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Laryngitis - the inflammation of a throat connected, as a rule, with a catarrhal disease or with such infectious diseases as measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough. Overcooling, breath through a mouth, dusty air, smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks, a throat overstrain contribute to the development of a disease.

Laryngitis can be short-term or long (chronic). Generally the disease progresses quickly and no more than 2 weeks last.

Chronic symptoms last 2 weeks and longer. Consult with the doctor if symptoms last longer than 2 weeks as laryngitis can be caused by more serious illness.

Causes of laryngitis

Laryngitis is most often connected with the following reasons:
  • Flu
  • Catarrhal diseases
  • Other viral or bacterial infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia (pneumonia)
  • Allergic reactions
  • Chemical irritation
  • Injury of a throat
Accessory factors of risk are the dust content of rooms, hot dry air, a voice overstrain, existence of the chronic centers of inflammation in a nasopharynx, disturbances of nasal breath.

Laryngitis symptoms

The fact is that when we talk, our vocal bands begin to publish vibration, at the expense of it and there is a sound. But in this disease the vocal bands swell and absolutely lose this unique property.

Airways at the same time are also narrowed, at the same time it becomes a little difficult to breathe, the so-called barking cough can be one more characteristic of a disease. All this occurs because airways were narrowed. These symptoms need to pay absolutely other attention. It is worth remembering that often repeating complicated breath can develop into absolutely individual disease, most often it can be met at children.

It is also worth remembering and simple prevention of laryngitis.

You should not inhale fumes of cigarettes and not to smoke at all. If you work at a harmful factory, then it is necessary to have periodic examinations at the doctor. Do not overstrain constantly a voice.

If you noticed acute laryngitis, then your throat will have an edematous appearance, vocal bands will not be closed completely. If you have flu and you have a laryngitis, then it can have a hemorrhage appearance in a throat.

Can be so that laryngitis will affect only a separate part of a throat. It can be called the isolated laryngitis.

As a rule, what it is possible to notice first of all is a dryness in a throat, maybe so that a certain pain when swallowing will be shown, and rather simple cough which can develop into cough with a phlegm over time. As for a voice, over time it can be gone at all.

Acute laryngitis in turn can proceed rather difficult, for example, temperature increase and a headache is observed. As for duration, it can be slightly more than a week. Acute laryngitis – the most dangerous when in under depository space occurs also stenozoz throats. It is worth remembering that inhalation of some substances can cause the same reaction.

Children's laryngitis – the most unpredictable and very difficult. It can proceed rather actively. If there is very rough course of a disease, then swelled at children blocks access of air to lungs and the child begins to breathe with rattle, as a rule, the kid begins to cry at once. All this results in the shortage of oxygen that can cause subsequently a coma.

Diagnosis of laryngitis

Laboratory researches 

• The analysis of peripheral blood — a leukocytosis (at a bacterial etiology)

• Bacteriological research of a phlegm and washout from a stomatopharynx.

Special researches 

• A fibreoptic or indirect laringoskopiya — inflammation of vocal bands, sometimes with hemorrhages, edges of vocal bands are thickened, the exudative component is expressed

• The biopsy is shown in chronic laryngitis at smokers.

Differential diagnostics 

• Diphtheria — heavy intoxication, existence of plaques on tonsils (gray color, dense, difficult act the pallet, leaving the bleeding surface), cervical lymph nodes are increased and painful, at crops of material from a pharynx excrete a diphtheritic stick

• Retropharyngeal abscess — is broken the act of swallowing, at survey the protruding back wall of a throat is visible

• Tumors of vocal bands and throat • Foreign body of a throat.

Treatment of laryngitis

  1. Decrease in voice loading
  2. Steam inhalations (with soda, infusions of herbs), maintenance in premises of the increased humidity
  3. Reception of a large amount of liquid
  4. Refusal of smoking
  5. Actions for prevention of a gastroesophagal reflux — not to go to bed with a full stomach, not to strain an abdominal press after a meal
  6. Irrigation of a throat and inhalation of the mix consisting of 200 ml of 0.9% of solution of sodium of chloride (normal saline solution) and 5 drops of 10% of tincture of iodine, 2 — 3 times a day (on the procedure — 40 — 60 ml) within 5 — 6 weeks and more. Alkaline and oil inhalations within 5 days — in the presence of viscous slime and crusts in a throat. Endolaryngeal injections of 1 — 2% of Solutio oleosa of menthol daily within 10 days. Potassium iodide (30% solution on 8 drops) in 3 times a day within 2 weeks.
  7. The softening and anti-inflammatory drugs, laryngitis medicine, for example daily injections in a throat of 1.5 — 2 ml of 1% of Solutio oleosa of menthol, sea-buckthorn oil within 10 days. Knitting and cauteries: injections in a throat of 1.5 — 2 ml of 1 — 3% of solution of colloid silver, 2% of solution of protargol, 0.5% of solution of Resorcinolum daily within 10 days, 0.5 ml of 0.25% of solution of silver of nitrate every other day, 1 ml of 1% of solution of Galascorbinum within 10 days. For fluidifying of viscous slime — injection in a throat on 1.5 — 2 ml of solution of chymotrypsin or trypsin (0.5 — 1:1,000), sea-buckthorn or peach oil. At insufficiency of functions of the neuromuscular device of a throat — an electrophoresis from 5% Calcii chloridum solution on a collar zone (12 — 15 procedures 15-20 min.).


