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The alkaloids and other vegetable matters having cytostatic impact (6)
The alkylating substances (24)
Amino acids (10)
Analgesic means (56)
Vasoprotectives (10)
Anorexigenic means (3)
Antagonists of calcium ions (8)
Antiarrhytmic drugs (15)
Antigiperlipoproteinemichesky (anti-atherosclerotic) means (11)
Antimetabolites (24)
Antiseptics (87)
Vitamins and related drugs (66)
Hepatoprotective means (8)
Antihypertensives (10)
Histamine and antihistaminic drugs (22)
Hormone. Ven., their antagonists applied mainly at treatment oncological a disease (14)
Hormones, their analogs and anti-hormonal drugs (93)
Diuretic means (25)
Dopamine and dofaminergichesky drugs (2)
Bile-expelling means (16)
Immunosuppressive drugs (immunosuppressors) (6)
Cardiotonic means (18)
Expectorants (25)
Plasma substituting and disintoxication solutions (23)
Drugs for parenteral nutrition (12)
Drugs for prevention and treatment of radiation sickness (5)
The drugs substituting synovial and plaintive liquids (0)
The drugs used for correction of an acid-base state and ionic balance in organiz (48)
The drugs stimulating processes of immunity (13)
Prostaglandin and their synthetic derivatives (2)
Antineoplastic antibiotics (10)
Anticonvulsants (17)
Different diagnostic means (5)
Different drugs the stimulating metabolic processes (56)
Emetic and antiemetic drugs (7)
X-ray contrast means (13)
Sahara (2)
Serotonin, serotonergic and antiserotoninovy drugs (6)
Synthetic antineoplastic drugs of different groups (5)
Depletive (30)
Sleeping medicines (11)
Special means for treatment of alcoholism (4)
Specific antidotes; sorbents; complexons (15)
Means for treatment of parkinsonism (14)
Anesthetics (14)
The means influencing fibrillation (34)
The means operating on peripheral cholinergic processes (57)
The means operating mainly on peripheral adrenergic processes. (38)
The means increasing arterial blood pressure (2)
The means lowering sensitivity of nerve terminations (55)
The means relaxing muscles of a uterus (tokolitika) (4)
The means stimulating uterus muscles (17)
The means stimulating receptors of mucous membranes, skin and hypodermic fabrics (31)
The means which are slowing down formation of uric concrements and facilitating their removal with urine (20)
The means improving blood supply of bodies and fabrics (48)
Fermental drugs and inhibitors of enzymes (35)
The enzymes applied to treatment of oncological diseases (1)
The photosensitizing and photoprotective drugs (6)
Cholelitholytic means (2)
New drugs on the website (1)
Psychotropic drugs (112)
Khimioterapevticheskiyey means (221)
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Eels (acne) - pathology of sebaceous glands. Meet mainly at the persons having seborrhea, dysfunction of sexual and other bodies of incretion. However the people who do not have seborrhea can have eels also. Can be the promoting conditions of appearance of acne rash stafilo- and streptococci, a tick iron woundwort (demodex).

Simple, or vulgar, persons of both sexes suffer from eels, eels appear during puberty, their number decreases by 30 years, is more rare - later. Eels are usually localized on face skin, a breast, spins, shoulders.

Eels can be various look: papular, pustular, indurative, spherical, phlegmonous, necrotic, black, white, of the size of a pin head and larger, red sinyushnego or yellowish-brown color.

The black eel (comedone) - primary education of an ordinary eel, consists of the keratosic cells of epidermis with a black top - the stopper consisting of products of chemical change of skin fat, microbes, dust. Comedones as traffic jams, cork expanded mouths of follicles; if to squeeze a comedone, then it is possible to squeeze out the whitish-yellowish weight reminding a worm with a yellow head. Comedones can be localized in a face, a back, a breast in the form of points.

Papular eels - remind the small cone-shaped elements having an appearance of comedones in which basis the small issued inflammatory infiltrate accumulated. Development of papular eels is followed sometimes by a slight itching.

Pustular eels - the subsequent stage of development of papular eels - painful small knots of the size of lentil, saturated-red color, with a purulent head. Pus quickly dries up in a crust after which falling away the eel begins to live with formation of a small scar.

Indurative, or grumous, eels are characterized by deeper penetration of infiltrate into perifollikulyarny fabric of the grease and hair device; indurative eels, reaching the bean size, abscess, are painful, from them a lot of pus is emitted, heal a scar.

Phlegmonous eels affect more deep skin layers, forming small fluctuating abscesses of purple-red color. Phlegmonous eels difficult give in to therapy, after treatment there are cicatricial changes of skin.

Necrotic eels - are characteristic sites of necrosis in the center of an element of them, recur, are located on temples, an upper part of a forehead, on border with a hairy part of the head. When healing leave deep ospinopodobny scars of the wrong outlines.

