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The meteorism is not a disease but only one of its signs. At the same time the meteorism is capable to deliver to the person a great deal of trouble. There is a lot of diseases in which the meteorism appears. It can be a consequence just of overeating, and can - a chronic disease of a stomach or intestines. To find out about what signals to us our organism, it is necessary to see a doctor.

What is a meteorism

 The meteorism is an excess accumulation of gases in digestive tract at the expense of the increased their formation or insufficient removal from intestines.

The amount of gases at healthy people depends on the nature of food, age, lifestyle and other factors. In usual conditions gases accumulate usually in a stomach, in the right and left bends of a large intestine. These gases are formed at the expense of the swallowed air, their discharge in the course of digestion in a stomach and intestines and also at neutralization of gastric juice by the soda (accepted in heartburn). Gases through a rectum, a part are removed - it is soaked up in blood and allocated then through lungs.

Composition of intestinal gases

Gas in a large intestine of healthy people has the following Ingredients: nitrogen - 24-80%, oxygen - 0.1-2.3%, hydrogen - 0.6-47%, methane - 0-26%, carbon dioxide - 4.3-29%, is available also hydrogen sulfide. In a stomach the oxygen concentration, and in intestines - carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide is more.

Meteorism reasons

On the causes allocate six forms of a meteorism:

- the alimentary meteorism - arises at consumption of the products rich with cellulose and starch (bean, cabbage, potatoes, black bread, etc.);

- meteorism against the background of disturbance of processes of digestion (at enzymatic insufficiency, absorption disturbance, dysbacteriosis, etc.);

- a mechanical meteorism - at various mechanical obstacles in a way of the movement of food (for example, in a tumor);

- the dynamic meteorism - arises because of disturbance of motor activity of digestive tract (for example, at toxic impact on intestines muscles in various infections);

- a circulator meteorism - at blood circulation disturbances (for example, at stagnation in intestines veins in a varicosis).

- a psychogenic meteorism - against the background of mental deviations, for example, in hysteria.

Manifestations of a meteorism, symptoms

Complaints to feeling of a raspiraniye and weight in a stomach, sometimes - the aching pains in various sites of a stomach are characteristic of a meteorism. At the expressed meteorism there can be attacks of colicy pains (gas colic) abating later passages of flatus. In some cases the frequent and noisy passage of flatus, in others - their delay is observed.

There are also following symptoms at a meteorism: an eructation, nausea, constipations or ponosa, unpleasant taste in a mouth, a loss of appetite. The unpleasant smell from a mouth, in some cases, especially at young people is possible, it can cause neurosis.

Unpleasant feelings can arise also in the field of other bodies: burning sensation in heart, heartbeat, interruptions in cardiac performance, headaches, muscle pains, a sleep disorder, concern, oppressed mood, the general weakness, weakness, etc. Sometimes an asthma which can be quite strong (dispeptic asthma) disturbs.

Treatment of a meteorism

If the meteorism disturbs very often, then it is necessary to see a doctor for an exception of a serious disease. Treatment is carried out after establishment of the reasons of a meteorism. The diet with an exception of cabbage, bean, fresh bread is appointed. The products rich with starch (potatoes, farinaceous dishes) and also digestible carbohydrates (sweets, cakes, ice cream) are limited.

From medicines the substances adsorbing on the surface gases, for example, activated carbon, white clay, the smekt are appointed.

Other treatment is carried out taking into account the reason which caused a meteorism: at enzymatic insufficiency enzymes are appointed, in dysbacteriosis (reduction of number of useful microorganisms in intestines and increase harmful) - restoration of normal intestinal microflora. In pains the drugs removing a spasm of muscles of a stomach and intestines are appointed (antispasmodics, for example, Nospanum). Treatment of constipations and ponos is carried out.

At the meteorism connected with mechanical disturbances the surgical intervention sometimes is necessary.

Folk remedies of treatment of a meteorism

How to treat a meteorism folk remedies:

  • 2 teaspoons of the crushed root of a dandelion medicinal to fill in 200 ml of cold boiled water, to insist 8 hours, to filter. To drink 50 ml of infusion 4 times a day before food. To apply at inflammation of a stomach and intestines, a meteorism, a constipation, a disease of a liver, gall bladder and also to improvement of a metabolism and digestion.