At treatment of laryngitis in house conditions it is possible to use the following compounding of folk remedies:

  • In laryngitis a bulb to grate and put gruel in the boiling milk (0.5 l), not to boil, filter. To drink warm for the night a glass, and the rest in the morning, too warm. To repeat several days.
  • If there was a hoarseness or the voice sat down, and even was gone, it is necessary to take 100 g of carrots and to boil in 0.5 l of milk, to filter and drink gradually. In laryngitis also rinsing by fresh cabbage juice helps. It is possible to sip it.
  • Several oranges in day — the fine means promoting prevention of flu and cold, fast recovery.
  • In acute laryngitis (osiplost) dry apples decoction is effective. It is necessary to accept it on a half-glass of 1 — 2 time, hot with honey, in day.
  • The heat camomile bath which is followed by steam inhalation of a camomile is very useful at an initial stage catarrhal and acute respiratory diseases. For this purpose pharmaceutical to fill in 400 g of inflorescences of a camomile with a bucket of abrupt boiled water, to insist 1 — 1.5 hour, to filter and pour out in a bathtub. Water temperature — 38 — 39 °C. Procedure duration — 10 — 15 minutes,
  • After a bathtub (at an osiplost) it is recommended to grease legs with cream, to put the cotton socks moistened with warm vodka and which are wrung out on them plastic bags, and from above — woolen socks. It is necessary to hold a compress not less than 2 hours. It is possible to leave also till the morning. From hydrotherapeutic procedures also tubs for arms are useful. To substitute the internal surface of forearms that water flew down from elbows to brushes under a hot water jet (39 — 40 °C) and to soar hands before emergence of a perspiration on a forehead. After that it is necessary to wipe quickly hands and to go to bed. Well after hydrotherapeutic procedures to drink to tea with honey or raspberry, lying in a bed.
  • At an osiplost of a voice it is possible to take a small piece of a root of horse-radish (no more sweet cherry), to cut and fill in small with a third of a glass of boiled water. To insist 20 minutes, to add 1 h a sugar spoon, to filter and drink according to 1 h to a spoon with a small amount of warm water, small drafts within 1 — 2 days.
  • Throat diseases medicine for professional singers, teachers, lecturers. To take a glass of water, a half-glass of fruits of an anise, 50 g of white honey, 2 tablespoons of cognac, to pour in water in a pan, to fill there anise fruits. To boil 15 minutes on slow fire. Then to reject fruits, to boil broth together with honey and cognac. After cooling, laryngitis medicine is ready to the use. For increase in efficiency to add on 1 drop of an alcohol extract of propolis on each reception. To accept on 1 tablespoon through everyone half an hour. This folk remedy allows to restore a voice within one day.
  • Broth of cabbage leaves also helps for cough and at loss of a voice. For this purpose to wash out several leaves in cold water and to cook, will not boil soft yet. To cool them and gradually there are daily 3 — 4 times a day, washing down with cabbage broth.
  • To fill in a glass of fruits of an anise with a glass of water, to boil 15 minutes, to cool, filter (to throw out seeds). To add a quarter of a glass of white honey and to boil once again. To remove from fire and to pour in 1 tablespoon of cognac. To accept on 1 tablespoon each hour. This means is capable to restore a voice per day therefore to people whose work is connected with tension of vocal bands, it is always necessary to have in the house necessary ingredients.
  • Lungwort leaves, seeds of a quince and fruits of an anise (on 1 tablespoon) to fill in 0.5 l of water, to add 1 tablespoon of honey and to cook 20 minutes. To filter and drink warm during the day.
  • To grate a quarter of a glass of the cleaned ginger root, to fill in with a glass of honey and to weld. To dissolve a spoon of mix in a glass of very hot tea 1 h, to add 2 h a spoon of sugar and to drink in a row several glasses. To muffle and go to bed. To repeat 2 — 3 evenings in a row.

Prevention of laryngitis

As in most cases this disease is caused by viruses, for prevention of laryngitis it is regularly necessary to wash hands with soap, especially before touching face skin and mucous. This hygienic habit does not allow an infestant to extend. In a case with catarrhal diseases it is impossible to overcome all risk factors.

