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instruction for use

PREPARAT-ASD-3 (Abbreviation of words: antiseptic agent, Dorokhov's stimulator, fraction 3).

Product of dry distillation of meat and bone meal. Dense dark brown - liquid with a pungent peculiar smell. Let's dissolve in water.

Has local anti-inflammatory, keratolytic activity; stimulates regeneration of epidermis.

Appoint outwardly in psoriasis, eczema (in subacute and chronic stages), neurodermatitis.

Apply in pure form and in the form of 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 30 - 50% of ointments or paste.

Begin with small concentration and depending on shipping gradually increase them. On limited sites of defeat apply in not divorced look. Impose 1 - 2 time a day under a gauze bandage or compresseal paper.

At drug treatment the development of dermatitis, xeroderma is possible. In these cases it is recommended to oil skin vegetable.

At the inflammatory phenomena drug is contraindicated.

Packaging: in bottles of dark glass on 200 ml.

Storage: in the place protected from light at a temperature from + 4 to + 20 C.

It is applied at treatment:
Burns , Eczema
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SheepDog Apologetics: More than half the video was about non sense topics like injecting such stuff in a male's genitals. Hilarious sure, but useless

David Willison: Coconut Oil makes me eczema itch and worsens it also my skin absorbs it and dries it out within minutes

周旭明: google translation——Aug.1st,2018 I had eczema on July 7, 2018, now every day, the health of the skin is improving. My mother has a history of allergic diseases (allergic rhinitis), I guess I may have genetic defects in this area, perhaps related to gene defects related to filaggrin. I have been vegetarian for 4 years. When I learned that I had eczema, I tried to explore the shortcomings I might have done. So I lowered my bath water temperature from 42 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees Celsius and took a bath as quickly as possible. Apply Vaseline (as the video says Vaseline for the treatment of eczema)I take a photo every week and observe the skin changes, so fast 我2018年7月7日得的湿疹,现在每个礼拜皮肤的健康都在发生天翻地覆地改善。我妈有过敏疾病史(过敏性鼻炎),我猜我或许有此方面遗传缺陷,或许与聚丝蛋白相关的基因缺陷有关。 我已经素食了4年,当我得知我得了湿疹后,试图探索我可能做的不足之处,于是我调低了我的洗澡水温度从42摄氏度至39摄氏度,尽可能地快速洗澡,并涂上凡士林(正如此视频所说凡士林对于治疗湿疹的作用)我每周拍一张照片,观察皮肤变化,是如此的神速

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