  • 20 g of seeds of parsley garden fill in with a glass of cold water, heat on the water bath of 30 minutes, cool and filter. Broth is accepted on 1 tablespoon of 5 times a day at a meteorism. Other prescription: 1/2 teaspoons of istolchenny seeds of parsley fill in with 2 glasses of cold boiled water and insist 8 hours. Infusion is drunk during the day in the equal portions. Or: 4 teaspoons of dry or fresh roots of parsley to fill in 1/2 glasses of boiled water, to insist 8-10 hours. To drink on 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day in 20 minutes prior to food.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of istolchenny seeds of fennel and fill in 1.5 glasses of boiled water (it is standard daily rate). Insist in the closed vessel not less than 2-3 hours, carefully filter. Drink 1/2 glasses 3 times a day several hours prior to food.

  • To part 1 part of dill oil in 10 parts of water. To accept on 1 tablespoon of 3-6 times a day.

  • In an abdominal distension to accept on 1 teaspoon of powder from carrots seeds 3 times a day.

  • To prepare ingredients in the following proportions: rowan fruits - 4 parts, mint leaves - 3 parts, fennel seeds - 3 parts, a valerian root - 2 parts. A tablespoon of mix to fill in 200 ml of boiled water, to insist 40-60 minutes, to filter. To drink 100 ml of infusion 2 times a day at a meteorism and an enterospasm.

  • Tablespoon of dry flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical to fill in 200 ml of boiled water, to boil 5 minutes, to insist 4 hours, to filter. To accept 2 tablespoons 4 times a day to food.

  • 2 tablespoons of leaves of mint field to make 400 ml of boiled water, to insist within 20 minutes and to filter. To accept infusion on 100-200 ml in 20 minutes prior to food 2-3 times a day.

  • Teaspoon of the crushed dry grass of a wormwood bitter to fill in 200 ml of boiled water, to insist 30 minutes and to filter. To accept on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day in 15 minutes prior to food.

  • 20-30 g of rhizomes of an inula to fill in 1 l of water. To apply broth in intestines swelling. It is possible to use infusion also.

  • The St. John's wort grass, yarrow grass, grass of an everlastings uliginose to mix equally. To draw three tablespoons of mix 2 hours in 1 l of boiled water, to filter. To accept 1/2 glasses of 4-5 times a day in stomach aches, swelling of intestines and heartburn.

  • At fetid excrements to drink on an empty stomach 2-3 glasses of rather weak warm infusion of leaves of an eucalyptus spherical.

  • Teaspoon of a grass of the tributary medicinal to fill in 200 ml of boiled water of room temperature, to insist within 2 hours and to filter. To drink 70 - 100 ml of infusion 2-3 times a day.

  • To mix peppermint leaves (2 parts), a valerian root (2 parts), fennel fruits (1 part). Two teaspoons of mix to make 200 ml of boiled water, to insist 20 minutes, to filter. To accept 100 ml of infusion in the morning and in the evening.

  • To mix camomile flowers (2 parts), caraway seeds fruits (1 part), a marjoram grass (1 part). Two tablespoons of mix to fill in 500 ml of boiled water, to insist 8-10 hours and to filter. To drink 100 ml of infusion 4 times a day.

Prevention of a meteorism

To warn a meteorism, the balanced balanced diet is necessary. It is better to exclude fashionable diets at a meteorism absolutely - all of them anyway injure digestive tract.

The following requirement - the sufficient, corresponding to age physical activity. If the person does not move, then and all muscles, including muscles of internals, begin to work in the hypoactivity mode that leads to developments of stagnation and a meteorism.

If you have constipations, then you should not abuse laxatives and enemas, it has also an adverse effect on work of digestive tract. It is necessary to see a doctor and he will appoint the correct treatment.