It is very important to vaccinate children the vaccine against flu (Haemophilus influenzae) for protection against life-threatening infections and states. Besides it is necessary to avoid an overstrain of the voice device.

Laryngitis at children

Often laryngitis happens one of symptoms of a SARS, flu, scarlet fever, whooping cough. At the senior children the cause of laryngitis the overstrain of vocal bands becomes frequent. At the kid the cold, and behind it – dry cough is started anew. At the same time at the child the voice timbre (the hoarseness appears) changes, there is a speeded-up and a little complicated breath. From time to time, is especially closer by the night and at dawn, it is so difficult for child to breathe that it involves air with characteristic whistle.

Cough in laryngitis "barking". Temperature, as a rule, increases slightly. The child feels dryness, irritation in a throat, sometimes pain when swallowing. The voice can be hoarse, rough or at all an abyss. In 3-4 days, phlegms begin to depart. And at the correct treatment in 7-10 days for a disease there will be no trace left also.

The timely measures taken by parents will help to recover literally within several days. 

The main requirement at this moment – silence. The voice device of the child should not strain therefore a condition of rest for it – success of fast recovery. If to the child is more senior quite it can understand it, then with kids the situation is different. The task of parents is to create such conditions that the kid spoke less. Right now not a sin to show to the child  several animated films bigger.  

You monitor breath of the child. It is very important that he breathed a nose, but not a mouth. Moisten air. Dry dries up vocal bands that strengthens a hoarseness.

Let's the kid drink as much as possible. For this purpose warm will approach, drink is desirable alkaline: milk with honey, still mineral water. Herbal teas, compotes, fruit drinks are not less useful. At this time about any carbonated or cold drinks of the speech cannot be. It is better to drink gradually, small portions. Also remember: the more the kid drinks, the recovery is closer. 

During treatment it is very important to watch that the child did not breathe harmful evaporations: paint, tobacco smoke and so on.

One of points of treatment of laryngitis at children are inhalations. For this purpose it is possible to use special inhalers, and it is possible – a simple pan. If you have no ultrasonic inhaler, then have to arrive as follows. Take a pan, it is desirable with a wide bottom, put several spoons of an officinal grass, for example, of an eucalyptus, pour in it boiled water, put on slow fire. Instead of a grass it is quite possible to use 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil. It is possible to use an officinal camomile, a St. John's wort or a sage. It is good to add to structure a spoon - two usual baking soda. Close a door in kitchen and take the kid on hands near a pan. Couples allocated when boiling possess bactericidal action. During sleep it is also possible to carry out the similar procedure. For this purpose capacity is put near the child's bed, it is better if it stands on a stool and at such distance that the kid did not reach it, turning in a dream. All aforesaid is relevant if the kid is no more than one and a half years old. If your child is more senior and well understands the speech turned to him, then it is quite possible to carry out classical inhalation, with covering by a towel or at least with purposeful steam inhalation. By the way, potato broth quite will be suitable for this procedure (cook potato "in a uniform", drain water and let's the child breathe over steam). To breathe, when performing inhalations, it is necessary a mouth. Inhalation during the day should do 3-4 times.

In the first days of a disease, hot foot baths which water temperature has to reach 42-45 degrees can help. This procedure within 20-30 minutes is carried out. After a bathtub it is the best of all to put on warm socks and not to go outside. It is quite good to make similar before going to bed.

From medicines, as a rule, appoint grass syrups which remove irritation and inflammation mucous and the antihistaminic drugs removing hypostasis of fabrics (for example, Dimedrol, Suprastinum, fenistit, tsetirizin, fribris). 

If your child quite adult and already eats various food, then now it is necessary to exclude a part of products from his diet: hot spices, spices, ketchup, fried dishes. If the child does not love boiled meat and vegetables, then it is possible to bake them.

Treatment of chronic laryngitis longer and more difficult. Except fortifying treatment, appoint local (injection in a throat of various medicines and also greasing of her mucous membrane by them) and physiotherapeutic procedures. 

Sometimes, especially very small children, have a state which received the name "false croup" which is meant as a laryngospasm. It results from rapid development of a disease. Inflammation proceeds very violently and leads to the fact that hypostasis of a mucous membrane blocks access of air to a throat. Such state demands a call of "fast" and urgent hospitalization. The main symptoms of a false croup – the barking cough, short wind, the whistling utrudnenny breath, blue discoloration of a nasolabial triangle is possible. During an attack, before arrival of doctors, it is necessary to try to moisten as much as possible air, to periodically give to the child warm drink, to keep it in vertical position. It is possible to bring the kid to the window opened wide open. Will significantly facilitate a condition of the child alkaline inhalation (use 1 tablespoon of soda on 1 liter of water). It is good to carry out the distracting procedure. For this purpose lower the child's legs in the warmest water. It will help blood to rush back from the inflamed throat and to prikhlynut to legs that is effective for removal of hypostasis. In certain cases resort to the medicamentous help. Health workers or the doctor who arrived on a call can tell you about it in the telephone mode. 

