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instruction for use

REMANTADIN (Remantadinum). a - Methyl-1-adamantyl-methylamine hydrochloride.


Synonyms: Meradan, Rimantadine, Rimantadine hydrochloride.

The white crystal powder bitter on taste. It is alcohol-soluble, it is difficult - in water.

Remantadin - derivative an amantadina, or the Midantanum (see) applied as antiparkinsonichesky means, and which is at the same time, specific chemotherapeutic drug; it has preventive effect concerning the influenzal infection caused by certain strains of viruses (A2 type).

Remantadin, in comparison with Midantanum, has more significant antiviral activity. It is effective concerning various influenza viruses And; and also has anti-toxic effect in flu; caused by virus B. Like Midantanum, it is not effective in other SARS.

Apply remantadin for the purpose of early treatment and prevention of flu and the period of epidemics.

Drug is especially effective in the influenzal infection caused by an A2 virus.

Accept remantadin inside (after a meal), washing down with water according to the following scheme: adults are given in the 1st day of a disease 100 mg (2 tablets) 3 times; in the 2nd and 3rd days - on 100 mg 2 times; in the 4th day - 100 mg of 1 times. In the 1st day of a disease it is possible to take the drug once in a mg Z00 dose (6 tablets).

To children from 7 to 10 years appoint 50 mg (1 tablet) 2 times a day; 11 - 14 years - on 50 mg 3 times a day. Accept within 5 days.

For prevention of flu appoint 0, 05 g (50 mg) once a day daily within 10 - 15 days depending on the infection center.

Remantadin is usually well transferred. Pain in a stomach is in some cases possible.

Contraindications: acute diseases of a liver and kidneys, pregnancy, thyrotoxicosis.

Packaging: tablets on 0, 05 g (50 mg) in packing on 20 pieces.

Storage: B list. In the dry place.


It is applied at treatment:
Herpes, Flu
12.09.2014 21:13
I like remantadin, drank it earlier that not to be infected with flu. But after at new work put the anti-influenza vaccine Ultrix, need for intake of remantadin disappeared. The inoculation, by the way, is very well transferred, without allergy and other side reactions.
25.09.2014 21:36
Us too last year at work as Ultrix anti-influenza vaccine imparted, so nobody got sick, and own experience this best proof of efficiency of drug. I will not remember what and someone complained of a pobochka, at me absolutely everything smoothly passed that.
24.10.2014 22:03
I hear Vera, not the first time about Ultrix. It would be desirable to learn how you transferred it? The doctor has to appoint it?
29.11.2014 21:50
"Looked at the summary of drug and there were some fears as I allegrik. I trust only what was influenced personally by. From flu decided on drug - the vaccine Ultrix. Last year did vaccination, no negative consequences existed, transferred a flu epidemic well. This year I will repeat.


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