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Why at women the stomach and frequent gas generation is blown up? Basic reasons and ways of treatment here.


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The constipation is a delay of a chair more than for 48 hours.

Constipations belong to frequent disorders of health and, according to medical statistics, occur especially often in small children and elderly people. In the advanced countries of the West to ten percent of the population have chronic (constants) constipations, and they meet at women three times more often than at men. Almost all people have constipations on travel, after a stress and operation. Such constipations pass at return to usual lifestyle and are not considered as a disease. If they often repeat, become usual, it is necessary careful diagnostics and treatment.

The causes of constipations are various:

  • the diet poor in vegetable fibers, in combination with a small amount of the consumed liquid and inactive lifestyle;
  • digestive tract diseases (peptic ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, dysbacteriosis, irritable colon, tumors of a large intestine);
  • accumulation of the hardened stool in intestines ("fecal stones");
  • anus diseases (anal cracks, hemorrhoids, paraproctitis) which are followed by the profound pain and interfering bowel emptying;
  • neurologic diseases (stroke, Parkinson's disease, damages and tumors of a spinal cord, multiple sclerosis);
  • diseases of an endocrine system (hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc.);
  • intake of some drugs (atropine, baking soda, Almagel, cocaine, etc.);
  • long depression.

Treatment of a constipation, constipation medicine

  • Diet with inclusion of the products rich with cellulose: vegetables, fruit, rough black bread (sometimes specially food bran) and there is not less than 2 liters of liquid in day. It is regularly necessary to eat, at least 5 times a day;
  • Medicinal (oil with fish oil, sunflower oil, etc.) and cleansing enemas;
  • Exercises;
  • Cancellation of the drugs weakening reductions of intestines (atropine, baking soda, Almagel, some antidepressants);
  • If the listed above measures are insufficiently effective, appoint depletive;
  • If persistent constipations are caused by a tumor intestines, surgical treatment is necessary.

There are several groups of depletive into which it is possible to divide the main drugs which are applied at a bowel emptying delay.

The stimulating laxatives

It is, perhaps, the most famous group of depletive. The stimulating laxatives irritate nerve terminations of a mucous membrane of a large intestine, reflex strengthen a vermicular movement and promote accumulation of water and electrolytes in an intestines gleam. In addition, increase the volume of intestinal contents and increase motility of a large intestine that the calla leads to stimulation of the act of defecation and acceleration of evacuation.

Phytodrugs on the basis of herbs (Senna, a buckthorn, a rhubarb, an aloe) and also a number of synthetic connections belong to this group (diphenylmethane, bisacodyl, sodium pikosulfat, ritsinoliyevy acid from castor oil).


Active agents of plant origin on the basis of Senna – a sennozida – cause chemical irritation of the receptor device of a large intestine, especially a colon, stimulating a vermicular movement; restore normal functioning of intestines, without causing accustoming and without influencing digestion. Phytodrugs on the basis of Senna (Senadum, Tisasen) well are suitable for treatment of the incidental constipations caused by hypotonia and a sluggish vermicular movement of a large intestine for regulation of a chair in hemorrhoids, proctites and anal cracks. It is reasonable to take these drugs for the night as the effect of intake develops not at once, and the chair is normalized after several days of regular reception.

Synthetic drugs

From the synthetic irritating  constipation medicine bisacodyl (Dulkolaks, Bisacodyl) is used. At intake in the afternoon its laxative action develops in 6 hours, and before going to bed – in 8-12 hours.

The synthetic irritating constipation medicine with soft laxative action is sodium pikosulfat (Guttalaks, Laksigal, Slabilen).

Drugs of sodium of the pikosulfat do not cause accustoming and can be used is long. Their action also develops within 8-12 hours after reception.

Osmotic laxatives

Osmotic drugs (lactulose and macrogoal) at receipt in intestines are not soaked up in blood; their laxative effect is based on increase in content of water in stool, increases in their volume (actually osmotic action) and acceleration of transit on intestines.

Lactulose drugs

Drugs of lactulose (Duphalac) have prebiotic properties, increasing quantity of lactobacilli in a large intestine; it leads to increase in acidity in a gleam of a large intestine and stimulation of a vermicular movement. Effect of lactulose usually has the delayed character – in 24-48 hours after reception that is connected with time of passing of drug through a GIT.

Duphalac is shown for treatment of chronic constipations, regulation of a chair in hemorrhoids, dysbacteriosis and salmonellosis, putrefactive dyspepsia at small children after poisoning.

Macrogoal drugs

Other subgroup of osmotic drugs for a constipation form drugs on the basis of a macrogoal of different molecular weight (Tranzipeg, Forlaks, Fortrans, Endofalk). Tranzipeg, for example, has in structure a macrogoal 3350, and Forlaks – a macrogoal 4000. The macrogoal forms hydrogen bindings with water molecules in an intestines gleam that increases liquid content. The laxative effect is shown in 24-48 hours after reception.

Constipation medicine on the basis of a macrogoal applies also to preparation for endoscopic and radiological researches, surgical interventions in a large intestine (Fortrans).