Diet at a meteorism

For the persons wishing to get rid of a meteorism it is recommended to exclude radish, cabbage from food; eggs are only in the raw; to give enemas to a thicket; to accept after a meal magnesia powder (on a knife tip). Almost healthy person requires only a diet: there is less fresh bread, sweets, peas, haricot, cabbage, potatoes, to limit consumption of acid and carbonated drinks. The diet at a meteorism includes in a diet the products containing proteins - meat, fish, cottage cheese, curdled milk, etc. If putrefactive processes prevail (gases with a fetid smell), on the contrary, reduce amount of protein in a diet.

You remember: the meteorism can be an organism signal of some trouble therefore most to understand this question very difficult, it is better to see a doctor, than to treat a meteorism independently.

Meteorism at pregnancy

At pregnancy the meteorism is very unpleasant state. The meteorism is most often connected with the increased intra belly pressure which leads to a compression of loops of intestines. The intestines compression, in turn, leads to a delay of gases.

Also the meteorism can be provoked by the digestive disturbances developing in the first trimester of pregnancy because of intoxication of an organism of future mother.

To prevent and if it already appeared, then to reduce, an abdominal distension at pregnancy, besides ordinary proilaktichesky actions, it is desirable to find time for physical activities. Even the simple long walking in the fresh air allowing to raise a tone of a digestive tract will be useful. The yoga, gymnastics for pregnant women, swimming – all these physical exercises will be fine means of prevention and elimination of an abdominal distension. Clothes as for trainings, and daily, it is necessary to choose loose fit that it did not squeeze a body in a waist and a stomach. 

Despite existence of easily explainable reasons of a meteorism at pregnancy, it is never impossible to exclude also other states which can lead to a meteorism. Thus, emergence of symptoms of a meteorism at pregnancy (especially expressed pain against the background of an abdominal distension) is a reason for the request for medical care. In due time carried out treatment of any given state in certain cases can save life as the developing fruit, and mother.

Meteorism at newborns

At the newborn  the digestive tract quite often glitches. The stomach at a meteorism at the child is blown slightly up, gases often depart. Free swaddling gives a vozmozhyonost to the child to move legs and promotes natural release from gases. The regular vykladyvaniye before a kormyoleniye on a stomach strengthens muscles and reduces a sklonyonost to a meteorism (on the first month of life spread on a stomach for several minutes, gradually extending time).

At a meteorism at newborns an infallible remedy is before each feeding it is necessary to give dill water on 0.5 h a spoon.

Perform light massage (stroking) on the course of a chasoyovy arrow around a navel. Introduction of a colonic tube and enema (with the water temperature of 28 — 30 °C) helps at a meteoyorizm, but often it is undesirable to resort to them. 

The camomile also possesses strong anti-inflammatory action, it prevents absorption of water from intestines, bringing her together with stool. Broth can be prepared as follows: 6-8 tablespoons of flowers of a camomile fill in 200 ml of hot boiled water and heat on the water bath of 15-20 minutes. Then cool to room temperature and filter through a gauze. Up to 6 months it is enough to children to enter through an enema 30-50 ml of this infusion, and from 6 months to 2 years — 70-100 ml. After such enema the child will feel much better, and temperature will decrease by 0.5-1 degree.

