying anti-sclerous and antioxidant properties of enzymes-antioxidants (superoxide dismutases, catalases), derivative chitin and chitosan (polyglucose), ellagic acid and others pharmacological active agents which, undoubtedly, will take the place ought to them in therapy of atherosclerosis continue. Doctor; Magamed Asadovich Zeynalov.

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