Spherical eels (konglobat) - a severe form of acne rash, are observed at young men, girls and adults. It is conglomerate of comedones. Spherical eels on a general view remind a scrofuloderma. Stafilokokkam are caused. Arise when easing body resistance. Pus, collecting in a sebaceous gland and not finding a way out, forms cystous abscesses which are opened with fistulas. From eels viscous slivkoobrazny pus is emitted. Near-fistular fabric expands on the periphery, ulcerations long do not begin to live. Then there are new spherical eels, and process repeats. When healing the spherical eels leave deep, mostikoobrazny, whitish, sometimes keloid cicatrixes. Spherical eels are on skin, a face, a neck, a breast, a back; hems strongly disfigure a face, cause pains, tightness, rigidity of skin. Spherical eels often recur, carry them to ulcer piodermita. A course chronic - sometimes months and years.

Whiteheads, or miliuma - small, about prosyany grain, round, white, dense retentsionny cysts, are formed at a secret delay in a grease and hair follicle as a result of obstruction. Miliuma meet on temples, cheekbones and also on a scrotum, on hems at a congenital epidermolysis, a porphyrinic disease, tubercular and syphilitic ulcers. Quite healthy children and adults can have whiteheads, consist of skin fat, horn plates, vellus hair.

Eels medicamentous - arise at the persons who are not transferring any given medicine eels are expressed in a rash of the small spots, small knots, pustules of bright red color similar on simple. Medicinal eels, unlike usual, have no comedones. Iodide and bromic drugs can provoke the medicinal rashes conducting to ulcerations when which healing there are scars. Medicinal eels cause an itching and burning. For production of the correct diagnosis it is necessary to ask the patient on intake of any given medicine in detail.

Professional eels - meet at the persons having contact with coal, lubricating oils, kerosene, acetone, pitches, various chemical emulsions. Mouths of follicles are penetrated by black dots. Professional eels are localized on extensive sites of a forearm, hips. Meet almost only at men.

Atheromas - large cysts of sebaceous glands. Are localized more often on a hairy part of the head, are mobile; not inflamed atheromas of pains do not cause.

Secondary atheromas - retentsionny sebocystomas; meet more often at the persons having an oily seborrhea, a hyperhidrosis, spherical, pustular, flegmozny eels; as a rule, these atheromas dense, painful, cyanotic color, the size from a pea to hazelnut, are localized more in cheeks, a neck, in a zaushny fold, on a breast, a back, at nose wings. Having begun with small spherical education, the atheroma can be opened and turn into an ulcer. Sometimes it is sacculated by a dense joint capsule and remains in the form of a firm painless spherical tumor. In rare instances the atheroma can be transformed to a malignant new growth.

Treatment of ordinary eels:

  • To examine the patient regarding detection of disorders of internals, nervous and endocrine systems.

  • For prevention at oily skin it is necessary to wash boiled water with children's soap (sometimes use sulfuric or sulfur-tar soap), cold, is hotter alternately. It causes gymnastics of vessels.

  • To temper an organism sea and river bathings in combination with solar and air bathtubs.

  • Inside drugs are gray (long).

  • Polyvitamins, especially 5% B1 vitamin solution intramusculary (1 ml a day - a course of 30 days). And also a vitamin A concentrate till 10-15 drops once a day - 1 month. Polyvitamins Aevitum on 1 capsule 3 times a day.

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

Doxycycline hydrochloride (Doxycyclini hydrochloridum)
Dragee "Hexavitum" (Dragee "Hexavitum")
Dragee "Hendevitum" (Dragee "Hendevitum")
Dragee of "Revit" (Dragee "Revitum")
Dragee "Undevitum" (Dragee "Undevitum")
Calcium pangamat (Calcii pangamas)
Calcium pantothenate (Calcii pantothenas)
Calcium folinat (Calcii folinas; Calcium-folinate)
Ascorbic acid (Acidum ascorbinicum)
Lipoic acid (Acidum lipoicum)
Niacin (Acidum nicotinicum)
Folic acid (Acidum folicum)
Oil sea-buckthorn (Oleum ex fructibus et foliis Hippopheae)
Oil of a dogrose (Oleum Rosae)
Metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride (Methylmethioninsulfonii chloridum)
Film of Oblekol (Membranula "Oblecolum")
Fruits of a rowan (Fructus Sorbi aucuparitae)
Fructus Rosae
Oleum jecoris
Collecting vitamin ()
Tablets "Amitetravit" (Tabulettae "Amitetravitum" obductae)
Tablets "Asnithinum" (Tabulettae "Asnithinum")
Tablets "Aerovit" (Tabulettae "Aerovitum" obductae)
Tablets "Glutamevit" (Tabulettae "Glutamevitum" obductae)
Tablets "Dekamevit" (Tabulettae "Decamevitum" obductae)
Tablets "Kvadevit" (Tabulettae "Quadevitum" obductae)
Tablets "Panhexavitum" (Tabulettae "Panhexavitum" obductae)
Tablets "Pentovitum" (Tabulettae "Pentovitum" obductae)
Tablets "Tetravitum" (Tabulettae "Tetravitum" obductae)
Tablets "Tetrafolevit" (Tabulettae "Tetrafolevitum" obductae)
Tocopherol acetate (Tocopheroli acetas)
Sincaline chloride (Cholini chloridum)
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