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

Panzinorm forte (Panzynorm forte)
Collecting carminative (Species carminativae)
Gastric juice natural (Succus gastricus naturalis)
Coal activated (Carbo activatus)
Flowers of a camomile (Flores Chamomillae Recutitatae)
17.06.2011 21:25
how the meteorism starts arrhythmia
03.07.2012 03:31
yes a meteorism honor at a half naselenirya the countries
17.07.2012 18:39
I had a meteorism from a disbak. It was necessary to drink hilak forte. Now I do not suffer from it. But it is unpleasant and. sometimes you sit at an important meeting, and at you it inside :(
it is lovely
10.09.2012 11:18
unpleasant problem and not lechtsya in any way
13.09.2012 17:07
Oho how many national prescriptions, the truth so far for yourself such tincture as the alchemist, you will prepare it is possible and to be late for work.
13.09.2012 17:16
Ir, so correctly, our grandmothers with grandfathers were so treated and try to find mint leaves, seeds of mint field now or this most of all was pleasant to me: a valerian root - 2 parts :))). I do not even know that it not that where to look for it :)). In my opinion, it is simpler to buy some bebinos or something similar and you will already have the medicine based on the same herbs, but in convenient packing with some doser, nice to the taste, I as will provide that it will be recovered to pour in tincture from a valerian root... brrrr... Though of course article quite good, very informative, especially in terms of prescriptions :)))
16.09.2012 16:38
Whether the meteorism can prevent at conception
20.09.2012 14:46
Marine, no, a meteorism at all not a hindrance to conception. It completely agrees with a camomile, article useful, but is counted on people who have a large number of free time and some ingredients it will be difficult to get. Presently it is far simpler to buy any droplets on medicative herbs, like the same bebinos and to carry them itself. So you save yourself from excess flour, and you leave time for more important issues)
02.11.2012 21:55
Awful problem and difficult curable, many cannot refuse to themselves from goodies.
01.12.2012 02:43
and me anything
07.12.2012 04:42
It can interfere with conception. You lay down with the guy in pastel, and here a meteorism...)))
victim of a meteorism of girls.....
10.12.2012 20:40
pharmacies of a grass are on sale different in boxes. also there will be enough lane...t)))))). especially in a bed.
09.01.2013 22:13
it is regularly necessary to eat, a break between meals of 4-5 hours, thus got rid of it.
12.01.2013 15:46
From everything understood it is necessary to one-eat correctly and then one problem will become less
12.01.2013 16:00
P .S.I still. Girls! Be not fond of modern diets effects short-term, and consequences unpredictable
13.01.2013 03:16
The meteorism can interfere with conception in that case if one of partners dies of laughter)
For that in general transport always of the place it is full, I advise not to guzzle everyone hernyu like purchased dumplings and other semi-finished products and to prepare)
13.01.2013 03:18
17.01.2013 20:52
Against the background of a meteorism found in me diverkulyoz
06.02.2013 10:52
Elena is right: "it is regularly necessary to eat, a break between meals of 4-5 hours, thus got rid of it". Long ago, about 25 years ago, was fond of Avicenna a little. He advises is not until intestines completely are exempted from gases. On it the comment of the 4-7th is required. Everything depends as on quantity and kach. eaten, and from physiology of the specific person. At some metabolism fast, and at other slow. Respectively, 1 times are enough for someone. Pitana... Listen to signals of the organism!
13.02.2013 14:32
13.04.2013 22:43
And I hesitate even to ask here
14.09.2013 16:36
At me too such a problem of '' Trimedat '' it is good
22.10.2013 16:46
And what doctor it is necessary to see?
20.11.2013 09:34
Read that it is necessary to eat garlic glove together with apple. I try, we will look whether will help?
25.11.2013 19:12
Maybe you will taste kefir with herring? Be not fond of national methods, eat properly better and take the checked medicines, the same trimedat, really helps.
01.12.2013 17:58
I will go I will air ATO the screen not to see
01.12.2013 18:00
Do not bring yourself to a meteorism!!! You watch food and the problem will be solved.
01.12.2013 18:02
but to guzzle that hunting
01.12.2013 18:03
Watch the desires!!!
Threat of azonew holes
04.01.2014 16:26
