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instruction for use

Trade name of drug: Ingavirin

Active agent: Imidazoliletanamid of pentandiovy acid (Acidi pentandioici imidazolylaethanamidum)


Capsules No. 1 of red color; contents of capsules — granules and powder of color, white or white with a creamy shade.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral.


Has antiviral effect, it is effective in the relations of influenza viruses of type A (A/H1N1, including "pork" A/H1N1 swl, A/H3N2, A/H5N1), type B, an adenoviral infection, a parainfluenza, a respiratory and syncytial infection.

The antiviral mechanism of action is connected with suppression of a reproduction of a virus at a stage of a nuclear phase, a delay of migration of again synthesized NP virus from cytoplasm in a kernel. Has the modulating effect on functional activity of a system of interferon: causes increase in content of interferon in blood to physiological norm, stimulates and normalizes reduced α-interferonprodutsiruyushchy ability of leukocytes of blood, stimulates γ-interferonprodutsiruyushchy ability of leukocytes.

Causes generation of cytotoxic lymphocytes and increases the maintenance of NK — the T-cells having high killerny activity in relation to the cells transformed by viruses and the significant antiviral activity.

Anti-inflammatory action is caused by suppression of products of key pro-inflammatory cytokines (tumor necrosis factor — TNF-α, interleukins — IL-1β and IL-6), myeloperoxidase decrease of the activity.

The therapeutic effectiveness in flu and other SARS is shown in shortening of the period of fever, reduction of intoxication (headache, weakness, dizziness), the catarrhal phenomena, decrease in number of complications and duration of a disease in general.

The conducted pilot toxicological studies testify to the low level of toxicity and a high profile of safety of drug (LD50 exceeds a therapeutic dose more than by 3000 times). Drug has no mutagen, immunotoxic, allergenic and cancerogenic properties, has no local irritative effect. Ингавирин® does not influence reproductive function, has no embriotoksichesky and teratogenic effect.


Absorption and distribution. In the recommended doses the definition of drug in blood plasma available techniques is not possible.

In an experiment with use of a radioactive label it was established: drug quickly comes to blood from a GIT. It is evenly distributed on internals. Cmax in blood plasma and most bodies is reached in 30 min. after administration of drug. The sizes AUC for kidneys, a liver and lungs slightly exceed AUC blood (43.77 mkg · h/ml). The sizes AUC for a spleen, adrenal glands, lymph nodes and a thymus gland below AUC in blood. MRT (average time of deduction of drug) in blood — 37.2 h.

At a 5-day course of oral administration of drug of 1 times a day there is its accumulation in internals and fabrics. At the same time quality characteristics of pharmacokinetic curves after each administration of drug were identical: fast increase in concentration of drug after each introduction and then slow decrease to 24 h.

Metabolism. Drug is not metabolized in an organism and removed in not changed look.

Removal. The main process of removal happens during 24 h. For this period 80% of the entered dose are removed: 34.8% are removed in a time interval from 0 to 5 h and 45.2% — in a time interval — from 5 to 24 h. Through intestines 77% of drug and 23% are removed — through kidneys.

Indications of the drug Ingavirin®:

Treatment and prevention of flu A and B and other acute respiratory viral infections (adenoviral infection, parainfluenza, respiratory and syncytial infection).

Drug Ingavirin® contraindications:

individual intolerance of components of drug;


children's age up to 18 years.

Ингавирин® at pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Use of drug during pregnancy and a lactation was not studied. In need of use of drug in the period of a lactation it is necessary to stop breastfeeding.

Route of administration and doses:


Irrespective of meal.

For treatment of flu and a SARS: on 90 mg once a day, 5–7 days (depending on weight of a state). Reception of the preyoparat is begun with the moment of emergence of the first symptoms of a disease, it is desirable no later than 36 h from an onset of the illness.

For prevention of flu and a SARS after contact with sick persons: on 90 mg day, within 7 days.

Side effect of the drug Ingavirin®:

Allergic reactions (seldom).

Drug Ingavirin® overdose:

Cases of overdose of drug are not described.

Interaction with other medicines:

Cases of interaction of the drug Ingavirin® with other HP it is not revealed.

Special instructions:

Drug has no sedative effect, does not influence the speed of psychomotor reactions and can be used at persons of various professions including requiring special attention and coordination of movements.

The concomitant use of other antiviral drugs is not recommended.

Storage conditions: In the dry, protected from light place, at a temperature not above 25 °C.

To store out of children's reach.

Expiration date: 2 years.

It is applied at treatment:
03.03.2016 11:09
Last month the grippovala and ingavirin drank, it was without complications, and in general the state was not such awful, as usual in flu. So I to myself noted now this drug
18.03.2016 21:48
It was pleasant when was ill, accepted from the second day, thought what late, but helped. In general was ill rather easily, and time only three days borrowed, on the fourth there was slightly cough and all.
16.06.2016 22:21
Absolutely zero drug, began to accept as soon as felt that ached, and got sick for two weeks. Was disappointed completely, for five hundred rubles there has to be though some effect.

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