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Herpes - an infectious viral disease which is characterized by bubble skin or mucous rashes on a body.

This disease causes those skin bubble rashes which on skin and mucous are presented in the form of groups, with the subsequent breakage of bubbles and education on skin of pruritic or painful erosion. 

According to World Health Organization of 86 million people it is around the world infected with a herpes virus, actually it is considered that 9 of 10 people are sick with this disease worldwide. All this is caused by fast spread and light ability of a virus to infect healthy people.

Types of a virus of herpes

In the world more than hundred types of a virus of herpes are identified. However people generally suffer from three most active types of this disease:

  • Herpes of 1 type — in the people known as "cold" or fever on lips or a nose;
  • Herpes 2 types — genital herpes — symptoms in the form of rash and bubbles are shown on genitals;
  • 3 type — herpes the Eelgrass — or the surrounding herpes. In the childhood it is shown in the form of chickenpox, at advanced age can arise in the form of shingles.
  • Type 4 a virus Epstein-Barre — causes an infectious mononucleosis;
  • 5 type — a cytomegalovirus;
  • Herpes 6 types — causes spread of tumors;
  • Herpes 7 types — is considered "responsible" for chronic fatigue;
  • The type of herpes 8 — causes Kaposi sarcoma in AIDS.

The last types of a disease meet rather seldom and in medicine are described a little.

Herpes symptoms

The incubation interval takes from 1 to 26 days. In a herpes simplex localization most often is the red border of lips, nose wings, a mucous membrane of an oral cavity (the most painful type of development of herpes delivering strong tortures to patients). In sexual herpes of a rash can be observed on skin of genitalias. Also bubble rashes in herpes meet on a forehead, cheeks, auricles, a waist, however, less than on a face.

In 1-2 days prior to rashes the development of a so-called prodromal stage when in the place of developing of rashes the burning, pricking, hyperaemia, an itching of skin is felt is possible.

Then in the place of infection the bubble rashes united in groups develop. Each bubble represents a vesicle with the transparent lid put on the inflamed basis. Contents of bubbles in the beginning transparent, but in several days grow turbid and the bubble bursts. On its place the erosion or a sore which then dries up and is formed a crust is formed. All this time the phenomena of an itching and painful feelings in the place of development of bubble process are observed. Contents of bubbles aseptic, but at accession of a bacterial infection, contents of vesicles become purulent.

The processes stated above happen within 1-2 weeks, as characterizes visible development of a herpes infection. Then the activator goes to nervous a ganglion where remains till the next period of easing of the immunity infected when there can be a repetition of a cycle of infection of the person with an infection.

Of course, existence and continuous circulation of an infection among people can lead to a gerpesofobiya when people begin not only to disinfect everyone and everything, reaching extremes in this case, but also use various immunostimulators and modulators in hope to get rid of the arising infection attacks. Actually, if the amount of the periods of exacerbation of an infection does not occur more often than 4-5 times in a year, you should not panic as this standard quantity of cycles of exacerbation of an infection if the periods of aggravations occur more often, it is necessary to survey the immune status at experts to reveal possible disturbances and to create the scheme of treatment of these disturbances. 

Diagnosis of herpes

Considering that the symptomatology of herpes can be similar to symptomatology of other infections, sexually transmitted, one of the main tasks is identification of a disease.

For diagnostics of VPG use the following methods of a research:

  • virologic methods of detection and identification of viruses of a herpes simplex
  • polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • identification of VPG antigens
  • registration of the immune response to VPG
  • cytomorphological methods
  • assessment of the immune status


Presence of VPG antigens in biological material is defined by serological methods:

  • neutralization test (NT)
  • enzyme immunoassay (IFA)
  • radio immune analysis (RIA)
  • reaction of binding complement (RBC)
  • reactions of a passive gemmagglyutsination (RPGA)


For this purpose the method of immunofluorescence microscopy (IF) can be also applied, this method is used also for diagnosis of the diseases caused by VPG.

Reasons of appearance of herpes

The virus is transmitted in the airborne way, contacting to the active center, a sexual way. It is rather simple to take in public transport a hand a hand-rail and then to wipe a hand of a lip or the nose and a virus is already received.

It is established that the herpes simplex has two serotypes of a virus which designate as VPG-1 and VPG-2. 
Data of serological researches note that the person begins to contact to VPG-1 by 18th month of life, almost at all people and usually through airways. A virus, getting into a trifacial of cells of a ganglion, is there in a latent form and all life can not cause clinical manifestations.

