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Vitiligo (Latin vitiligo skin disease: synonym: skewbald skin, a dog) - the dermatosis which is shown formation of the depigmented sites of skin.

Vitiligo symptoms

The disease has, as a rule, the chronic course which is morally oppressing the patient and causing discomfort. The disease begins with emergence on skin slightly pink or milky-white color of spots. Gradually spots increase, get various size, a clear boundary, roundish or oval outlines. Expanding, spots are inclined to merge with each other, forming the extensive centers. The centers can be single or multiple, are located on any site of an integument, a bowl of all on open places: on a face, on a neck, upper and lower extremities, large folds in external genitals, an anus.

The centers are symmetrized more often, sometimes there are hemilesions, quite often localization on the course of nervous trunks. In the centers the hair change color, turn pale; sweating and sebaceous secretion, vasomotor and musculohairpin reflexes are broken (the decoloured skin loses ability to react to cold and other irritants at which so-called "goose-pimples" are formed).

Often vitiligo is followed by solar dermatitis.

The most expressed extent of development of vitiligo is universal defeat when all skin becomes depigmented.
Sick vitiligos have no subjective feelings, and disturbs them, as a rule, only cosmetic defect. Separate spots can spontaneously disappear. The patient should avoid long stay in the sun as on the sunbathed skin the white spots are allocated stronger.

When progressing vitiligo the centers of a depigmentation appear on places of recent injuries, on sites of friction or pressure upon skin.

Classification of vitiligo

Vitiligos classify by prevalence of spots and their color.

On prevalence

  • The localized vitiligo form : focal (1-2 sites with spots), segmented (spots on one half of a body), mucous (only on mucous membranes).
  • Generalized form of vitiligo : akrotsifalny (on a face and extremities), vulgar (spots are symmetrized on a body), mixed.
  • Universal form of vitiligo: 80% of all surface of skin are lost by a pigment.

On color of spots

  • Three-colored vitiligo: the decoloured site of skin is limited by lighter, than healthy skin, a transitional zone;
  • Four-colored vitiligo: three colors are complemented more pigmented, than healthy skin, with a zone around;
  • Inflamed : around a spot there is an inflamed boundary;
  • Blue: the decoloured spots have a blue shade.

Vitiligo – causes of illness

It is possible to say that we know about the factors promoting developing of a disease only with a big stretch. The speech in this case goes only about the assumptions some of which find confirmation during studying character and a clinical picture of a disease. So, are among probable causes of appearance of vitiligo:

  • stressful states;
  • chronically diseases of internals;
  • the postponed infectious diseases;
  • physical damages of bodies as a result of injuries;
  • intoxications;
  • long skin contact with synthetic fabrics.

Treatment of vitiligo

Beroksan — drug from fruits of a parsnip sowing. Ammifurin — is allocated from seeds of a plant of an amma big Meladininum — amma drug big Psoralenum — contains Psoralenum and isopsoralenum which allocate from fruits and roots of a scurfy pea kostyankovy Psoberanum — contains Psoralenum and bergapten, the figs received from leaves ordinary (fig).

Drugs are produced in the form of limited number of dosage forms: tablets, alcohol solutions for external use — rubbing in in the centers of decolouration, ointments.

All listed drugs increase sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet rays.

For achievement of effect the intake of these drugs is combined with radiation of skin ultra-violet light. Administration of drugs in combination with long-wave UF-radiation (wavelength of 320-390 nanometers) — a so-called method of PUVA-therapy, or photochemotherapy (FHT) is most effective.

It is necessary to observe a treatment mnogokursovost with the short intercourse period that reduces the probability of easing of positive effect.

Existence of contraindications for PUVA-therapy: pregnancy, malignant new growths, hypersensitivity to radiation, pathology of a stomach, liver, kidneys, a cardiovascular system, blood, age to 5 is also more senior than 60 years.

There are data on a successful combination of intake of the photosensitizing drugs to radiation of skin the helium-neon laser. Laser therapy of vitiligo has a number of advantages before the PUVA-therapy method (high therapeutic effectiveness, considerable reduction of terms of treatment, dosing clearness, lack of side reactions, limitation of contraindications).

