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Alopecia (gnezdny)

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Alopecia (baldness, baldness) - the pathological hair loss connected with hormonal disturbances, physical or emotional overworks, genetic predisposition. Allocate a congenital, symptomatic, seborrheal, cicatricial and premature alopecia. On the degree of manifestation of baldness the alopecia is full or gnezdny.

The Gnezdny alopecia is characterized by a hair loss on one or several small sites of a hairy part of the head, in the field of axillary hollows, a pubis, a beard, eyelashes or eyebrows. The centers have most often roundish outlines, they can increase and merge among themselves, forming large sites. Skin in the fresh centers is slightly hyperemic and edematous. Further it becomes smooth and gains color of ivory. In the centers remain separate, up to several millimeters long, easily deleted<пеньки> with slightly hydropic root and the thinned top in the form of the question mark.

The disease can proceed against the background of an eosinophilia, a lymphocytosis, regional lymphadenitis, exhaustion of nails, to be followed by headaches. In some cases the full hair loss on the head and also eyelashes, eyebrows, vellus all body hair is noted (full malignant, or universal, an alopecia). The course can differ in persistence and duration - hair drop out for several years. At children the alopecia in the form of melkoochagovy<просветов> hair or the serpentine nimbus extending lentoobrazno from a nape to auricles is sometimes observed.

The most common cause of baldness at men and a poredeniya of hair at women is an androgenic alopecia. Androgens stimulate growth of vegetation on a body (in androgenzavisimy zones - an upper lip, a chin, a bottom of a stomach, a shin, a forearm), but suppress growth of hair on the head. The female androgenic alopecia has diffusion character and seldom leads to baldness.

From hormonal disturbances it should be noted dysfunctions of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands. Patients with diabetes are inclined to early baldness. The hair loss is observed both at lowered and at the increased function of a thyroid gland.

At a gnezdny alopecia the treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis or in a dermatological hospital (at extensive process and a persistent course). Vitamins A, E, C, N, nicotinic, pantothenic and folic acids are used; furocoumarin drugs (beroksan, Psoralenum, ammifurin, Meladininum); sedatives; AKTG hormones and glucocorticoids, inhibitors 5 - alpha reductases. The last are used also outwardly in the form of ointments. Locally apply Rosenthal's paste, alcoholic and radio solutions with addition of sulfur, salicylic acid, tincture of siliculose pepper; also apply ammifurin and melamidin with the subsequent radiation by UV rays or photochemotherapy (PUVA-therapy). From physiotherapeutic means use darsonvalization, cryotherapy by snow of carbonic acid, cryomassage and massage by an electrobrush.

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

Antipsoriatikum ointment (Unguentum "Antipsoriaticum")
Psoriazinum ointment (Ungentum "Psoriasinum")
Zinci oxydum
Zinc sulfate (Zinci sulfas)
18.12.2011 19:16
totalnaya alopeciya
15.03.2012 16:28
There is excellent means from oblysenya - a special laser hairbrush, it is possible to read about it in more detail here:
08.01.2013 23:20
New hair loss medicine already in Moscow, shampoo against a hair loss
30.11.2013 17:42
To me rinfoltit helped well, I use several courses of ampoules and constantly shampoo. Long went on doctors, told against the background of a stress such severe hair loss began. The state became already much better, even the down began to grow though process not fast, but the main thing that loss stopped.
03.03.2014 23:40
My husband had a problem with hair. Began to drop out sharply strongly, the bald head was outlined. According to the recommendation of the doctor we adjusted food, began to apply the Rinfoltil series. For the husband used ampoules and tablets. Completed three courses, there are some improvements, hair ceased to drop out. Even there is a small down on an edge of hair. Now I also use such shampoo, only with caffeine, I hope to grow long hair.

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