The first contact with VPG-2 happens usually after there was a puberty, and there was the first sexual activity. The virus also is in an inactive form and remains in a latent form in sacral cells of a ganglion.

Both viruses can reaktivizirovatsya and cause an infection recurrence. Reasons of an active condition of a virus:

1. Overheating;
2. Overcooling;
3. Stressful states;
4. Catarrhal diseases;
5. Carriage of HIV infection;
6. Other reasons.

Being activated, VPG-1 usually pours out on lips, in a mouth, causes keratoconjunctivites. The rash of VPG-2 occurs in genitals. At certain features of sexual behavior of sex life, in particular at oral sex, there are opposite phenomena, that is VPG-1 gets on a genitalia, and VPG-2 appears on a face in the centers. The important fact, the fact that VPG, and especially VPG-2 has oncogenous properties is. 

Treatment of herpes

Treatment of patients with herpes, especially chronic recurrent forms, presents considerable difficulties.

As showed numerous clinical trials of the last years, drug of the first choice for treatment of acute and recurrent forms of the herpes caused by viruses of a herpes simplex of types 1 and 2 is acyclovir (zovirax and its analogs), valatsiklovir (valtrex), famtsiklovir (famvir).

For treatment of primary episode and a recurrence of genital herpes at patients with not changed immune system acyclovir appoint in a dose 200 mg of 5 times a day within 5-10 days or to permission of clinical manifestations.

5% cream of acyclovir is appointed a sick herpes simplex on skin in early terms of development of a disease of 5 times a day within 5-7 days.

In genital herpes valatsiklovir about 0.5 g 2 times a day within 5-10 days are appointed.

Famvir appoint in an acute herpes infection 0.25 g 3 times a day within 7 days. During pregnancy and a lactation it is possible to appoint drug only according to vital indications.

Alpizarin is applied to treatment of herpetic defeats of various localization. Appliques of 2% ointment are made on mucous membranes of 4-6 times a day within 5-10 days, 5% ointment is applied on integuments of 4-6 times a day 5-10 days. At heavier course of a herpes infection alpizarin (0.1 g) 3-4 times a day within 7-10 days appoint orally 1-3 tablets.

Vira-megapixel (vidarabina phosphate)-10% gel. 4 times a day within 7 days are applied on affected areas.

Gelpin (brivudin) - tablets of 0.125 g, on 1 tablet orally 4 times a day within 5-7 days (after a meal with a large amount of liquid).

Oxolinum. 1% - or 2% ointment is applied on affected areas 3 times a day.

Riodoxolum. It is applied at not heavy course of a herpes infection of skin and mucous membranes in the form of appliques 0.25%-, 0.5%- or 1% - ache ointments (depending on localization of process and the nature of a disease) within 5-10 days.

Tromantadin. Drug in the form of 1% - ache ointments are applied on affected areas by 3 times a day within 7-10 days. For more successful use of a tromantadin it is appointed at emergence the first symptoms of herpes.

Flakozid - the flavonoid received from leaves of an Amur cork tree and Laval's velvet is applied orally after a meal on 0.1-0.5 g 3 times a day within 10 days.

Helepin in the form of 1% - ache ointment is applied on the affected mucous membranes 3_raza in day within 7-10 days. At damages of skin, 5% ointment is applied. In hard cases helepin (0.1 g) appoint orally 3 tablets a day within 10-15 days.

Epigen-intim (water extract of a root of a licorice). 6 times a day within 5-10 days are applied.

As prophylactic of a recurrence of genital herpes in a number of the countries various antiherpetic vaccines were created and tested. The domestic herpetic polyvalent vaccine which is released now includes the vaccination cycles (1-2 in a year) consisting of intracutaneous administrations of drug on 0.2 ml each 5-10 days, all on a cycle of 5 injections. Researches on improvement of a method of vaccination of patients with a herpes infection continue.

In genital herpes it is necessary to recommend to the patient to abstain from sex life before disappearance of clinical manifestations. For this period use of condoms has to be obligatory at all sexual contacts. Sexual partners of the patients having genital herpes should be examined and in the presence at them manifestations of herpes - to treat.

Treatment of herpes folk remedies

If the herpes virus got to an organism once, then it there forever remains even if does not prove in any way. He likes to accumulate and live in a pancreas therefore it is useful to drink such bile-expelling herbs as a tansy, an immortelle, corn stigmas. Drink in turn these herbs, making 1 spoon of a grass on a glass of boiled water. Draw them before cooling, but drink a glass, hot on a quarter, in 15 minutes prior to food. Drink each grass on 1 month, then you pass to more myagkodeystvuyushchy bile-expelling - to a thistle, a calendula, an inula. Make them just as a tansy, but drink on a third of a glass hot in 1 hour after a meal - each grass on a month.

