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instruction for use

PHENAZEPAMUM (Phenazepamum). 7-Brom-5-(ortho-chlorophenyl)-2, 3-dihydro-1H-1, 4 - benzodiazepine - 2 - it.

Synonym: Fenazepam.

Crystal powder, white or white with creamy shade. It is insoluble in water, is a little alcohol-soluble.

Phenazepamum is domestic highly active tranquilizer. On force of tranquilizing and anxiolytic action exceeds other tranquilizers; renders also significant anticonvulsant, miorelaksantny and somnolent action. At use together with hypnotic drugs and drugs there is mutual strengthening of influence on central nervous system.

Phenazepamum is appointed at various neurotic, neurosis-like, psychopathic and psychopathy-like states which are followed by alarm, fear, acrimony, emotional lability. Drug is effective at persistence, a phobia, hypochondriac syndromes (including other tranquilizers, resistant to action), is shown also in psychogenic psychoses, panic reactions, etc. as removes a condition of alarm and fear. Phenazepamum on force sedative and mainly does not concede antidisturbing action to some neuroleptics.

Phenazepamum is applied also to stopping of alcoholic abstinency. Besides, appoint as anticonvulsant and sleeping medicine. On force of somnolent action approaches nitrazepam.

It can also be applied to premedication by preparation for surgeries.

Appoint Phenazepamum inside in the form of tablets. In out-patient conditions appoint the adult 0, 00025 - 0, 0005 g (0, 25 - 0, 5 mg) 2 - 3 times a day. In the conditions of a hospital the daily dose can be increased up to 0, 003 - 0, 005 g (3 - 5 mg); at treatment of epilepsy the daily dose makes from 0, 002 to 0, 01 g (2 - 10 mg).

For stopping of alcoholic abstinency appoint 0, 0025 - 0, 005 g (2, 5 - 5 mg) a day. In sleep disorders accept on 0, 00025 - 0, 001 g (0, 25 - 1 mg) in 20 - 30 min. prior to a dream. Sometimes the dose is increased to 0, 0025 g (2, 5 mg). The maximum daily dose should not exceed 0, 01 g.

Possible by-effects and contraindications same, as for Chlozepidum and Sibazonum. It is necessary to consider that in connection with high activity of Phenazepamum the ataxy, drowsiness, muscle weakness, dizziness [as the proofreader reducing or reducing side effect of Phenazepamum can be observed more often (and other derivatives of benzodiazepine) Sydnocarbum (see Sydnocarbum)] can be used.

Packaging: tablets of white color on 0, 0005 and 0, 001 g (0, 5 and 1 mg) in packing on 50 pieces and on 0, 0025 g (2, 5 mg) in packing on 20 pieces.

Storage: B list. In the dry, cool, protected from light place.

It is applied at treatment:
Algodismenorey, Athetosis, Insomnia, hypertension, Neurangiosis, Hysteria, Climax female, Menopausal syndrome, Contractures, Myalgia, Migraine, Drug addiction, Neuralgia, Epileptiform neuralgia, Neurasthenia, Manic-depressive psychosis, Vomiting, Nausea, Spasms, Schizophrenia, Eczema, Epilepsy, Arterial hypertension, Hypertension, Psychosis
25.11.2012 01:36
I want to tell several words in favor of Phenazepamum and why I had no medicinal dependence. this drug saved me and pulled out me from serious condition and put me on legs. I had the hardest nervous breakdown sleepless nights the exhausted nervous system. that only I did not drink anything more than 10 drugs helped from Ataraxum to chlorprothixene. and cured the state Phenazepamum which improved my state under control of the psychotherapist with the 30th summer experience in psychiatry. accepted Phenazepamum of 6 months under control of the doctor which traced my state. gradually there occurred improvement and gradually and systematically the dose to me was reduced there did not come the absolute recovery yet. in total I drank Phenazepamum in a dose of 1 mg every day within 8 months. surely I say to any medicinal drug addiction from Phenazepamum at me was not and is not present. the state stabilized and forgot what it is Phenazepamum. I lead a healthy lifestyle.
Disturbing upset
25.11.2014 15:06
Why Phenazepamum is sold only according to the prescription? And doctors do not want to write out it though I have a neuralgia, a neurasthenia and frequent spasms?
14.05.2016 14:37
Yes, why?
14.05.2016 20:56
The whole month I had constant insomnia. Sil was not to suffer any more and went to the neurologist. Having understood an essence of my problem, he prescribed me Phenazepamum. The course told to try week, and then to come to repeated reception that it controlled my state. Every day in 30 minutes prior to a dream I drank on a half of a tablet. By third day I more or less normalized a dream because in the first days I in general sleepy was both in the afternoon, and at night. In a week the doctor ordered to spend on drink 7 more days on a tablet quarter (told that it in order that the organism was prepared for an independent sleep pattern). Now everything is good at me. Generally, surprised me that for such small fee it is possible to buy really operating drug.
14.05.2016 21:11
I accepted Phenazepamum according to the recommendation of the doctor when I had strong problems at work, a constant stress, could not sleep at all, lived as on the automatic machine, could have a sleep one or two hours a day and because physically did not maintain an organism. Spent on drink a two-week course, accepted on 1 tablet before going to bed. In the first night could fall asleep not in the morning, as usual, and slightly a bit earlier. And over time returned to normal, began to sleep normally.
14.05.2016 21:28
Because of household problems in family there was a constant alarm. Than only I did not cope: both valerian and motherwort and others soothing, but all in any way :( Then the doctor registered Phenazepamum within two weeks. A saw on 3 mg a day. In spite of the fact that I slept well, began to sleep even better: there was no broken. Drug also removed alarm. But it is strong: it is necessary to accept only in a dosage which to you was prescribed by the doctor.
04.07.2016 21:12
The son has a heavy depression because of a disease - whether obstructive bronchitis asthma bronchial chronic antritis Very much lost weight It is possible to accept Phenazepamum at such bunch of diseases ADVISE

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