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Pumpkin seeds

instruction for use

SEEDS of PUMPKIN (Semina Cucurbitae).

The mature, cleaned from the remains of pulp of a pericarp and dried up without heating seeds of the annual cultivated plants of pumpkin ordinary (Cucurbita pepo L.), pumpkins large (Cucurbita maxima Duch.) and pumpkins muscat (Cucurbita mochata Duch.), this. pumpkin (Cucurbitaceae).

Seeds of pumpkin are effective to some extent against various tape worms (bull, pork and karliky tapeworms, a wide tape-worm and dr). On activity they concede to modern synthetic drugs, but have no toxic effect and do not cause side effects.

They are appointed generally at bad tolerance of other antivermicular drugs.

In 2 days prior to use of seeds of pumpkin, to the patient daily appoint in the morning an enema and the night before - salt laxative. In day of treatment on an empty stomach give an enema irrespective of existence of a chair.

Use pumpkin seeds in two ways. 1. The crude or dried-up on air pumpkin seeds clean from a firm peel, leaving an internal green cover; 300 g of the cleaned seeds (for adults), pound in the small portions in a mortar, after the last portion the mortar is washed out by 50 - 60 ml of water and merge in a plate with the pounded seeds; it is possible to add 50 - 100 g of honey or jam and to mix carefully. Accepts the received mix of the patient on an empty stomach, lying in a bed, small portions within an hour; in 3 h give laxative, then in half an hour irrespective of action of intestines, give an enema. Meal is allowed after the chair caused by an enema or laxative.

Appoint to day reception to children of 3 - 4 years 75 g, 5 - 7 years - 100 g, 8 - 10 years - 150 g, 18 - 15 years - 200 - 250 2. Pumpkin seeds crush together with a peel in the meat grinder or a mortar, fill in with a double amount of water and evaporate during 2 h on light fire in the water bath, without bringing to boiling; broth is filtered through a gauze; then remove an oil film from the surface of broth. All broth is accepted on an empty stomach within 20 - 30 min. In 2 h after intake of broth give salt laxative.

The adult appoint broth from 500 g of the crude seeds, children are 10 years old from Z00 of, 5 - 7 years from 200 g, up to 5 years - from 100 - 150.

Seeds of pumpkin gymnospermous (not having a firm peel) apply without processing for 150 - 200 on reception; use also decoction from seeds of pumpkin gymnospermous (150 g of seeds on 450 ml of water, boil on the water bath within an hour, cool, filter through dense fabric; a dose for adult 400 - 450 ml of broth) and an emulsion (150 g of seeds pound 450 ml of water with addition; a dose for adult 400 - 450 ml).

Packaging: in cardboard packs on 130 g.

Storage: in the dry place.

It is applied at treatment:
Hypostases (peripheral)

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