1) Tributary 

In multiple rashes of herpes the folk healers recommend to accept inside infusion of the tributary medicinal. Fill in with 1 tsp of a grass of the tributary 300 ml of boiled water and let's 2 hours infuse, then filter and drink 1/3 glasses 3 times a day to food. At the long course of the disease do not abuse the tributary as he is a poisonous plant. Carefully observe a compounding at preparation of infusion from the tributary!

2) Calendula

Take flowers of a calendula and mix them with olive oil in the ratio 1:10. To grease the struck places 1-2 times a day. You can also use pure juice of flowers of a calendula: having crushed several flowers in fingers, and grease with the emitted liquid sore points. After processing of sore points wash hands thoroughly (better tar soap) and do not touch dirty hands other places on a body and that is especially important, eyes at all.

3) Propolis

Antiviral and antimicrobic properties of propolis are long since known. For preparation of alcohol tincture take the amount of propolis approximately equal to a tablespoon (about 20 g) and fill in it with a half of a glass of 70 percent alcohol. Infuse propolis of 8 days, every day shaking up tincture of 6-8 times. As soon as you notice symptoms of herpes, at once begin to grease with rash tincture.

That herpes did not disturb, it is necessary to clean a blood system with propolis. It is possible to apply pharmaceutical 10% alcohol tincture: 10-20 drops on 1/4 - 1/2 cups of water in the mornings on an empty stomach, a course of treatment — about one month. If necessary to repeat a course after a 10-15-day break.

4) Dandelions oil

In bank leaky to lay dandelion flowers, to fill in up to the top with sunflower oil, to insist day. Then to bank to sustain on the water bath of 40 minutes, to insist even day. To filter, wring out. Such ointment helps in herpes, eczemas, wounds, burns, furuncles, itch and stings of insects.

5) Yogurt from coffee and a grass

At the first signs of appearance of herpes to take usual yogurt, it is better unsweetened, without fruit filler. To pour out yogurt in a cup and to pour into it 1 teaspoon of instant coffee — powder. To stir carefully. To small cut and add 2 garlic gloves and on 1 tablespoon of honey and cornmeal (is on sale in all shops). Still time properly to mix. Not really dense weight turns out. It needs to grease the struck places on a lip. Leave this nashlepka and go about the own business. When dries up, the nashlepka itself will fall off. If it is not necessary to go anywhere, grease herpes with this mix again. It is so possible to do the whole day while there is time to be engaged in treatment. In such look it is better not to go outside, of course. But by tomorrow the inflammation itself will take place, and from herpes there will be no trace left also. If the sore is started, then it is necessary to spend more time for treatment. But this means anyway will help will kill pain, an itching and burning. 
At the same time for strengthening of immunity drink the following collecting: Take a root to a wolfberry, a grass of a St. John's wort and roots of a rhodiola pink - on 2 parts, hips - 4 parts, a grass of a nettle and fruits of a hawthorn – on 3 parts. To fill in a table box of mix with abrupt boiled water (0.5 l) in glasswares, to insist within 20-30 minutes, to filter. To store broth in the cool place not longer than day. To accept warm 3 once a day on a third of a glass in 20 minutes prior to food.

6) Pepper plaster

The small piece of a pepper plaster, is slightly more than sore, to cut out scissors and to stick on the struck place. To leave until it is possible to suffer burning, somewhere minutes 20 - 30. It will be enough that the sore quickly dried up. Herpes does not even manage to develop.

7) Vyazolistny spirea

Vyazolistny (in the people still call a meadowsweet) to draw 25 g of dried flowers of a meadowsweet day in 10% Tinctura Calendulae solution. To drink on 0.5 teaspoons on 50 ml of water 3 times a day to food of days 5. 
- meadowsweet tincture: 2 tablespoons of fresh flowers fill in 0.5 l of vodka, add 1 tablespoon of sugar, insist 2 weeks in the dark place, then filter and drink 50 g to food.
- 2 tablespoons with top of dry flowers of a meadowsweet and 2 tsps of flowers of a calendula place in a bottle with the screwing-up stopper, fill in 150 g of vodka and 100 g of usual boiled water. Shake up contents of a bottle and put for an hour in a pan from hot (about 90 °C) water. In 30 minutes the cooled-down water is changed for hot. Then tincture is cooled to room temperature and filtered. Accept 2.5 tsps before a breakfast, a lunch and a dream - 5 days.