At sick vitiligos the insufficiency of copper and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is observed. Inclusion of these two drugs in therapy increases efficiency of treatment.

As at sick vitiligos the maintenance of T lymphocytes is authentically reduced, recommend to include immunomodulatory drugs in complex therapy: T-activin, immunat, purple cone-flower tincture.

Sick vitiligos have data on use aged up to 5 years and 60 years, the combined treatment method vitamins B a combination to topical administration of 2% of solution of iodine and UF-radiations are more senior. Vitamin therapy is recommended to be carried out according to the scheme: 10–15 injections of 5% of B1 vitamin, alternating from 5% niacin, and intake of vitamin A, ascorbic acid to Riboflavinum.

The encouraging results at sick vitiligos at St. John's wort extract use are received outwardly and inside in combination with a heliotherapy or radiation by a mercury-quartz lamp. There are messages about successful use of a number of herbs in treatment of vitiligo. So, the patient recommend to rub in the decolouration centers juice (tincture) of a grass, fruits of a parsnip sowing, juice from leaves and green fruits of a fig of ordinary, red siliculose pepper, fresh juice, dense infusion or broth (1:1, 1:2) of a duckweed small, fresh juice of a wild strawberry.

Abroad enjoys the increasing popularity a method of surgical treatment of vitiligo. Change of the donor sites of skin which are previously prepared by the PUVA method is a fast and safe method of treatment.

At treatment of sick vitiligos it is necessary to consider a role of psychological factors. Psychoemotional stresses are considered as one of the factors provoking development of vitiligo, and at the same time this disease plunges patients into a condition of constant psychological tension. Therefore with patients recommend to apply toning (extract of an eleuterococcus or a wolfberry, Pantocrinum) and fortifying (fitoferrolaktol, glutamevit, an apilak) drugs.

Full treatment of patients is impossible without elimination of associated diseases. Vitiligo - "a skin marker of an internal disease". So, at sick vitiligos the frequency of diseases of a liver is high. In this regard it is recommended to include the drugs improving functioning of a liver and gall bladder in complex therapy — Essentiale, holagogum. The full interdependence of approach of effect of treatment of diseases of a liver is characteristic: recovery cases after treatment of the detected liver giardiasis by gastroenterologists without any specific treatment of vitiligo are noted.

Some authors assume that helminths can provoke a depigmentation (decolouration), breaking normal activity of hemadens and resulting in deficiency of copper in an organism. The deworming which is carried out in such cases promoted treatment of patients.

Very frequent accompanying pathology at sick vitiligos is endocrine pathology: disturbance of functions of a thyroid gland; changes from a GIT — disturbances of acid-forming and motive functions of a stomach; diseases of a cardiovascular system.

Folk remedies of treatment of vitiligo

At treatment of vitiligo it is recommended to accept infusion of seeds of wild carrots which contain zinc.

Pills from powder of a duckweed small, mixed with honey. To accept 1-2 g on reception 3 times a day. To apply as the cure reducing sensitivity of an organism to influence various intolerable to them substances including for vitiligo.

Bathtub from roots of a geranium blood-red . To take 50 g of the fresh or dried-up crushed roots and to fill in 1 l of boiled water. To insist 4 hours, to filter. A bathtub (35-36 C) to accept before going to bed. To apply in vitiligo and some skin diseases. Course of treatment of 12-14 bathtubs.

Walnut tincture . In vitiligo apply alcohol tincture (1:10) green leaves of the pericarps of walnut taken equally. To grease light spots 1-2 times a day within several months. This means causes moderate coloring of spots that allows to mask them.

Chinese tea . To give to skin a swarty shade, it is recommended to wipe in the morning and in the evening a face with tea broth. For receiving broth to fill in tea with water (one tsp on 0.25 glasses of water), to boil 2-3 min. and in a warm look to filter through fabric. To store at the room temperature no more day, in the fridge up to 2 days. Before use to shake up.

