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Conjunctivitis adenoviral (virus)

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Adenoviral conjunctivitis is called still faringokonjyunktivalny fever . Only recently the virus nature of this disease was found out. In adenoviral conjunctivitis except damage of eyes there is pharyngitis, fervescence which arise diseases in the beginning. Later conjunctivitis, at first on one, then and on the second eye joins. Eyelids swell. Mucous an eye reddens. There is a poor transparent mucous discharge.

Three forms of this disease meet:

1. At a catarrhal form of adenoviral conjunctivitis of the phenomenon of inflammation are expressed slightly. Reddening small, quantity separated too. Easy course. Disease duration up to one week.

2. In 25% of cases the filmy form of the adenoviral konjyuktivit meets. At this form on a mucous membrane of an eye thin films, grayish-white color which can be removed easily a cotton plug are formed. Sometimes films can be densely soldered to a conjunctiva, under them the bleeding surface is bared. In this case it is necessary to perform examination on diphtheria. After disappearance of films usually there is no trace left, but not rough hems can sometimes appear. In a conjunctiva there can also be dot hemorrhage and infiltrates (consolidations) which after recovery completely resolve.

3. At a follicular form of adenoviral conjunctivitis on a mucous membrane of an eye there are small bubbles, sometimes they are large.

Nonconventional methods of treatment of the konjyuktivit :

It is possible to refer washing of eyes to nonconventional methods of treatment of the konjyuktivit camomile broth. It is good to process daily in the morning of an eye light pink solution of permanganate potassium (KMnO4). At the same time solution should be prepared every time fresh and to have separately sterile cotton wool for the right and left eye not to have an infection from an eye approximately.
At treatment of dolgotekushchy acute or chronic conjunctivitis applied 2% solution of silver nitrate (AgNOz). For this purpose eyelids of eyes were twisted by a mucous membrane outside, edges of the lids were closed so that under them the cornea disappeared. On mucous a century 2 - 3 drops of 2% solution of silver nitrate were put and an eye with the distilled water from a rubber barrel or an undinka was at once washed. The procedure repeated every other day to norm in 5 days if necessary.
Conjunctivitis well responds to treatment by colloid silver (colloid silver). At treatment of any kind of conjunctivitis it is always necessary to care for purity of hands especially.

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

15.05.2010 13:13
Very infectious disease if ached, try not to contact to people!
08.06.2015 17:53
At me at the son konjyuktivit now. I what too turns out can be infected?
09.06.2015 00:23
Rhenate, began to treat already? If yes, do not endure that. Wash hands more often and everything will be all right. By the way, than you treat? I Floksal quickly cured the last time, drug was pleasant. Give you are treated))
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