Emollient means

Emollient drugs have mainly auxiliary character in treatment of a constipation and are one of the oldest subgroups. Their effect is based on softening of stool and also on greasing of walls of a rectum that provides sliding and facilitates passing of masses on intestines.

Liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin has soft laxative effect (on average in 5-6 hours after reception), is well transferred by patients, however this medicine is a little used in pediatric practice as causes flavoring rejection in children.

Candles with glycerin

The emollient effect (softening of stool) which is combined with irritant action (reflex stimulation of a vermicular movement) is provided by candles with glycerin which can be used for treatment of constipations at children of the 1st year of life. After introduction of candles with glycerin the effect lasts 1 hour.

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

Homatropine hydrobromide (Homatropini hydrobromidum)
Bark of a buckthorn (Cortex Frangulae Alni)
Roots of a rhubarb (Radices Rhei)
Leaves of a henbane (Folia Hyoscyami)
Leaves of a dope (Folia Daturae stramonii)
Leaves of Senna (Folia Sennae)
Magnesium oxide (Magnesii oxydum)
Magnesium sulfate (Magnesii sulfas)
Castor oil (Oleum Ricini)
Laminaria saccharina
Morshinsky laxative salt ()
Sodium sulfate (Natrii sulfas)
Fruits of an anise (Fructus Anisi vulgaris)
Fruits of a buckthorn of laxative (Fructus Rhamni catharticae)
Fruits of fennel (Fructus Foeniculi)
Drugs of a belladonna (Folia Atropae belladonnae)
Juice of an aloe (Succus Aloes)
Salt Karlovy Vary artificial (Sal carolinum factitium)
Rest-harrow field or pashenny (Ononis arvensis)
Tablets "Allocholum" (Tabulettae "Allocholum")
Tablets "Izaman" (Tabulettae "Isamanum")
Tablets "Senadeksin" (Tabulettae "Senadexinum")
Grass block (Plantago psyllium L)
16.01.2012 23:03
It is good to drink hilak forte in a constipation, it not laxative, it restores microflora and the chair gets better. I to them cured the son when its constipations began month in 4 approximately. On a week could not crap, horror that was created. And hilak poprinimat 2 weeks and everything got better. Too helps adults, only the dosage is more of course)
27.11.2013 11:26
I am helped by nothing
08.11.2014 16:16
I am helped only by les grains d'herbes - it is from the French drugs.
08.11.2014 16:31
Forgive where these granules can be taken? I did not find any shop. Thank you.
22.05.2015 00:32
tea from leaves of Senna helps, I am a pharmacologist-pharmacist and I advise you
22.05.2015 00:33
But long it is impossible to accept, side effects expressed
03.06.2015 05:20
To whom I do not advise Senna to accept from constipations, itself as that tried, so twisted a stomach, thought I will die, and it was necessary to give an enema urgently. Now, if there is to me such incident, use mikrolaksy, it works within ten minutes and what discomfort does not cause.
08.06.2015 17:26
And Mikrolaks unless not an enema?
09.06.2015 15:28
Rhenate, it is a microclyster. It is not that pear which is in our understanding from Soviet period. It is the truth very convenient means, and helps quickly. I and to the child and myself only also use him.
12.10.2015 12:37
I tried a lot of things and came to a conclusion that collecting Fitogastrol best of all helps. He also acts well and harm from it will definitely not be - herbs in structure only at it. if I feel that the constipation began, then I make this collecting, the problem disappears.
21.12.2015 07:15
At me from many laxatives the stomach strongly twists, and it is necessary to wait very long so far will work. Recently bought in pharmacy slabilen, I take a medicine for the night, and in the morning quietly I go to a toilet, and pains no what are present.
10.01.2016 05:08
Larisa, here and I have the same problem. And who else took this pill, the truth from them there are no pains?
10.01.2016 06:41
Lisa, I this year slabilen the third accepted, understand, a sukhomyatka, guests, to us, we on guests, here and it turned out so that the constipation began. So the husband went to pharmacy (well round-the-clock work also at holidays) and brought slabilen. So drank for the night, the problem with a constipation was solved also the truth of any pains and kolik, just descended in a toilet, was cleaned and everything became good.
29.01.2016 09:12
Earlier in a constipation kefir on two time helped, now the organism probably became more adult and I pound already is not present. What laxative the most effective what to trust without harm for health in.
09.02.2016 12:42
And I here tried as that herbs to solve a constipation problem, but and effective I noticed nothing good. It was necessary to look for more effective laxative because reached that from a constipation quietly pains did not allow to sit. Bought slabilen in the form of tablets, she the most convenient, drank for the night, received good result in the morning. Now for me it is not a problem as soon as I feel a constipation, a tablet at once and everything passes. Any discomfort and quite softly works.
06.04.2016 18:31
Laxative happens in the form of tablets?? Well I'll be. I hear the first time. I everything in the old manner drink all day this liquid.
Dasha Komarova
06.04.2016 22:28
Olga and, I bought Slabilen in tablets recently and is very happy remained. First convenience, for the night drank and in the morning there is no problem. And secondly very softly and without serious consequences works. To me now for a long time it is packs will last, constipations not so often happen.

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