8) Sossyurey ivolisty and lespedeza kopeechnikovy

These plants grow in Transbaikalia. Sossyurey ivolisty - natural remedy for the lyamblioznogokholetsistit and other diseases caused by protozoa. Depresses the simplest parasites (lyambliya, trichomonads, mycoplasmas), possesses the immunomodulatory, cleaning a liver and blood action, strengthens bile secretion, strengthens exchange processes and promotes combustion of fats; positively influences hormonal exchange both women, and men. 

For adults water infusion is recommended: 
20 g of a grass on a half-glass of water to boil to insist, filter. To accept on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day within 12-15 days. It is also possible to take tincture, she prepares on a vodka basis concerning 1:10 (one part of the ground grass on 10 parts of vodka). To insist in the dark place within 7-10 days. To accept till 20-30 the drops divorced in 50 ml of water, 3 times a day for half an hour to food within 12-15 days. 

As treatment is carried out not less than a month, after a sossyurea it is desirable to spend on drink other tincture or broth - the Lespedeza kopeechnikovy. It has antiviral activity, especially to a herpes virus, suppresses development of the DNA-containing viruses of herpes and viruses of other groups. It has unique properties of the natural proofreader of all types of exchange of an organism at the cellular level and organism cleaner from metabolism products, besides is applied in inflammatory diseases of the kidneys which are followed by chronic kidney disease and an urolithiasis (pyelonephritises, a glomerulonephritis, etc.) - Stabilizes water salt metabolism; possesses antistress, immunomodulatory, antineoplastic and antibacterial actions. 

Way of preparation of broth. 1-2 tablespoons on boiled water liter. To boil, insist, filter. To accept on 0.5-1 glass at one time 3 times a day. 

Lespedeza tincture on high-quality vodka is more effective in connection with bigger extraction of active ingredients. She prepares concerning 1:10 (one part of the ground grass on 10 parts of vodka), infuses in the dark place within 7-10 days. 

To accept till 20-30 the drops divorced in 50 ml of water, 3 times a day for half an hour to food within 15-30 days, alternating to Sossyurei tincture.

Prevention of herpes

  • Hardening
  • Fortifying therapy
  • Increase in immunity
  • During acute manifestations before disappearance of clinical symptoms it is necessary to refrain from sex life or condom use is obligatory (the risk of transmission of infection is eliminated).
  • Intra vaginal use of appliques of contraceptive gel with nonoksinol-9 and appliques anti-VPG-2 monoclones is recommended to women.
  • Sanitation of a focal infection (carious teeth, adenoid disease, antritis, cholecystitis and others).
  • Treatment of associated diseases of digestive tract, nervous and endocrine system.

Herpes complications

As well as the majority of infectious viral diseases, herpes it is dangerous by the complications, especially to women. At a third of women and every tenth man with primary herpes complications, the heaviest of which is herpetic meningitis (inflammation of a meninx), develop.

The herpes infection at women can be complicated by a usual miscarriage of pregnancy on early terms. Fruit infection on early terms can lead to spontaneous abortion, and infection in later terms can become the reason of damage of skin, an eye, nervous system with the subsequent arrest of development.

Herpes at pregnancy

It is very dangerous if the woman was infected with herpes, being a pregnant woman. In this case there is a probability of penetration of a virus through a placenta in the child's organism. However, infection can not occur. If the woman was infected in the first trimester of pregnancy, the risk of an abortion significantly increases. If it does not occur, the virus can "work" in other sphere and provoke various malformations of a fruit: damages of the central nervous system, serious congenital brain defects, disorders of vision, hearing and various deviations in physical development. Infection in the third trimester can lead to a still birth or the birth of the kid with damage of a brain.

Consolatorier forecasts for those women who had herpes or were bearers of a virus even before pregnancy. At such category of women the kids are under protection of maternal antibodies.

The most often applied delivery method if shortly before childbirth there was an exacerbation of genital herpes, – Cesarean section. It is caused by high risk of infection of the child at his passing in the infected patrimonial ways. Some experts practice delivery in the natural way. For this purpose they neutralize a virus by means of medicines. One of them is, for example, acyclovir.

Than to treat herpes at pregnancy

If the woman before pregnancy observed at herself manifestations of herpes, then it is necessary to tell about it to the obstetrician-gynecologist. In case of exacerbation of a disease during incubation of the child, you should not postpone a visit to the doctor: the earlier measures will be taken, the it is more than chances of success.