COMPANIONS!!! I need your help!!! I have a METEORISM very strong. Does not opkidat me when and there is nothing. I drank too much a lot of drugs and herbs but all the same there is a gas. It is formed at me after food and in the evening before going to bed and in time. In the morning just a cannonade kakayato, neighbors hide in an air-raid shelter, I live in Leningrad by the way! :) Council is necessary for me from you as to me to get rid of this problem. Sometimes gases enya muchut during the whole day and very badly depart, it seems to me that I just about will explode. Still I read that during World War II the pilots because of bad sealing of a cabin, just exploded in air as gas in intestines increased in volume because of pressure! Help!!!
Andrey Tsaplya
15.01.2014 10:13
I tickle from 15 years, me already 28, t.e 13 summer experience, and I am proud of it, in the last 3 years I study classical melodies Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, and it turns out very interestingly. The wife says that even when I sleep, in a dream notes of classics ride, the t.e already automatically learns to perdet an organism beautifully and with a rhythm. Therefore know, the pukanye is not a problem or a disease, this ability which it is necessary to develop and train!
12.04.2014 07:38
We have enough humorists, continuous Zadornov. Too I suffer from this type of a disease, thanks for article is very informative. I will try any of prescriptions. All thanks for comments.
16.04.2014 08:42
elementary Watson and in all seriousness it is necessary if are so busy that do not make to yourself a grass of 1 times a day to kumpit necessary in packages and it is obligatory with a camomile and zverolby to make structure as tea if there is no wish in distant shchy to get more serious disease it is oncology I do not frighten but I know for sure comes to an end with it entering a poetolma to itself into the rule a notch and to drink on cups of tea in the evening
05.05.2014 18:36
such piece this unpleasant. oppresses. you feel abnormal, confused. Having read comments, to live it became more cheerful. not indifferent and funny thanks.
06.05.2014 17:04
also you perdt laughter... you will sort nothing
Great martyr
09.05.2014 20:10
The meteorism is a horrible disease which oppresses work of all internals.
I suffer for a long time, spent on drink many drugs, tried folk remedies, alas did not help. To spend on drink all enclosed drugs and to try all folk remedies there will not be enough also life. And to go to the doctor too kayuk. At three doctors was, one did not pay attention at all, another prescribed activated carbon and mezy forte, the third, I do not remember even that she registered, but effect of all visits zero. On diagnostics it is necessary to undergo so many inspections both to pay so much money and to lose time from several hours to several days in a hospital, just horror. I will try drugs further, there is no other way out.
31.05.2014 23:16
I advise in pharmacy to buy evitaliya ferment. It is applied to production of yogurts, it is possible to use without fermenting. To dissolve contents of a bottle in warm water or milk and to drink. The summary is attached to bottles. Yogurts turn out natural, tasty and useful to digestion.
02.06.2014 15:30
dialektik2, and how exactly to use this ferment? To dissolve in water and it is possible to drink at once, or it is necessary to wait some time?
02.06.2014 21:14
I am very well helped by Espumizan (simetikon) with capsules. He eliminates gripes and an abdominal distension, gases well depart. Checked!
17.06.2014 16:38
To me 38 from 20 years I suffer helps nothing.
17.06.2014 17:35
The correct food pledge of health, meat with vegetables, porridge separately not to drink and not to smoke some beer, soup every day, sport
19.06.2014 12:28
Yes it is really a fuck-up, especially when people are near and you try to lower so quietly gases that nobody heard... it is so a shame, I do not know what to do... In general is nothing perhaps?!
01.08.2014 08:29
and if nothing hurts and there are only gases then it what?
Dr. Evil
21.08.2014 19:06
"Perzhu from 15 years, me already 28, t.e 13 summer experience, and I is proud of it, in the last 3 years I study classical melodies Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, and it turns out very interestingly. The wife says that even when I sleep, in a dream notes of classics ride, the t.e already automatically learns to perdet an organism beautifully and with a rhythm. Therefore know, the pukanye is not a problem or a disease, this ability which it is necessary to develop and train!" - let's try the duet!!! If that it will turn out, it is possible to organize the trio, then the quintet and on increasing! In the country there are so much talented people! And during the concerts it is possible to attach the pipeline to performers, the Friendship-2 type, - thus we together will solve a problem of a lack of the heat carrier of Ukraine and Europe!
26.08.2014 12:42
Go all of you to the gastroenterologist.
24.09.2014 23:08