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

Amikacin sulfate (Amikacini sulfas)
Ampicillin sodium salt (Ampicillinum-natrium)
Amphotericinum in (Amphotericinum B)
Benzylpenicillin potassium salt (Benzylpenicillinum-kalium)
Benzylpenicillin sodium salt (Benzylpenicillinum-natrium)
Benzylpenicillin novocainic salt (Benzylpenicillinumnovocainum)
Bicillinum-1 (Bicillinum-1)
Bicillinum-5 (Bicillinum-5)
Gentamycini sulfas
Doxycycline hydrochloride (Doxycyclini hydrochloridum)
Potassium permanganate (Kalii permanganas)
Karbenitsillina disodium salt (Carbenicillinum-dinatricum)
Boric acid (Acidum boricum)
Levomycetinum stearate (Laevomycetini stearas)
Levomycetinum succinate soluble (Laevomycetini succinas solubile)
Levorinum sodium salt (Levorinum-natrium)
Lincomycin hydrochloride (Lyncomycini hydrochloridum)
Leaves of an eucalyptus (Folia Eucalypti viminalis)
Neomycinum sulfate (Neomycini sulfas)
Oxacillinum sodium salt (Oxacillinum-natrium)
Oxytetracyclinum hydrochloride (Oxytetracyclini hydrochloridum)
Oxytetracyclinum dihydrate (Oxytetracyclini dihydras)
Oleandomycinum phosphate (Oleandomycini phosphas)
Polymyxin in sulfate (Polymyxini B sulfas)
M polymyxin sulfate (Polymyxini M sulfas)
Solution of lugol (Solutio Lugoli)
Ristomycinum sulfate (Ristomycini sulfas)
Rifamycin SV
Sisomicin sulfate (Sisomycini sulfas)
Streptocidum solubile
Sulfazinum silver salt (Sulfazini argenti)
Tetracycline hydrochloride (Tetracyclini hydrochloridum)
Cefalotin sodium salt (Cephalotinum-natrium)
Erythromycin phosphate (Erythromycini phosphas)
Eritsiklin 0.25 in capsules (Erycyclinum 0.25 in capsulis)
Aethacridinum lactate (Aethacridini lactas)
Mineral tar
16.12.2014 03:12
I had a laryngitis for the first time last winter when caught a cold. I do not like to do inhalations. For cough and Dzhoset syrup was enough. He acts very quickly, in the first day, the dry and loose cough treats therefore did not resort to inhalations. And here it was necessary both to do inhalations, and rinsings, and warm compresses on a throat. Generally, namayalas I with this laryngitis.
01.02.2015 23:00
I do not understand when laryngitis and when - no. The throat hurts, cough, cold, will not understand, in my opinion. In cold I begin for cough at once dzhost to drink, by the end of the first day usually cough does not bother, and in about five days passes.
28.02.2015 15:28
The attending physician prescribed Dzhoset syrup in a severe cough the caused laryngitis. Accepting Dzhoset cough began to resemble every other day. Syrup is recommended at the same time at any kind of cough as this complex medicine, its structure removes the different causes. Costs rather not much so does not hit the pocket. And folk remedies were not necessary.
25.10.2015 22:38
And it is interesting to a throat what advised? After all laryngitis it is necessary to treat too. And it is even better to prevent it, t.e at the first signs, at once to treat.
29.10.2015 13:55
You are absolutely right that the disease is better to warn, than then to treat it. That there was no laryngitis, it is necessary to splash in the first sore throat something, I for example spray puff Bioparox. The throat passes very quickly and without any complications which very often and pass into laryngitis. I not against and folk remedies, but it as addition, but not the main treatment.
16.12.2015 14:55
Throat for me a sore point. Constant irritation and tussiculation. But cough I fly quickly, I suit Prospan. He dry cough copes well. And how to get rid of unpleasant irritation?
25.02.2016 23:20
The marine, irritation causes dry cough, it needs in wet to be translated. I am treated Prospan too, only and I do by drops inhalations with them. In the nebulizer. In couple of days the dry cough becomes loose, irritation vanishes. And then there is all phlegm and cough stops.
14.03.2016 11:58
Faced laryngitis recently. Whenever possible rinsed a throat a sage and a camomile. Rassasyvala Tonzilotren. He helped to remove puffiness in a throat, to remove pain and irritation. With result it is happy. Cured a throat.

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