As we already noted, the medicine destroying a virus and providing an absolute recovery does not exist. The measures taken by doctors influence either a virus, or immunity. The situation with treatment of pregnant women is aggravated with the fact that for 9 months it is possible to use not all known drugs.

The main ally of the pregnant woman in fight against herpes is drug panavir which can be applied internally and externally. Also, but with care, use antiherpetic ointment acyclovir. With it about 5 times a day for a week grease the centers of rashes. Besides, apply oxolinic, alpizarinovy, tebrofenovy, tetracycline or Unguentum Erytgromycyni.

Sometimes the doctor recommends to grease gerpesny rashes with interferon solution and also vitamin E which promotes faster healing of wounds. If insufficiency of immunity is diagnosed, perform  treatment by immunoglobulins.

From folk remedies apply greasing of the center fir oil, mitigation of crusts camomile cream or ointment from a calendula. Recommend plentiful hot drink, for example, tea with honey or a guelder-rose.

In instructions to some drugs it is specified that they cannot be applied at pregnancy. But the woman has to trust the doctor who appointed one of such drugs and know that not treated infection is much more dangerous than intake of the "not resolved" medicines. 

Herpes at children

This disease very much "loves" the weakened immunity therefore most often often ill children face it. Aggravations are frequent when the kid starts going to kindergarten or school where its organism faces the mass of microbes with which it is necessary to cope and this unpleasant virus has an effect rashes at once. Children easily receive overcooling or overheat in the sun that again promotes exacerbation of herpes.

If rashes developed the first time, surely see a doctor (it is possible as to the children's doctor, and the dermatologist), do not try to diagnose for the first time a disease for the child independently. It is desirable to see a doctor in short terms "to catch" a disease at an early stage and not to allow distribution. Pay attention that bubbles can appear not only on lips, but also in a nose, in an oral cavity (language, the sky, gums). In the latter case bubbles bring to the child special discomfort because it becomes sore to eat food and even to speak. Before emergence of bubbles initial symptoms in the form of a local itching and burning, hypostasis and erubescence are often observed, sometimes at the child the general malaise is noted. After that there are small bubbles with transparent contents which in a consequence grow turbid. Then bubbles are opened, form the erosion covered with a crust. There is no defect left on the place of an erosion. All process takes 5-7 days. Temperature rise of a body, chilling, slight intoxication are possible.

Having seen a doctor with similar symptoms, to you will prescribe antiviral drugs. Usually it is ointments which will need to be applied on affected areas regularly. Sometimes in addition appoint oral antiviral drugs. It is always better to have the recommended ointments in the first-aid kit that at the appeared initial symptoms to have an opportunity to struggle with rashes. Because of an itching and burning children very often touch and comb the struck places, try not to allow it, distract the child, explain that it cannot be done. Otherwise the infection can extend to other parts of the body. You watch that the child regularly washed hands, give him only an individual towel and a bast. If herpes developed in a mouth do not give too hot or firm food. The herpes virus very easily extends in the airborne or contact way therefore if you are sick with a similar disease limit the communication with children.

The drugs used at treatment of this disease:

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12.10.2012 19:49
That's good!
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Thanks for article, everything is in detail told. I fly herpes Infagel, very well helps me. very quickly dries a sore, and in a night it almost passes.
12.12.2013 03:11
Recently I use drug infagel. Bought it for prevention of flu, and also I and cold smeared with it. For the last year suffered with herpes of all several times though earlier every month happened, and even not on time. Herpes it is necessary to treat, it is a disease which cannot be neglected at all, besides, very infectious.
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Too from herpes I use Infagel, several years. The effective remedy, never brings, always quickly dries a sore. On a face it is not swept up at all. Very good ointment, also costs not much.
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I want to add from myself about infagel, I look here already there are admirers of this drug. All life I suffer from this infection - herpes. What only tried, both drugs everyones, and folk remedies. Earlier well acyclovir helped with tablets, but gradually ceased to work. Stopped on the infagel. Actually, the number of a recurrence within a year at me was considerably reduced. And drug is pleasant to me - does not smell, is practically not noticeable, at children it is possible to apply. Today, I consider it optimum of what can be bought in pharmacies.
21.05.2015 12:24
I want to advise people who have a herpes the frequent guest, to spend on drink antiviral drug reaferon lipint, it perfectly increases immunity, and affects viruses from within. I too often suffered earlier this unpleasant sore while the immunologist did not recommend this means. And I smeared herpes with Infagel too.

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