First of all, to reduce a meteorism, my doctor told me that it is necessary to adhere to a diet, to exclude cellulose, carbonated drinks, fried, spirits!
26.09.2014 15:35
the act coal helped a little.
26.09.2014 15:49
too harmful bacteria also form gases, the enema washes away also beneficial bacteria, candles some help but not all. Gases can be if you have worms, it should be eliminated at once if is. Food not always influences gas generation if there are gases and that is frequent there are not enough healthy enzymes. Adopt the act. coal but it is not frequent. Sugar to remove sweet for a while.
28.09.2014 17:57
I have a problem with these gases, they at me without sound too, but with a plowing unpleasant so discomfort still that! It is necessary not to despair, fight, go to the expert, let time, money is spent, but health is more expensive... I wish all to recover from the illnesses!
13.10.2014 18:24
I am tormented by a severe abdominal distension. I do not know in what not so, I eat it seems normally. Found in search of nothing acceptable, the reason everywhere different. Passed a test, symptoms were not confirmed too. I do not know that with a stomach. Tomorrow I will make an appointment with the doctor.
14.10.2014 16:49
I am tormented by a severe abdominal distension. I do not know that not so, I eat it seems normally. Found in search of nothing acceptable, the reason everywhere different. Passed a test, symptoms were not confirmed too. I do not know that with a stomach. Tomorrow I will make an appointment with the doctor.
29.10.2014 12:23
04.11.2014 05:37
it is necessary to eat fat fish better than a mackerel and to wash down with milk - in minutes 15 everything will take off through an exhaust pipe together with a meteorism and then to hunger day 2.
27.11.2014 23:15
Laughed with all the heart. Pleases that in it I am not lonely. I advise to try an eubikor (wine shiver also cellulose)
Dr. Evil
03.12.2014 00:45
Hurrah!!! Eubikor helped!!!! The fifth symphony by Beethoven without uniform mistake!!
12.12.2014 02:49
You lie on a stomach more
17.12.2014 21:29
Eubikor drank - does not help, I sleep on a stomach - does not help. Espumizat-does not help. Went to the gastroenterologist what sensible did not tell. Can make KT?
20.01.2015 00:00
Elaine, and Motilium tried? He always saves me from orchestra in a stomach. Swelling passes at once, try, sure you will be satisfied and buy in a handbag as I. Just in case))))
31.01.2015 16:59
Pleases that the sense of humour was not wasted)))))) all thanks for a practical advice. the problem really strains. everything I wish to get rid of it forever (well except symphonic orchestra of course)))))))
07.02.2015 16:00
Eat more pickles. Lowers acidity. Sauerkraut.
07.02.2015 20:00
Friends, all thanks for councils, Laughed with all the heart to tears, can on a meteorism will help. All of health
11.02.2015 16:14
Too I suffer this problem. The doctor appointed trimedat, mezy forte, ursosan, lipoic acid. Some time was normal, and now again began... nerves, irritation, anger it affects digestive organs too. I try to eat properly, there are no addictions.
20.02.2015 20:45
all thanks for councils and humour
24.02.2015 06:09
Katya, me the doctor wrote out motilium in swelling and a meteorism. Spent on drink two weeks, and it became much easier, now does not mutter in a stomach.
10.03.2015 06:29
Mika, too motilium well helped me, only I also after a meal always had a weight. And began to accept him regularly before food, all troubles ended, now he always in a house first-aid kit is available for me, just in case.
10.03.2015 19:37
the simplest and available - white clay, it treats not only a meteorism, but cleans all intestines, removes toxins, normalizes a chair. gather in any GLINOLEChENIE search engine and esteem. it is better to buy from wholesalers for St. Petersburg the website мыловар.ру, sell already ready clay without impurity, in powder. and in cosmetic shops it is on sale as a face pack, there can be any additives of type of fragrances - such it is impossible, but also without additives will leave very expensively, it is better to drink it regularly, nothing bad from it will be. in principle, clay of any color will approach (red, pink, blue, yellow and the ave.). it is simple to drink it: since morning on a hungry stomach you fill in 1 teaspoon of powder with boiled water of room temperature, you stir and you drink, it is tasteless. if there was a deposit - add waters, stir up and finish drinking.
very important: any metal! to store in a glass-plastic-faience-wooden container and to take a plastic-wooden spoon!!
01.04.2015 01:55
Reviews of treatment of a meteorism need to be recommended as remedy in a depression. All thanks. Amused before going to bed. It is necessary to read it since morning, before work, for improvement of mood.