The St. John's wort which is made a hole . For treatment of vitiligo the St. John's wort should be accepted inside. (1:10) adults accept grass infusion on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after a meal, children – on 1 tsp. After three weeks of reception the week break follows. Long-term treatment – 4 – 6 months. For preparation of infusion of tablespoon of dry leaves and flowers of a St. John's wort to fill in with a glass of boiled water and to insist 30 min., then to filter.

External treatment is at the same time recommended by hunting oil. For this purpose daily for 30 min. to impose on the napkin nevus pigmentosus moistened with hunting oil. For oil preparation the grass of a St. John's wort should be filled in with vegetable oil (1:10) and 3 of hour to heat on the water bath; then to filter and wring out. The St. John's wort increases sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet rays therefore after the procedure it is possible to take a short solar bath. To begin from 1-2 min. and to add daily 1-2 min. Course of treatment of 20 days.

Vitiligo at children

Children's vitiligo is a riddle for many parents, therapists and dermatologists. It occurs because though vitiligo — the acquired degenerative disease of skin, it is seldom shown at newborns and babies.

In pediatrics children up to one month, chest are considered as newborn — up to one year. Vitiligo seldom arises during this age period though separate cases of vitiligo at newborns were recorded.

It is considered that the stress or an autoimmune disease can become the mechanism starting vitiligo. And it is interesting to much why vitiligo arises at children's age as a stress and autoimmune diseases not it the frequent phenomenon in this age group.

During the analysis of an umbilical cord at newborns over two hundred toxins were revealed. These toxins included DDT, PHB, mycotoxins, pesticides, insecticides, dioxine and heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium and aluminum (heavy metals). Toxins and heavy metals cause damages by free radicals, inflammations, disorders of genes, autoimmune diseases and a lack of nutrients. The organism always burns nutrients for modulation of the immune system or for the balanced state of health. When toxins pollute and destroy an organism, vitiligo is shown depending on genetic predisposition.

The key moment is the awareness on a disease incubation interval. By the time of manifestation of vitiligo the disease already passes through several stages. During this time the organism tried to compensate disturbances and to fight against them. It is the natural law of nature under which the organism aims at integrity before the immune system finally fails.

The diet is considered the most important reason of manifestation of vitiligo in the childhood. Exactly here many causes of vitiligo are cut. Some dermatologists will tell that the diet has nothing in common with vitiligo, jotas this disease, first of all, is shown because of deficiency of useful substances and, as a result, degenerative diseases. Skin manifestations of vitiligo is only external sign of an internal imbalance. Vitiligo can call rather a disorder, than a disease.

The allergy and autoimmune trends, as a rule, are shown much later in a number of problems because of bad food. People tend to development of allergic and autoimmune reactions as a result of the food allowance. The exhausted cells do not work effectively. Nutrient deficiency develops owing to improper feeding, exhaustion, indigestion and insufficient absorbability of intestines. Sometimes children are born with exhaustion, and then the side between the acquired and hereditary disease is almost erased.

Disturbances of work of intestines and liver can become the reason of appearance of vitiligo. And the genetic component in developing of vitiligo is already secondary. Seventy percent of immunity are in intestines. The liver performs functions of the filter and if useful substances are not soaked up, and harmful are not filtered, then the organism reacts to it manifestation of white spots.

At treatment of vitiligo sometimes neglect factors of food, work of intestines and liver, that is a vitiligo problem root. When symptomatic treatment simply does not yield good and long results, vitiligo can develop again.

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

Copper sulfate (Cupri sulfas)
26.01.2015 15:01
It was treated by drug sanum a cutis, accepted about 4 months, spots poskhodit, skin in the normal state and the pigment was gone completely, already passed from the moment of treatment of 7 months, vitiligo does not develop again, I will hope on long, I advise at whom problems as at me.
23.05.2015 16:16
Thanks a lot
12.09.2015 22:39
Where to buy drug sanum a cutis?
Jay bee: I love how open minded both of you guys are is refreshing, i like Shawn baker but he does get a little wacky and reminds me of vegans lol

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