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Vipraxinum for injections

instruction for use

VIPRAXINUM FOR INJECTIONS (Vipraxinum pro injectionibus).

Water (with glycerin addition) solution of poison of a viper ordinary (Vipera berus L.].

Transparent colourless liquid with a slight smell of Tricresolum added as preservative (0, 3%); rn solution 3, 0-3, 5. Drug is standardized by a biological method (on toxicity for white mice); the activity of 1 ml corresponds to 1 unit of action. Drug is sterile.

Apply as soothing and anti-inflammatory drug in neuralgia, arthralgias, myalgias, chronic nonspecific mono - and polyarthritises, a periarthritis, miozita and other diseases.

Vipraxinum is entered usually vnutrikozhno into the area of sick body - to the place of the greatest morbidity. Initial dose 0, 2 ml. After disappearance of local and general reaction, but not earlier than in 3 days, repeat an injection, increasing a dose on Oh, 1 ml. In case of strong local reaction after the previous injection repeat introduction of a former dose. At patients of young age with the general good condition the initial dose of Vipraxinum can be increased up to 0, 3 - 0, 4 ml; at such patients it is possible to reduce an interval between injections, making them, however, is not more often than in 24 h. Maximum single dose of 1 ml. On a course of 10 injections.

Injections of Vipraxinum are followed by the thermalgia proceeding several seconds, small puffiness locally appears. It is necessary to inject into one place no more than 0, 4 ml, at a bigger single dose it is entered into 2 3 places.

The drug can also be administered subcutaneously or intramusculary in the specified doses.

For injections use the cooled syringe as drug termolabilen; the syringe has to be free from alcohol (under the influence of alcohol drug loses activity).

Drug is usually well transferred. However at intake of Vipraxinum and other drugs of snake poison it is necessary to consider a possibility of the individual increased reaction similar to reaction to apitoxin drugs (see).

Contraindications: hypersensitivity of an organism to poisons of snakes (allergy), pulmonary tuberculosis, feverish states, a cachexia, insufficiency of cerebral and coronary circulation; heart diseases, tendency to vasomotor spasms; organic lesions of a liver and kidneys, pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Packaging: in ampoules on 1 ml in packing on 10 ampoules.

Storage: A.V list the cool, protected from light place.

Rp.: Vipraxini 1, 0

D.t.d. N. 10 in ampull.

S. On 0, 2 - 0, 4 - Oh, 6 ml vnutrikozhno or intramusculary

It is applied at treatment:
Hypertensive crisis, Myalgia, Neuralgia, Sciaticas, Crisis hypertensive
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