08.04.2015 15:32
The hollow comes out gas and the wife dresses a gas mask when I fall asleep... I am a guy quite good not ssus not the deaf... forgot further, the Gaza Strip group. The good thought to collect gas and to sell to Ukraine or to fill the cars with it.
25.04.2015 01:53
Well, thanks to All. While read, all meteorism took off.
28.04.2015 17:34
Asked the doctor whether there is medicine for a meteorism as we will allow analginum, there is no such medicine. What to do, I do not know. I will be a trial and error method.
02.05.2015 22:36
to me 58 so an experience I will have thanks to all for funny offers and councils more
10.07.2015 07:48
If a meteorism it is bad to be treated is helminths
25.07.2015 17:35
And let's organize club of farters! That's great will be! Let's call doctor Malakhov and he will determine the diagnosis by a smell!
26.07.2015 09:44
Well, just class! Huge all thanks for ability to live with a yumorok in our sores
23.08.2015 22:18
Perdim is a lot of also with enthusiasm when there is nobody nearby! :-)
Do not despond, to Perdita and will are happy!!!
23.08.2015 22:25
Hi everyone!!! It again I! Forever yours bzdunye! I want to share council from a bzdunya!!! I so nazyavat myself because it is not a problem!!! To Bzdet it not the most terrible that can be so I a problem treat this with humour!!! :-) So: get up, either sit down, or get up, or sit down. Here to you the first exercise!!! :-)
23.08.2015 22:28
And to one more council from a bzdunya, listen to nobody, listen only to me!!! ;)
Dr. Evil
16.10.2015 21:42
Bzdunya23.08.2015 22:28
And to one more council from a bzdunya, listen to nobody, listen only to me!!! ;)
October already... and not words..., it otbzdetsya probably...
17.10.2015 16:34
Probably here stebatsya over farters
Dr. Evil
18.10.2015 21:57
Not only over farters, over bzdunye...
09.11.2015 15:31
I have nothing where hurts, should is blown up! And I break wind for day with a small interval. Though you eat nothing!
10.11.2015 10:36
I zayemuchitsya with muttering in a puzelnik too, I will try to receive medical treatment still. Thanks for councils.
10.11.2015 20:56
Today bought activated carbon. Took 6 medicines. All the same I break wind. The truth a stele is a lot of pncheny and jam. H very much I love it.
10.11.2015 21:03
And in general, children, you are good fellows, clear heads. I laughed until sick to tears from your statements though a problem where from pleasant. I was in church, to the people was a little, and here gases! Where to run also what to do? Such gripes! Was afraid that I will go also on the road.... All in a post stood up to the end. Here.
13.11.2015 08:24
It is necessary to make ultrasonography. I made. Also the pnevmotization was found. From it a pukanye.
28.12.2015 00:25
laughed for the night with all the heart :))))
28.12.2015 00:28
all good night!
Dr. Evil
09.01.2016 21:33
Dear LYUSYA {Ya was in church, to the people was a little, and here gases! Where to run also what to do? Such gripes! Was afraid that I will go also on the road.... All in a post stood up to the end. Here. }
The national proverb:) "Yes obviously does not extend to you it for ruble in church bzdnt!"
02.05.2016 17:22
People, well you that? now there are a lot of different drugs from gases, on any purse, taste and color. well buy and you carry with yourself, what is the problem? I always redugaz chew, it natural and quickly helps. and tasty still))
29.05.2016 16:32
Because of improper feeding I had a constant abdominal distension, and sometimes and terrible gripes. According to the recommendation of the doctor I accepted Ts. Rafakholin. Very much it was pleasant to me that he natural as I am an opponent of "chemistry" in medicines. Besides it possesses strong action. After a reception course everything returned to normal. Now I balanced the food and I will be inflated that it will not repeat any more.
01.06.2016 02:35
And I here too "got acquainted" recently with Redugaz. At a meteorism and an abdominal distension - most that. Few times already helped out very much. By the way, unlike other means, not only saves from symptoms of these awful, so also removes the cause. Works too pretty fast. I am happy remained.
15.06.2016 13:25
And I got used to drink coal usual, it not quickly helps, but it is it seems harmless.
15.06.2016 15:44
Blot, drink better redugaz, it natural and harmless too, but it not only removes symptoms, but also the cause of swelling, I begin to drink it as soon as I understand that meteorism cases became more frequent. I spend on drink and everything passes. Try, it not the road and on taste pleasant.
03.07.2016 17:23
I what - forgot that and where tablets menthol in what drug?
03.07.2016 18:29
Ira, so in a redugaza, above already just spoke about it. It has menthol tablets which just perfectly help in swelling with a stomach. And by the way yes, that at the price available, is indisputable plus.

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